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More delays in Corvera airport opening look likely
Friday, February 21, 2014

In spite of the apparent goodwill to sort out the problems between the former concessionary and the regional government, Aeromur have already announced that to open the airport by the 18th September will “be impossible.”

This, they say, is due to the failure of the regional government to request that the Supreme Court allow the rescission of the original management concession to be annulled, as without this legal impediment being removed, they have no official authority to start completing the remaining bureaucratic procedures that have to be put in place in order to open the airport. And of course, there has still been no response from Brussels as to whether the regional government can legally offer financial support to this private consortium.

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Source: MurciaToday

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Dialysis for tourists at Torrevieja hospital
Friday, February 21, 2014

TORREVIEJA hospital can now guarantee kidney dialysis for patients who are in the area temporarily.

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Guardamar has requested a shuttle bus to Alicante Airport
Sunday, February 16, 2014

There is an article on the Guardamar town hall website dated 14/02/2014 (see link below) where the council has requested a low cost shuttle bus from Alicante Airport to Guardamar, Playas de Orihuela and Pilar de la Horadada.

It will be very interesting to see if anything comes of it. If it does then hopefully other areas, including Quesada, may be in a position to 'request' a shuttle bus service as well.

Source: Guardamar Ayuntamiento website


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Controversial bylaw in Granada limits number of pets per household
Saturday, February 15, 2014

Controversial bylaw in Granada limits number of pets per household.

A new by-law says three animals is enough for anyone
The Town Hall of Granada is set to introduce a controversial new local bylaw regarding the keeping of pets in the municipality, with some of the points contained within the legislation likely to anger dog- and cat-lovers in the city.

At the moment there are over 26,000 dogs and 2,500 cats registered in Granada, and the local council has detected a need for the regulations regarding them and their owners to be tightened up: according to the Town Hall, the aims are to avoid the maltreatment of animals, reduce the number of pets being abandoned and establish rules regarding their being kept in adequate homes.

These aims are likely to be applauded by animal lovers everywhere, but some of the legislation by which the Town Hall hopes to achieve them will certainly not find favour with pet owners. Chief among these is the stipulation that the maximum appropriate number of pets in one home should be three, and that the animals kept should not be large.

In addition, all pets kept should be checked up by a vet in order to protect the health not only of the animal but also of its human neighbours.

Not content with this, the council goes on to stipulate that any dog weighing over 20kg will be required to wear a muzzle and be kept on a lead at all times outside the home. Apparently last year there were more than 400 fines levied on owners who failed to keep their dogs on a lead, and the Town Hall is eager to reduce that number this year.

Similarly, last year 46 fines of 150 euros or more were imposed on owners who failed to remove their dogs’ excrement from the streets of the city, and the council will continue to crack down on this offence.
On the other hand, should they or their owners be reading this news, the dogs of Granada will be pleased to learn that there are to be more specific canine play areas in the city, where they can be let off their leads to frolic as they please. At the moment there are just two such areas, in the Parque Federico García Lorca and the Parque Tico Medina, but the new local regulations specify that two more are to be created every month.

Source:  Spanish NewsToday


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NHS axes free health care for expats
Friday, February 14, 2014

Thousands of British expats who have taken early retirement and settled in Europe will lose free access to their local health care system.

The British government is set to scrap a facility by which UK citizens under the state retirement age can get free treatment in countries such as Spain and France when they do not qualify through employment.

The change is likely to occur on April 1, according to the Department of Health. It is one of series of cost-saving moves under review across the National Health Service.

It means that the NHS will no longer reimburse another European state for health costs incurred by non-working Britons under pensionable age.

Currently, many unemployed expats under age 65 (or women under 60) within the European Economic Area effectively pass their care costs to the Treasury.

They do so by completing Social Security residual form S1 before leaving the UK. This gives the holder, and probably his or her dependants, up to two and half years' free health care access................

Read more here

THE REGIONAL health authority in Valencia has announced a new scheme for obtaining healthcare.

Read about it here

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Put UK flood victims FIRST: As flood-hit Britons endure unimaginable hardship, the Mail launches a petition calling for cash to be taken from the £11billion foreign aid budget to help them
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I live in Somerset though not in the flooded area. I can't imagine the anguish so many are feeling over having to leave their homes. Now it's London area, maybe that's why something now is being proposed. I know Somerset people are feeling abandoned! 


The Daily Mail today launches a petition to urge ministers to divert some of the UK’s £11billion foreign aid budget to the floods crisis. 

As thousands are driven from their homes, there is growing anger that Britain is spending billions on foreign development projects, and so little on flood relief at home.

Last night Mark Kirby, his wife Kate and their three children, from the devastated Somerset village of Moorland, said simply suspending aid for a brief period could raise enough money for UK families. 

Mrs Kirby, 44, a teaching assistant, said: ‘We have always given to good causes when we could afford it but now we and other people who have been flooded out need help.’ 

The petition, which will be presented to the Prime Minister, says: ‘I strongly urge you to divert some of the £11billion being spent on overseas aid this year to ease the suffering of British flood victims and to build and maintain flood defences to prevent a repetition of the current crisis.’ 

Read more at The Daily Mail

Please sign the petition here

Below: This is Moorland in Somerset 

Below: Shepperton, Surrey

Below: Egham, Surrey


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EU to force Britons to publish details of wills and property
Sunday, February 9, 2014

A bill being debated in Brussels would force UK citizens to disclose 'reams' of private, financial information on a public register.

New legislation planned in Brussels is set to heap fresh costs and paperwork on families’ financial planning, as well as leaving their affairs open to unwanted public scrutiny.

A European law is being drafted whose original aim was to prevent corporate money-laundering. The objective, supported by the UK, was to force companies to disclose on a register the money and other assets held inside trusts or equivalent legal arrangements.

But officials in Brussels have widened out the proposals as the bill has evolved, to include trusts. The effect could be to force millions of families to compile elaborate accounts of their assets and financial arrangements including insurance policies, property and bequests made in their wills, for entry into a register. And that register, if legislators get their way, could be made available to any member of the public.

British lawyers and tax experts are baffled by the potential implications. Most are bitterly opposed to the costs and intrusion that could result. The use of trusts or what the EU would define as “legal arrangements” is commonplace in Britain and Ireland, but not elsewhere in Europe. As a result many run-of-the-mill transactions between British individuals, or between individuals and financial institutions, would fall within the net of the law if applied to the UK. Similar transactions in Europe would not be affected, lawyers say.

Richard Frimston, partner at solicitors Russell-Cooke, said: “The European Parliament thinks all trusts are the work of the devil designed to aid tax dodgers. But trusts are an integral part of English law and underpin the most everyday of transactions.” ............

Read more here

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Brittany to offer no-frills ferries to France and Spain
Sunday, February 9, 2014

Brittany Ferries, is to start a new no-frills service to both France and Spain from March 26.

There will be a weekend service between Portsmouth and Santander in northern Spain and five return crossings between Portsmouth and Le Havre, one of which will be freight-only.

Branded Brittany Ferries économie, the new product is designed to appeal to those who wish to travel to France or Spain at a lower fares without onboard services normally available.

French catering will still be available on board, but with limited choice. Cabins will all have en-suite facilities but without carpets, and there will be a lounge where seats can be reserved on overnight crossings.

There will be 12 pet-friendly cabins and two two specially equipped cabins for disabled passengers. Entertainment will be restricted to a movie lounge.

One-way fares for a car plus two this spring start £79 to France and £169 (including reclining seats) to Spain.

Group commercial director Mike Bevens said: "Whilst our services to western France have been established for many years, those to Spain are currently enjoying great success, so we are seeking ways to build on this and grow the market.

"We feel that there is an opening for a no-frills, great-value service which will appeal to those who are on a tight budget and may not have even considered travelling by ferry before.

"The Brittany Ferries promise has always been about "choice" - we have ten routes, plus high-speed services, as well as cruise ferries - and this is taking the concept one step further."

Bookings will open online at in a few weeks but in the meantime registrations can be made by calling 0871 244 1400.


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Check out this cabin bag .. 50 x 40 x 20cm
Thursday, February 6, 2014

Check out this cabin bag .. 50 x 40 x 20cm .. Take it onboard airline will insist this case must be put in the hold!


Many colours!

Shop here   10 colours £49 though!! 

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