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Hospital in Cartagena flooded
Saturday, September 27, 2014

Many areas have suffered horrendous conditions because of the storms that began on Monday.

The Santa Lucia hospital in Cartegena in Murcia is a casualty.




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The European Union has reduced the amount of tobacco products that an individual can purchase.......
Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In a campaign to control illegal cross-border movement of tobacco, the European Union has reduced the amount of tobacco products that an individual can purchase in one EU country and then take into another; for example buying in Spain for consumption in France.

An individual may purchase the following amounts of tobacco for their personal use:

Cigarettes: 800 items or 4 cartons (as against 10 previously permitted)

Cigarillos (cigars weighing not more than 3g each): 400 items (as against 1,000 previously permitted)

Cigars 200 items (as against 1,000 previously permitted)

Smoking tobacco 1kg (as against 2kg previously permitted).

If a person is caught with more than these amounts the border customs officials may confiscate the goods, will charge that person a tax on the confiscated goods at a rate based on the country of destination/use and can fine up to 750 euros.

Source: Angloinfo

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Horrendous storm hit Torrevieja and other areas last night
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm in Guardamar del Segura and the storm that was unleashed here last night was totally horrendous!  We had been watching the fantastic lightning display from the solarium when someone turned a tap on in the heavens & we had the biggest hailstones that hit us from every angle!

 We rushed indoors to shut windows & doors. We've a small window sited over the bath, hailstones shot through this window, across the width of the bath onto the tiled floor. What a mopping up procedure! Talk about having to batten down the hatches!

Unbelievably the car wasn't dented, no broken windscreen, all appears well this morning, the sun is back out & the sky is deep blue.


Here are photographs of the lightning.


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Are Movistar Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel?
Sunday, September 7, 2014

Movistar has conjured up a way to make millions from their customers.

On the 01/10/2014 There is a new normativa (ruling) being put in place.

You will no longer be able to listen to your recorded messages left on your answer phone without paying a charge.

Each time you check to see if you have any messages you will be charged 6 cents.

The only upside to this news, is that the costs cannot exceed 2.60 euro’s a month.

The addition of IVA will push this cost up further.

Source: CitizensAdviceBureauSpain

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Non residents. The European Court of Justice rules in your Favour in Relation to Inheritance Taxes
Friday, September 5, 2014

Non residents. The European Court of Justice rules in your Favour in Relation to Inheritance Taxes

Read more here : Citizens Advice You can comment on Myra's blog.

Thank you, Myra.

Join the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain on Facebook, which Myra runs, the pinned post is about this topic. 

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NO VAT (IVA) on everything at Eroski in Elche 6th September
Friday, September 5, 2014

In the L'Aljub Retail Park in Elche yesterday Eroski had signs up that on Saturday 6th September they have a SIN IVA TODO day, No VAT to pay on everything.
Means big savings on high-end items, over 20% off.

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Easyjet flights for spring 2015 are available
Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Flights are now available from 29th March through to 31st May 2015.

The schedule for June, July & August is planned to be released in October

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