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Brico depot for Torrevieja... 32,000m2!
Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Un macrocentro de bricolaje se asentará sobre 32.000 m2 junto al acceso a las salinas

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British Warship Heading for Gibraltar
Friday, August 9, 2013

The Cougar 13 force is due to set sail on 12th August
Readers of the Spanish media this morning could be forgiven for thinking that a British warship was heading for Gibraltar “British warship heading for Gibraltar” in a deliberate act of provocation linked to the current dispute in relation to fishing rights and the creation of an artificial reef in Gibraltan waters.

However, according to the Ministry of Defence, this is in no way related to the current tensions and is part of a training exercise which has been planned for a considerable period of time.
The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that a Royal Navy warship has formally requested, and been granted permission from the Spanish Authorities to dock in Gibraltar.

British vessels visiting Gibraltar are not obliged to seek permission from the Spanish authorities, other than communicating their presence in the area, which can be done at short notice. However, an agreement does exist between the nations of Spain and the UK that if a vessel has docked in another Spanish port prior to heading for Gibraltar that it cannot then dock in Gibraltar without prior permission.
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed that the HMS Westminster and two other vessels will visit Gibraltar, whilst other elements of the Cougar 13 task force will visit a number of Mediterranean ports in the training exercise.

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Spain sells off €1BILLION white elephant airport that no-one wanted to fly from for €100million
Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Spanish airport built at a cost of more than €1billion could be all yours for a fraction of the price less than 18 months after it closed when its parent company fell into financial difficulties.

The Cuidad Real Airport could be yours for as little as €100million (£86million) after the judge in charge of its administration ruled that it should be sold off.

But there is a catch.

The new owner of the airport, once designed to cater for Spain's booming economy to serve both city and coast via a high speed rail link, will have to pay off around €529million (£454million) in debt.

Creditors owned cash include Air Nostrum and Air Berlin as well as those whose homes were bought to make way for the transport hub, which has sat empty since it closed in April 2012, just four years after it opened.

More than 70 workers who were made redundant when the terminal closed will have to be paid off along with a €2million bill to the auctioneers.

Projected to take the overflow from Madrid's Barajas airport, some 150 miles to the north, Ciudad Real's flagship transport hub was to be a symbol of modern Spain's affluence.

But sadly it has proved to be one of a number of many white elephants for the nation.

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