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Aena to CLOSE San Javier Airport
Sunday, January 25, 2015

According to MurciaToday 

Aena to close San Javier airport.

The whole subject of airports is an essential part of the ongoing tourism development of the region, and this week has been an interesting one in the life of the San Javier – Corvera airport saga. This week the former concessionary witnessed the departure of its president as it prepares its defence in a number of court cases relating to the rescission of its contract as the concessionary of Corvera airport following its failure to open the airport within the specified timescale.

The regional government is busy preparing conditions for opening the bidding process to find a new concessionary who will operate the airport, and has been meeting with the agricultural sector to design a logistics centre which can help maximize the use of the airport by increasing freight shipments, and on Friday gained an agreement from Aena that it will not only be bidding to operate Corvera airport itself, but that it will guarantee the closure of San Javier within a specified time period once the new concessionary has been appointed. No details have yet been released about the deal, as the region’s politicians are all immersed in the PP pre-election pow-wow in Madrid this weekend, with election campaigning clogging up the news already.

Full report to be published on Monday.

However, this time the government agreement seems to be on a more formal footing than the last one four years ago and a working committee will agree the timescale of the closure, likely to be 6 months after Corvera opens, ensuring that there are not 2 airports in the same small region competing for the same traffic.
However, there’s still a long way to go and we’ve been here before, surprisingly, just before the last set of municipal elections!

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Changes in the inheritance and gift tax law in Spain ends the discrimination against citizens of the European Union
Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The rules determining the inheritance and gift tax to be paid in Spain have changed for non residents, finally.

This change, outlined under the recent Law 26/2014, of November 27th, amending the Law 29/1987, of Inheritance and Gift Tax, is a direct consequence of the European Court of Justice court decision of 3rd September 2014 (Case C-127/12, see our previous articles). This court ruling concluded that the regulation of inheritance and gift tax in Spain discriminated against non tax residents, since the autonomous communities taxes (which provide many more tax benefits), could not be applied to them, with the more severe National rates being applied instead.

This modification is effective from the 1st of January 2015.

For clarification, please note that when we refer in this article "Not resident in Spain", we mean not tax residents in Spain but residents in a Country member of the European Union or European Economic Area. 

Therefore, from now on, the applicable inheritance and gift tax will be:

Inheritance cases:
a) If the deceased was non tax resident in Spain, the beneficiaries (heirs, etc.) shall be entitled to apply for the inheritance tax of the Autonomous Community where the greatest value of Spanish assets of the inheritance are located.
If there were no assets in Spain, then the tax rules of the Community where the beneficiary lives shall apply.

b) If the deceased was resident in Spain (in one region / Community), the beneficiaries of the estate who are not resident in Spain are entitled to the application of the tax law for that region.

Gift and donations:

a) In the case of a donation of immovable property situated in Spain, the beneficiaries not resident in Spain are entitled to the application of the tax regulations of the Community where these properties are.

b) In the case of donation of property located in a Country member of the European Union or the European Economic Area, the taxpayers resident in Spain are entitled to the application of tax grants from the community where they reside.

This change dramatically reduces the inheritance and gift bills when one of the parties is not tax resident in Spain, especially if beneficiaries are the spouse, descendants or ascendants. 

Source: Round Town News 

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3.2 earthquake Los Montesinos this morning
Sunday, January 11, 2015

There was a 3.2 earthquake at Los Montesinos this morning 7:12am local time.

Local forums in the area plus people for many kms around are discussing how it's affected them. a train passing underneath the house...

...everything in the wardrobes & cupboards shook... moved about...

....ceiling looked like it was being stretched ...

...even window grills rattled...

There was a really bad quake in 2011 in Lorca not far away.

That earthquake was magnitude 5.1 and came almost two hours after a 4.4 magnitude quake had already caused considerable damage and forced many people out of their homes into the city's streets.

That quake was felt in the neighbouring provinces of Almería, Granada and Albacete, but the worst of the damage was done in Lorca, in the province of Murcia, where people were staying outside as aftershocks struck. Up to 10,000 people camped out at the city's fairground.

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