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Body washed up on La Zenia beach
Monday, March 31, 2014

Not the best translation but ..

The tide swept yesterday to a beach area of ​​La Zenia, Orihuela Costa, the body of a man handcuffed and bagging turn perfectly in an industrial plastic bag, to occupy less space and be easier to handle, was surrounded by an insulating tape, black color and five inches wide.

At dawn, the body remained ten meters from the shore at oriolana Cala Bosque. The first neighbors mistook him for a dead dolphin. No one at that time realized they were in a murder in which it is possible the authors want the body was discovered, as a warning to sailors as the forces and security bodies shuffled question of a crime gang or a reckoning.

The Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil, at least on this occasion, is where to start researching. It has a body of a man 1.80 meters tall and strongly built, and now only needs to be identified.

Reporting to the local police will be at 11.53 hours. A patrol unit accompanied by an Urgent Care Service came to Cala Bosque where he found the handcuffed body and it was determined that it was a human being. However at that time did not know the sex of the victim and the body was completely covered. The device remained in place until the arrival of the Civil Guard.

At two in the afternoon, the body remained in the bank at the expense of the arrival of the coroner to proceed with the removal of the body after the protocol identification proceed in the same scene, which was done with great care because the only evidence were within the mortuary plastic bag.

Although an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow, sources said last night that the Armed Forces Institute was a man, but could not specify whether had long in the water. 

See source below for more....

Source: Diarioinformacion 


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New law: All foreign registered vehicles must be transferred to Spanish plates
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New law: All foreign registered vehicles must be transferred to Spanish plates.

Foreign residents and those keeping vehicles in Spain for use will be obliged to register their vehicles in Spain, and with Spanish plates. Until now the obligation has been only to meet special tax requirements, but as a result it has proved difficult to fine foreign residents for road traffic offences.

This new requirement will apply to both residents and the owners of businesses in Spain, and to all vehicles which are to be used on Spanish roads other than those which are here for a vacational visit only.

Police can use a variety of ways to prove if a vehicle has been in the country for more than one month, such as checking insurance paperwork, ITV documentation and vehicle taxation records, so if you own a vehicle in Spain, it must now be transferred onto Spanish plates if it is to be driven on the roads in Spain.

Source: MurciaToday 

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Traffic law changes
Saturday, March 22, 2014

Source: and El Pais in English

I've seen ..

Mandatory wearing of helmets for over 18 now lowered for under 16 in city limits and roads - with a E1000.00 fine if not.

130KMPH upper limit on "selected" stretches" of motorway. Not a general limit. 

Conversely a 10KMPH reduction on some "selected" roads / highways.

New zero tolerance on drugs and driving. Saliva sample to be taken. E1000.00 for first offence.

Driving under influence of alcohol first offence - E500.0. Twice limit or second offence - E1000.00.

New regulations for child restraints. Required for under 1.53m height.

Prohibition of radar detectors. E200 and 3 points.

Increase from 15 to 20 days to pay fines without appeal.

New ERIN traffic and vehicle cross border offence system to be introduced.


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Reduction in passport fees from 7th April
Friday, March 14, 2014

This ministerial statement was laid in the House of Commons by James Brokenshire on 13 March 2014.

Immigration and Security Minister (James Brokenshire): Her Majesty’s Passport Office is committed to delivering better value for money for our customers.

In keeping with this commitment, I am pleased to announce that from 7 April the passport fee for customers applying for a UK passport overseas will be reduced by £45 for adults and £28.50 for children. The new fees are as follows: Adult 32 page passport £83.00 Child 32 page passport £53.00 Jumbo 48 page passport £91.00 (Child and Adult)

This reduction comes as a result of efficiency savings made over the last 3 years by bringing back the processing and issuing of overseas passports to the UK, whilst maintaining the highest levels of security and customer service.

This reduction follows the 2012 decrease in fee by £5 for all UK citizens applying within the UK.

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Refillable olive oil bottles banned in restaurants from 1st March
Friday, March 7, 2014

From now on, olive oil must only be served at tables in sachets, capsules or non-refillable bottles.

The period of grace for this legislation which came into effect on 1st January expired on 28th February, and from now on all restaurants must use olive oil bottles which cannot be refilled, and clearly show branding and labelling indicating the origin of the oil they are serving, so that “consumers are not being defrauded” by restaurants using inferior quality oils on their tables.

Any restaurants not complying with the law from now on will be fined.

To replace their refillable olive oil containers restaurants are allowed to purchase branded bottles of olive oil which must be thrown away when emptied or use individual packed capsules or sachets of olive oil.

Ecologists have fought this measure tooth and nail, saying it will lead to increased olive oil waste, increased packaging waste and penalise small producers and the thousands of country restaurants who use oil produced on their own family plots and must now waste money on fancy packaging which does nothing to accentuate the flavour of the food they currently serve.


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