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DGT Clarifies UK / Spanish Driving Licence Requirements
Monday, January 28, 2013

This morning Costa Consulting Bureau were kind enough to share the information that the DGT in Malaga had send to them with regards to the confusion over the changes to the Spanish / UK driving licence regulations. The letter sent in reply to their questions reads as follows :

"This morning I phoned you to talk about the new rules in driving license for foreign residents in Spain. We have read your web page and we can answer some of the questions and be helpful. Also, we'd like to add that it's first-hand information since Centro Medico Avenida has spoken directly with the Manager of the Driving License Department of Trafico in Malaga and asked all these questions.

In 2009 there was approved the new Rules of Driving License in Spain. These rules established that in the 19th of January of 2013 it would come into force a law that said that all European residents who have been living in Spain for more than 2 years, and had not got the European driving license, had to be inscribed in the office of Trafico in Malaga. The inscription means that they have to renovate their UK licenses. For doing that, they need to go to Trafico and hand in the following documents: application form of renovation, pay taxes of renovation (less that 30€), medical certificate, and a photo. In case the residents don't update their UK licenses in Trafico, they will be fined with 200€.

Not all residents have to renovate their UK licenses. All residents who have the European driving license, that is the plastic card with the date of expiration in the front side, don't have to renew their UK licenses. Their driving license is correct. But those residents who have the old format UK driving license, that is a paper, they need to go to Trafico to renovate their licenses.

Apart from renewing the UK driving license, the resident has another option, he can apply for the Spanish driving license. The drawback of this election is that they will have to leave their UK driving license in Trafico, since the law establishes that it is illegal to have more than one driving license, one Spanish and another British. So, the disadvantage would be that if the resident decides to return to UK he will have to apply again for the driving license in UK. If he finally decides to apply for the Spanish driving license, he needs to go to Trafico and fill in an application form, pay taxes (27,40€; it went up this year, last year was 26€), and a photo. In case the UK driving license is going to expire in short, he will need also a medical certificate. Only in that case he will need a medical certificate.

I've also read your web page that somebody asked if there was 2 years grace in which this law come into force. You can anwer that it is not correct. The law entered into force the 19th of January of 2013. Maybe the person who informed her read the publication which Trafico made in its web page in which established an example saying that if a person started to live in Spain in 2013, in 2015 (2 years after) will have to renew his UK driving license. This question has been answered too by the Manager of the Driving License Department in Trafico.

Finally, we'd like to say that Centro Medico Avenida does the whole process in case that the residents have to renew their Spanish driving license. They just come to our Centro Medico and pass the medical revision and we renew their licenses and give them their provisional driving license. They just need to bring their NIE, Passport and Spanish driving license. No photo is needed. We'll take them a photo for the new license. They won't need to go to Trafico. In the Centro Medico Avenida they will pay for the medical certificate and the taxes of Trafico (22,90€ if they are below 70 years, if they are upper 70 years they don't have to pay the taxes of Trafico)."

Thanks again to Costa Consulting Bureau .



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Spay Days! Have your dog or cat neutered at cost price 11th & 12th February, Rincon de la Victoria, Malaga
Friday, January 25, 2013


Would you like to have your dog or cat neutered at a very reasonable cost?

APARIV Dog Rescue have three wonderful vets coming over from Germany for the third time, to neuter the dogs at the refuge. While they are here they have offered to spay any dogs or cats that need to be done at cost price. This offer is open for both males and females.

Click here to read more about neutering.

The operations will take place on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th February in Rincon de la Victoria.

The charge will be 10€ for cats and between 30-50€ for dogs, depending on the size. The charge is to cover the anesthetic and antibiotics.

If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic offer, please do not turn up at the refuge, but contact us first. You can contact us by clicking here, or you can contact APARIV in Germany directly, by emailing  

When you get in touch we will need the following essential information:

Your phone number, so we can give you a call and let you know when and where to bring your animal.

The age, breed, size and weight of your animal.

If your animal has any illness or disease.

Neutering has many benefits for the health of your pet, so it is well worth taking advantage of this offer and having your dog or cat neutered at low-cost.

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Unopened airport starts earning as Formula 3 Test Track.
Friday, January 25, 2013

 Read more at  Murcia Today

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Sunshine test to stop expats claiming £16million-a-year in taxpayers' money for help with winter fuel bills
Wednesday, January 9, 2013

 British pensioners who live abroad could be the first to lose their winter fuel allowance under government plans to save millions of pounds from the welfare bill.


Officials have been ordered to find a way to claw back up to £16million paid to people living outside the UK to help with their fuel bills.


It comes as senior minister Ken Clarke signalled that the Tory pledge to protect universal benefits is likely to be ditched in the next election manifesto.


Continue reading click >> DAILY MAIL

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Work on Torrevieja’s new market continues
Thursday, January 3, 2013

AFTER A year of little activity, Torrevieja’s new planned market area has now sprung back into life. Located near the Parque Antonio Soria, the area is designated to hold the traditional Friday street market, which presently takes place in the area beside the Torrevieja’s Bus Station, which is Spain’s largest Friday Market. However, despite the strong tradition and power of concentration in the centre of the city there are a number of drawbacks because of its current location. It is located in a predominantly urban area with significant traffic congestion on market days, frequent inconvenience to neighbours, and above all, immense difficulties if it would be necessary to evacuate the area in case of any emergency in the market zone. This is due to the complexity of the urban fabric in which it is located and the new location, though outside of the town centre is designed to be a place for the future of the city, with 5,000 parking spaces and easy access for buses and cars, plus more vendor space.

The hold up with the construction was primarily due to having to design special drainage channels and adapt the area for the channelling of rainwater. Rainwater gathers takes on a road so close to the same site, including the N332. In fact, one of the advantages of the location of the new market zone is its easy access from both the N332 and from other roads of the city, which will allow most residents or visitors to enter its vicinity within minutes from any location in the municipality. In short, this enclosure constitutes the most substantial of all in which the Department of Infrastructure has invested in the city, amounting to a total of 5,328,885.60€.

Other events that could be held within the area are markets of all kinds, such as medieval, antique, trade shows, car displays plus there  are also two service buildings, one for police checkpoint, a medical emergency room, management zone, container area, cafe, toilets and other facilities. The site will also have improvements in landscaping, woodland and garden ornaments plus it’s designed to share the large parking space with neighbouring trade and shopping units, which are also expected in the future. It’s also planned to move the May Fair to this area of the city away from the Harbour zone, which it has outgrown.

The new market area is located in a strategic location of the municipality beside the sports city and for it’s size, dimensions, accessibility and synergy with other recreational areas and municipal services; the market is truly placed in a strategic point of the city. It’s beside the industrial zone, nightclubs, concert zone plus sports facilities, multiple entertainment venues, a waterpark, and new catering firms that have been implemented in the area in recent months. Antonio Soria Park adjoins the Market which is designed to house concerts of up to 30,000 people. No date has been given for the finishing of the market zone, but it’s expected to be open possibly for the 2013 May Fair.
Source: RTN 

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