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Back to the drawing board for Corvera airport as minister resigns
Thursday, November 27, 2014

Regional minister resigns and leaves the new Murcia airport without an opening date

Manuel Campos, the Region of Murcia’s minister for Development and Public Works, abruptly announced his “irrevocable” resignation on Monday afternoon after what is reported to be a strong disagreement over policy with Alberto Garre, the president of the regional government.

Sr Garre suggested at a meeting attended by national Minister for Development Ana Pastor that the best way forward for the new Region of Murcia International Airport is, effectively, backwards.

The regional president’s idea is to return to the situation of a year ago and put the management contract back out to tender in order to attract new bidders, rather than continue with the plan to re-appoint Aeromur, who were effectively “sacked” by the regional government after failing to open the airport during the period specified in their contract. Perhaps significantly, José Manuel Vargas, the president of publicly owned airport management company Aena, who operate the San Javier airport which currently services the region, was also present at the meeting, the obvious logical solution being that Aena operate Corvera airport itself, and close San Javier................

More here >>>> MurciaToday

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Rock & roll evening in support of the Cats 'N' Dogs Aid Association
Saturday, November 22, 2014

Please support the Cats 'N' Dogs Aid Association.

A Rock 'n' Roll evening with a Christmas show & meal has been organised for Friday 12th December at the El Alto de Dolores restaurant, set back off the N332 between La Mata & Guardamar.



Venue is


The meal will be bread and alioli, salad, followed by turkey breast, chips and pisto (Spanish ratatouille). Then it will be 'help yourself' to the chocolate fountain with fresh fruit/marshmallows etc. Everyone will get a glass of Cava.

Tickets will be available from the following, El Alto Dolores Restaurant Guardamar N332, The Card Place, Benimar, The Card Place, Punta Prima, Cats & Dogs Shop, Quesada, Cards and More, La Marina

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End health gamble
Friday, November 14, 2014

Failing to register correctly for state health care in Spain could cost people a fortune if they fall ill or have an accident; British residents were warned this week.

Thousands of UK state pensioners and early retirees who are enjoying life in the sun risk being treated as private patients because they lack health cover.
And many have started the process of getting the correct documentation but have failed to complete official registration.

Martyn Standing, of the Department of Health team based at the British Consulate, in Alicante told RTN: “There are people who have been charged life changing sums of money when they are seriously ill because they are not registered – that’s the law in Spain.”

He said healthcare legislation had changed in Spain and it was important that expats understood how to access it, advising people to use the many official sources – including social media - for the correct information rather relying on the second-hand experiences of others.

“There is a UK attitude – no one registers with a GP until they want to go and see a GP. That’s understandable, but in Spain, it is not just a matter of going along and seeing a doctor, you have to sort out the paperwork first. That can take a few weeks. If you are working it is not so bad.

“The message is to enjoy life in the sunshine but get registered for health in every respect.”

State pensioners need to obtain an S1 form from the Department of Work and Pensions to obtain their entitlement to the Spanish national health system but also have their ‘residencia’ and be registered on the ‘padron’.

Martyn said there were 81,000 UK state pensioners registered for cover – but more than 20,000 who had been issued the S1 form and not registered, the document simply left in a drawer. “It is a bit of a process but it needs to be done. Do not leave it until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes!”

He said the process could take a little while. “But if people fall ill and are not registered they risk being treated as a private patient. It is not just being given a bill, but the last thing you want when you are ill is to sort out paperwork.

“And that’s the most important thing – there are so many cases we have had and it can involved life changing sums of money if someone is seriously ill.”
Martyn said the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) was also causing concerns. “The rule, the golden rule, is you do not use the EHIC in the country where you live,” he said. “That is the main criteria people should understand.”

He said people who move back and forth between the UK and Spain – the so-called ‘swallows’ – should think about where they are truly resident, in order to know how to register correctly for healthcare. 

If they have any doubts, they should call the Healthcare Team in spain of the Overseas Healthcare team in Newcastle.

And the EHIC system entitled people to all necessary medical treatment at a public health centre or hospital. “It is nothing to do with emergencies or a limited number of appointments – there is no time limit on the EHIC or a limit on the number of times it can be swiped through a machine; it is all necessary treatment.”

Early retirees with a residency certificate dated before 24th April 2012 are entitled to access the Spanish health system, while under a new law people with no right to public health cover can take up the ‘convenio especial’, a Spanish Government run health insurance scheme which is active in Valencia and Murcia, as well as in most other regions of Spain.

“This is the best option for people who cannot get private health insurance. It covers existing preconditions and costs 60€ for early retirees,” explained Martyn.
He advised any queries about benefits and health care should be made in writing as it guaranteed an official response in writing.

“It all sounds a bit grim to think one day you will get ill...but one day you will get ill! The vast majority of people are going to need a doctor at some point. If you are not registered you will be treated privately.”

Martyn said the Department of Health team “tried to help people help themselves” and added: “We’re not here to hold their hands, but rather help them get the right information on what they need to do. We try to insure people have the correct information so they don’t end up in financial or with paperwork trouble later.”

Information for residents and visitors is available ........

Continuing reading at  RTN

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