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God .. some on here think it can only happen to others as YOU'RE NOT AS DAFT AS US LOT!"
Sunday, August 28, 2011

 There really are some ignorant prats on here telling others that, because their purchase or attempt to purchase in Spain went wrong,  it was because they didn't do their homework.

You are so wrong in many cases & I wish your purchase had failed & that you'd lost thousands of euros.

You make me sick! 

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Jeeeeez there's some very irritating members on EOS these days!
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

 Thread after thread

Too many members are not posting because of the rudeness & the personal remarks directed at them or others for no reason. This has gone on far too long, it's not a new thing.

Currently there are a number here who just incite others to respond & then all hell lets loose which it seems is what they love.

Maybe the members who've left might return if they felt that the issue was being addressed as it certainly NEEDS addressing.

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New Bus Card System in Torrevieja
Monday, August 22, 2011

Read THIS first then read this....... ....
How to renew the free public transport card?

Cards previously issued shall cease to operate the September 1, 2011

Starting Tuesday, August 16, 2011, you can already order the new Citizen Card to continue to enjoy free public transport.

On September 1, 2011, comes into operation the new card, before being invalidated.

This card is also valid for access to the CMO (City Centre Leisure or Macrodiscoteca), and will gradually be adding other services such as access to museums.

How to renew the public transport card?
Date: from Tuesday August 16, 2011
Location: Old City Hall - Department of Transport Offices (going left)
Hours: NEW! 8:30am to 8pm
Requirements: To be registered in Torrevieja and have no debts with the local administration.
Price: 35 € (valid for 1 year). Citizens of the seniors can get a bonus of these 35 euros per year in municipal aid for retirees and pensioners, as demonstrated by the actual payment of the card.
Required Documentation: DNI, NIE or Passport (original)
Proof of payment of 35 € on the CAM account 2090 7150 55 0200168516

Do I have to renew the card before September 1?
Not necessarily, the application or renewal of the card can be done anytime, not necessary to obtain before September 1 unless you use it daily and so requires.

- Do I need to be registered in the padron Municipal a minimum of years?
No. You have to be registered at the time of requesting the card.

- If I register as resident in another town, I can still use the card?
No. The card will be canceled when it detects that you're not registered in Torrevieja Municipal Padron

- I can apply the card from another person (my husband, brother, etc.).?
No. To get the card, it requires the physical presence of the applicant, given the need to take a picture that identifies you.

- I am a foreigner and only have the passport
Due to computer problems, only foreigners who have the passport as documentary proof, Chair to present a certificate of registration in Padron Municipal. The certificate of registration in padron municipal must apply at the offices of Census and Statistics of the City. It expects to have solved this problem in the coming days.

- If I am retired, I have to pay the card?
Yes, but then returned 35 € to all pensioners and those receiving Aid to pensioners and retirees who annually awards the Torrevieja Townhall. It is mandatory to fulfill all requirements to receive this aid.

- I can provide proof of payment that I got with my printer to make payment online through my bank?
No. We only accept original proof of payment issued by the bank which has made the payment or transfer.

One of the unique aspects of being a resident of Torrevieja is that the city offers a free bus service for one and all; if you are on the padron. However, the system has been widely abused, mainly by those who just visit on holiday, sign on the Padron, then sign off again but not until they have the correct documentation for their free buss pass! The abuse of the system has been costing the Town Hall hundreds of thousands of euros over the years! All that will change from the end of the month as Torrevieja introduces a new ‘smart’ card for the Bus System.

From September 1, 2011, anyone legitimately on the Municipal Padron can use their new Urban Public Transport Cards. The major change from the former system is that there is a cost involved. The new card will cost only €35 annually, in essence the amount the Town Hall pays to cover production and management costs but thereof it will entitle all registered citizens of Torrevieja free urban transport, 365 days a Year. For those doing their sums, at €1.20 a journey, you need to make at least 30 trips per year to break even, or 15 days return travel, into and out of, the city!

But not only is the card for Transportation as it is indeed a Smart Card offering more than one function. Torrevieja’s Mayor Eduardo Dolon said that the cards will be available from next Tuesday, August 16, when they will begin issuing the new cards from the new facilities of the Municipal Transport Department which are now located in Torrevieja’s Old Town Hall. The mayor said that the only requirements to be the recipient of the Citizen Card are:

1) Present the receipt of the bank's payment of 35 euros.
2) ID, NIE, passport or present Bus Pass.
3) be registered on Torrevieja’s Municipal Padron.

The introduction of this new computerized card will allow the City Council of Torrevieja extensive information on the use of the service, and in particular, the various lines and routes used in the city, which in the near future, these statistics will be used towards adapting and optimizing the transport service based on user demand. Eduardo Dolon said that the Card will be multi-purpose as it will also incorporate Torrevieja’s Citizen Card that will gradually allow holders access to other municipal services such as entry to the Municipal Leisure Centre (BMC) or Macrodiscoteca, sports and educational facilities, the various museums and library. It will ultimately also be linked into the large screen terminals found in all of Torrevieja’s public buildings and allow printed documentation to be accessed through these tactical computer screens.

Being a ‘Smart Card’ they may also be ‘turned off’, thus when a user signs off the Municipal Padron! The main computer system will have the ability to recognize this fact, and thus inform bus drivers that the card is no longer valid, helping put an end to the abuse that the system has suffered from in the past! €35, a small price to pay for the bus system in Torrevieja, especially as parking is at a premium in the city centre. Available from August 16, from the Old Town Hall in the main Square.

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Today's Informacion says the IVA/VAT on the purchase of new houses is to be dropped from 8% to 4% until the 31st December to stimulate the housing market.
Friday, August 19, 2011

Today's Informacion says the IVA/VAT on the purchase of new houses is to be dropped from 8% to 4% until the 31st December to stimulate the housing market.

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Use it or lose it: Alicante airport to Torrevieja bus update... it COULD finish 23rd September!!
Friday, August 19, 2011

See my original post on this here

UPDATE: The airport bus will be running until 23 September. Costa Azul currently operate this service and say they will know if it'll continue after this date next month so contact Costa Azul for more information then. 965 710 146 Offices & other numbers are in here

The initial reports stated that for this to be a viable service they needed 80 to 100 people a day to use it. These figures are being achieved apparently.

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Corvera International Airport will be completed this year!
Friday, August 12, 2011

11th August: Today Antonio Sevilla, the Regional Minister for public works, visited the new International airport at Corvera to inspect progress as the structure of the new airport nears completion.

The works are visibly considerably more advanced than during the last inspection visit in June and Sr Sevilla is confident that the structural work of building and fitting out the airport will be completed by the end of this year.

 Since the last visit, works to build the runway and external perimeter road have advanced noticeably, the monumental piles of hardcore having disappeared altogether and been laid as the core structure of these two important elements comes together, a considerable advancement compared to the last inspection when earthmoving works were still underway.

The external aircraft hard stand has all been poured bar the disembarcation line, which has been prepared for finishing.

What was a series of foundations has become a vast concrete plinth on which the planes can park for loading and unloading, a considerable task which has now been completed.

Please see source for more.


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Urban Bus Service will now cost €35 per annum in Torrevieja
Friday, August 12, 2011

From September if you are not a "third age person" i.e. pensioner or a retired person you will have to pay to use the Urban Bus Service in Torrevieja. You will have the option to buy a Bus Pass for €35 a year if you are registered on the Padron and under pension age.

To get the new card you will be required to go to the Municipal Department of Transport after the 16th August, with, I presume in the case of not having a DNI Cert, your Passport, Your Residents Certificate and, where applicable, a receipt from the Bank showing you have paid the €35. It is hoped to extend the use of the card in the future for entry to other municipal facilities like the Sports Centre, Museums etc.

Source: Diarioinformacion

From what pensioners on forums say they have been told they must pay! They need to pay the charge at a bank, keep the receipt to show they've paid when they go to the dept who arrange these passes & ihave been told t'll be refunded into their bank. Hmmm, bit of a carry on, that!!

UPDATE: From Friday's Diarioinformacion.

Friday 19th: Queues from 5.00am

Hours and hours of waiting to get the new Transport Card. Those registered on the Padron in Torrevieja queued yesterday from 5.00am at the doors of the consistory to try and complete the process which will give them access to the urban bus. More than the anger at the withdrawing of the service, which has been free since the 90s, was the anger in having to wait in interminable queues under the suffocating heat of the Vega in August.

As dawn broke around the Town Hall there were two groups of clearly different people. On one side were those who had arrived before 7.00am, who got one of the 100 tickets which were given out at 8.30am and which were gone in a few minutes. On the other side were those who, although having arrived before they began giving out the tickets were not successful in getting one, but opted to wait the whole morning for one of the tickets which were given out at 2.00pm so that they could complete the process that evening.

The service put in place for getting the new Tarjeta Ciudadano began last Wednesday morning but the numbers of interested people have overwhelmed those foreseen by the Council and since yesterday, Thursday, the hours of attendance were extended to the evening. The new card will come into effect from 1st Sept next and users milled around the doors of the offices to try to get the precious pass. Most of the crowd yesterday were people over 60yrs of age resident in the locality. Some stayed sitting on the stairs of the porch of the building others on chairs and the vast majority waited standing up, but everyone voiced their anger at a service which is clearly deficient
A woman of 80yrs who stayed sitting on the stairs said “at my age I have to do this in order to use the bus. Instead of Eduardo Dolón I am going to call him Eduardo Pain, for the pain that I am having to endure waiting on the ground at my age” said the old woman.

The complaints of the people who were waiting in the inside of the building were summed up those of the hundreds of people who queued in the street in roasting temperatures of 35degs which the thermometers were showing at 11.30 yesterday. 2 of people, who were from England, but living in La Mata for the last 10 years, asked why they couldn’t complete the process in La Mata. We are more angry at the shameful way this process is being handled than having to pay the €35 they said.
Of course there were people who showed their anger at the new transport cost. It seems that €35 is not a lot, but if you take into account that there are 6 people in my family, I have to pay €210 said another who waited in the sun.
Phrases like I feel deceived because this was hidden in the electoral campaign and “I am sure that the families of the politicians won’t have to que to get this card”, was the tone which was heard all day.

In October 2010 the PP councillors put forward the introduction of the new transport card as a question of necessity because about 30-40% of the 90,000 cards which were in use were being used fraudulently . According to the management many of them were obtained by persons who signed-on the Padron for this end and then signed off again as well as other who obtained duplicates of the cards and gave them to family and friends

The new transport card is equipped with a microchip which stores information with data relevant to the user like their DNI, an address or a photograph. Also it will serve for entry to other services which will be offered by the Town Hall like entry to cultural events and museums. It costs €35 annually and it is necessary to present your Torrevieja Residencia Certificate


NOTE: Previously you just had to be on the Padron to get the free srvice but this says 'it is necessary to present your Torrevieja Residencia Certificate'.

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