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Stansted baggage handlers to strike over Easter
Thursday, March 29, 2012


Baggage handlers at Stansted Airport are to strike during the Easter weekend in a row over pay, the GMB union said today.

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Source: Telegraph

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EasyJet to charge £12 for a bit more leg room in latest stealth charge to push up the cost of flying
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EasyJet is to charge passengers up to £12 to reserve seats. 
If a trial of the system is successful, it could be used on all the airline’s flights.

The budget carrier does not currently let passengers choose seats in advance, leading to free-for-alls once they have boarded.  

However, those on five easyJet routes will soon have three options: £12 for seats with extra leg room in the front row and exit rows, £8 for those in the front few rows, and £3 for any others.

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Source: Daily Mail

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ElectricIty rate shocker: Bills to rise from April 1 - and it's no joke!
Monday, March 26, 2012

Source: CostaBlancaNews

HOUSEHOLDS throughout Spain are in for a nasty shock next month as the electricity rates increase significantly to compensate companies for the freezing of rates decreed by the government last October and which has now been revoked in court.

Industry, energy and tourism minister José Manuel Soria has announced that electricity charges will go up on April 1.

He said that the rise was in accordance with a decision by the Supreme Court which revoked previous decisions to freeze tariffs. This paves the way for suppliers to revise bills already paid since October 2011 so that they can recover what they lost when tariffs were frozen.

This decision will come as triple whammy for many families who have already budgeted for April.

Read more in this week's Costa Blanca News edition

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Easyjet flights are out Nov 2012 to Feb 2013 (check).
Friday, March 23, 2012

I had an email from Easyjet this morning saying ..


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Torrevieja bus routes are being modified
Friday, March 23, 2012

It has been announced in today's Informacion that the Torrevieja Town Bus Routes are being modified from today Friday 23rd March.

You will need to go to the section you will find the list of services whose routes have undergone some modification. These changes have come about due to monitoring of the new transport/citizen cards which were recently issued.

The Services which have changed are:
Line A "Torrevieja - La Mata". A new stop will be added on the C / Del Mar (La Mata) (the current service passing through the urbanization Pinomar (now in Guardamar) is done away with) A fifth bus will be added to this service in the summer (July and August).

A.2 Line "Torrevieja - La Mata" (Interior/Avenida Paris ): Expansion and improvement of the service to the Palacio de Las Deportes, Sports City/Ciudad de Las Deportes and the Avenue of La Mancha.

Line B "Torrevieja - Torettas." Expansion and improvement of service to Ciudad Deportivo and Habaneras Commercial Centre, removal of the service via the Park of Nations (due to low demand) and removal of the route to the Health Center of La Loma (due to low demand).

Line C "Torrevieja - Lomas - Torreblanca." Increased service with a 2nd bus October to May (Monday to Friday) and the current route is unchanged.

City Line "Torrevieja - Los Altos - Rocio del Mar". Remains unchanged with respect to current service on the route.

Line E "Torrevieja – Los Balcones – Lago Jardin." Removal of the route via the bus station and the Health Center of La Loma, extended service covering the Sports City/ciudad deportivo and Habaneras Commericial Centre and a new stop in Lago Jardin - Blue Lagoon.

Line G "Torrevieja, San Luis - La Siesta". Removal of the service to the Health Center Acequión and Health Center of La Loma. This line continues to be an anomaly in the municipal service because it is duplicated, with two companies providing the same service.


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PRIMARK opened in Alicante 15th March
Friday, March 16, 2012

Source: Diarioinformation

With apologies for Google translate but you will get the gist of the info.

New store in Alicante. The Irish chain Primark opened yesterday at the mall Gran Via its second store in the province, after the de Elche. The opening of the establishment, characterized by its low prices attracted hundreds of people crowded to the doors of the store to be the first to take home some of their products.

If a stranger had dropped yesterday about noon on the Gran Via shopping center, would have laughed to hear that there is a crisis, and that is, an hour before its opening, hundreds of people crowded and at the gates of the new Irish store chain Primark opened yesterday in Alicante. Moms with their children in cars, gangs of teenagers making pellets, retired couples ... all I had yesterday at the mall in recent years has been a steady closing of its stores and expects a revival with the opening of Primark. 

So much madness in the opening does not understand just because "we are here to stay" , as stated just before the media to the general manager of the chain in Spain, Jose Luis Martinez de Larramendi, while bragging about "value for money of our products, as these poles of every color to 4 euros." The price, indeed, is the largest claim of the firm, known to many by the store Alicante is Elche. "I come to for jeans, because jeans are 11 euros," read a girl while her mother was more interested in home clothes "because I have said that the towels and sheets are run price and go right." 

Larramendi Martinez explained that the secret to sell at these prices is that "we bought a high volume of goods without intermediaries and we have little profit margin even, by selling a lot, we compensate." Of course, if yesterday is a fine sample, you can tell. Neither the first day of sales is experienced such an influx of people, collapsing the hallways of both floors of the store, which occupies 3,500 square meters as they opened the gates at 12 noon. 

About 10:30 in the morning, officers and employees were putting the final touches to clothing everything was perfect before the tour with the media and half a dozen fashion bloggers were quick to fill the basket enjoying the peace before the inauguration. "Now we'll all doors to the speeches and to welcome people," identified a number of managers of the chain to the 167 employees at the center, all of the province. Some employees came from the shops in Elche and Murcia to help with their experience in the early days. Salespeople and cashiers, very young boys and girls mostly loaded with blue balloons waiting to be distributed among the first customers, and wearing shirts with "I love Primark Alicante". 

"Nervous? I do not," noted Esther, one of the employees, who expressed satisfaction for having achieved one of the jobs for which there were 21,000 resumes and conducted over 1,500 interviews. Esther had a couple of years looking for work "and as things stand, have got one, is to give thanks," he added as he waited with his comrades the arrival of the mayor and the Foc Bellea to inaugurate the center and above However, when he got up the blinds to let the people milling impatiently at the door waiting to finalize the formal ceremony and guards withdrew to try protective chains, running in many cases be done before anyone with any clothing at good prices. 

An Irish firm with 24 stores in Spain and other 210 in the rest of Europe Primark textile company founded in 1969 in Dublin, has a total of 234 stores in Europe, 24 of them in Spain. The firm employs about 42,000 people and last year increased its turnover by 13%. This store is the second in the province since the Irish chain has opened a facility in Elche in 2010 and plans to open in Orihuela. The new store opened yesterday offering fashion products in all ranges: men, women and children and home in an area of almost 3,500 square meters. 

The company plans to open soon in Orihuela. The opening ceremony yesterday was conducted by the Mayor, Sonia Castedo, who stressed the importance the city has now opened a center like Primark employs 167 people . The vice president of the board of the firm, Breege O'Donohue, welcomed workers and expressed confidence in the results of the center and the director of Primark in Spain, Jose Luis Martinez de Larramendi said meanwhile that " after a year of work and investment of several million, finally opened. wanted to be in Alicante, is one of the great cities of Spain and this has always been a good mall for what we have to stay. "

See also >>


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Monday, March 12, 2012

The transport department of the Valencia government has announced that it will put the Torrevieja to Alicante airport bus service out to tender, looking at a company to provide the service at a maximum of 285,000 euro per year.

The service had been operating on a trial basis since May of last year, gaining an extension in September. Not without problems, the service was expected to carry 100,000 passengers a year on the express service between the two points, although figures have been much lower than this.

The permanent move is hoped to form part of an action plan to crack down on illegal taxis operating in the area, which the absence of a bus service only exaggerated.


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Friday, March 2, 2012

First read links in this post  then read this from SimplyNetworking then print this & send off.


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