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Air traffic controllers announce more strikes
30 June 2015

SPANISH air traffic controllers have announced another four days of partial strikes for this month.

The strikes are called for July 11-12 and 25-26 due to what the controllers claim is a lack of will on Enaire’s part to reach an agreement regarding punishment 61 controllers from Barcelona received for closing air space in 2010.

The strikes will take place from 10am to 1pm on July 11 and 25 and from 5pm to 8pm on July 12 and 26.

The controllers are also calling for the Spanish air management company to reinstate a controller from Santiago de Compostela who was dismissed after the event almost five years ago.

This month’s strikes follow others held on June 8, 10, 12 and 14 which had very little impact on flight activity according to the authorities as the government demanded a minimum service of 70 per cent.

USCA union representatives have said that they are open to negotiations but claim there is little wish to do so on the part of the management company, meaning reaching an agreement has so far been impossible.

Source: Euroweekly news

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08 June 2015

As local airports continue to make headlines and as just about everyone in the area, apart from Murcia’s politicians, question the viability and logic of building an airport within an hour's drive of Alicante, the future of Corvera International is being increasingly called into question.

 The latest development in the ongoing saga is the recent withdrawal by the Regional Government of Operator Aeromur’s management contract, after it was concluded that the former Minister of Development, Manuel Campos, had acted irregularly by initially granting it’s authorisation.

And what that essentially means is that all the initial airport licensing, which includes safety certification, flight path calibration, as well as a number of other management and operating licenses, are no longer valid and will have to be applied for once again.

The Regional Minister for Infrastructure, Francisco Bernabe, said that Aeromur should never have been allowed to apply for certification after their concession had been cancelled. However he also said that his department is now working on a new airport inventory which he hopes will be ready by the end of the month.

Once that is concluded a Private Consultant will be engaged to prepare the terms and conditions necessary which will then allow a new round of bidding by companies for the concession to operate the airport.

Read more here >>>: RTN

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