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A wonderful start to the New Year is the SMOKING BAN Starts on 2nd Jan 2011
Friday, December 31, 2010

A wonderful start to the New Year is the SMOKING BAN Starts on 2nd Jan 2011. 

What a long wait to get here, but it will be just great to go in to any bar or restaurant and NOT be breathing in other people's smoke.

The following is out of this weeks >>>>>>>>  EURO WEEKLY:




AS of January 2, smoking will be banned from all public catering establishments in Spain. Although this was widely reported, confusion arose as conflicting media reports appeared in the Spanish and British press. In some cases reports suggested it had already been confirmed, whereas in other cases they reported the ban would not come into effect until July.

On Tuesday the Chamber of Deputies gave final approval to the changes to the Anti-Smoking law with 336 votes in favour, five against, and three abstentions.

As of January 2, cigarettes can be sold from machines in petrol station shops and cigars can also be sold in all bars and restaurants.

Casinos, bingos and games halls will also have to become totally smoke free and smoking at any public catering establishment will only be allowed outside, in areas which are not covered, or if they are, only have two walls.

The proposal from the opposition to give fiscal benefits to establishments which underwent refurbishment to adapt to the current law was rejected.

Meanwhile, smoking is allowed in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, smoking clubs and in hotels, where 30 per cent of rooms can be reserved for smokers as long as they are isolated from the rest and have ventilation.

It will also be allowed outside at sports facilities, in queues for cinemas and museums as long as they are outside and on campus at universities, but not in hospitals (outside or inside), parks or children’s play areas.

Only 30 per cent of people in Spain smoke, but 50,000 people died every year from problems related to smoking, 1,200 of them are passive smokers, according to the National Institute of Statistics.


Oh & do stay off balconies!


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Because the forum needs a laugh..............
Friday, December 31, 2010

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Hitler & the Christmas weather
Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Hitler's holiday home
Thursday, December 30, 2010

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New £85,000 savings safety limit, from Fri 31 Dec cap jumps from £50,000
Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Martin's MoneySavingExpert site..

Up to £85,000 savings per person, per financial institution will soon be protected by the govt's Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) bringing us in line with the EU's €100,000 limit...

  • Use fewer accounts to earn more. The golden rule's always been spread savings in different institutions to get 100% protection. The new cap means you need fewer accounts (eg, if over the limit £160k requires 2, not 4) so consolidate into the highest payers (see below).

  • It must be fully UK regulated. Some EU banks opt to rely on their home country's protection, eg, ING Direct savers depend on a Dutch govt bail out. Check if yours is non-UK regulated.

  • It's per institution not per bank. Sister banks Halifax and Bank of Scotland share a licence, so total protection's £85,000 for all accounts in both. Other sisters NatWest and RBS have separate licences so you get £85,000 in EACH. Check your bank's links.

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Spain to sell air traffic control at 13 airports
Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MADRID (AFP) – Spain's government on Wednesday formally launched the privatisation of air traffic control in 13 airports, just weeks after clamping down on a wildcat strike by controllers.

The privatisation of traffic control for the "first 13 airports" was announced in the government bulletin, giving airport operator AENA one month to launch a tender, which will last about seven months.

"This is the largest structural reform in recent years of the airport sector," the Transport Ministry said in a statement. "The passenger will be the beneficiary of this reform because it will improve service quality."

The 13 airports are sprinkled across the country, including Valencia in the east, Seville in the south, the Canary Islands' La Palma, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote and the Mediterranean island of Ibiza.

Others are in Alicante, Sabadell, Jerez, La Coruna, Vigo, Cuatro Vientos and Spain's north African enclave of Melilla.

More privatisations are to follow. The government plans to sell air traffic control services in a total of 47 airports.

A walkout by air traffic controllers on December 3 shut down Spain's airspace at the start of a holiday weekend, disrupting travel for an estimated 300,000 passengers.

Spain's government then declared a state of alert for the first time since the death of General Francisco Franco in 1975, putting controllers under military command with the menace of jail terms for refusing orders to work.

It later extended the 15-day alert until January 15 to ensure smooth travel for the Christmas and New Year period.

The government has accused air traffic controllers of defending "intolerable privileges".

According to the Transport Ministry, there are 2,300 air traffic controllers in Spain earning an average 200,000 euros (266,000 dollars) a year.

In February the government cut back controllers' overtime to a maximum 80 hours a year, slicing into pay packets that had bulged with overtime pay of two-to-three times the normal rate of 117 euros an hour.

Previously, controllers had earned an average of more than 300,000 euros, with 135 of them taking home more than 600,000 euros a year and 713 between 360,000 and 540,000 euros a year, ministry figures showed.

The controllers argue understaffing forces them to work more than the 1,200 hours a year they consider safe.

The transport ministry said "safety is fully guaranteed" under the privatisation because the new businesses running air traffic control would have to be certified.

According to the ministry, air traffic control has been completely privatised in Britain and Sweden, and partially privatised in Sweden and Italy.

The Spanish government has also announced plans to sell off a stake of up to 49 percent in AENA to shore up the public accounts.


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Warning! Beware NatWest, Tesco & RBS cards abroad. New rate shock! Ensure you've the cheapest way to spend overseas
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

 From Martin's email:

A great scoop in Sat's Guardian revealed the RBS group of cards is giving a much worse rate abroad than previously thought. Horrendous exchange rates: Most cards add a hidden 3%ish 'load' abroad (so £100 worth of euros costs £103). Yet it's been discovered RBS, Natwest & Tesco credit cards don't base this on the usual 'perfect' Visa/Mastercard rate but their own exchange rate, often a further 2%ish worse on top. While its debit cards use the better exchange rate, they charge a nasty £1.25 fee every time you spend and 3% (min £3) at ATMs. Quite simply, avoid! Get a super-cheap 'overseas card': The cheapest way to spend oveseas is with a specialist credit card, always repaid IN FULL to minimise interest. Top Overall: Halifax Clarity is load free worldwide, so you get perfect exchange rates. Its only fee is 12.9% APR for cash withdrawals (c. £1/mth per £100), even if you repay in full. Top with perks: Nationwide's* Gold card (16.9% APR) is load-free, but only in Europe and charges a 2.5% ATM fee. However, it also gives a year's extra extended warranty on UK-bought electricals and a 0% for 15mths balance transfer deal (3% fee). FULL details in the Updated Guide: Cheap Travel Money Related: 0% for 13mth on Spending, 0% for 16mth Balance Transfers, Guardian Story

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Suitable smilies under the current circumstances!
Monday, December 13, 2010

What a nasty situation we are watching evolve on our forum, once a beloved forum before many great posters decided to leave because they felt, I assume, 'what IS the f*****g point!!'

I've a selection of smilies that could be added to posts, let me show you.

First two are ..


and insist the member gets counselling.

and take their

Failing all else, bullies should be given the hiding they deserve.

 Exactly when ARE these disruptive members banned?  


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Fueding Torrevieja forums, I love this video.
Friday, December 10, 2010


Video here 

You must understand about the two Torrevieja forums. One is run by Gary & has been around for ages (& has some wierd characters posting in it) & then Jeff started a rival forum.

Jeff recruited people he knew who were members of Gary's forum to use Gary's personal message system to contact Gary's members (but only ones who didn't make waves) to join Jeff's forum. Gary got to hear about it & banned those involved.
Quite a number of Gary's members joined Jeff's forum (& stayed as members in Gary's too) but were banned in Jeff's for being rude or posting against the rules or they were banned because they were seen in Gary's forum saying Jeff's forum is cr*p. That's the trouble with using the same site name.
Jeff won't let his members scratch their bums or sneeze without his permission yet he has his favourites who scratch his back so they get let off & can pretty much post what they like.
Anyway, a member of Gary's forum made this video which says it all, it is SUPERB! It incorporates various members of Gary's forum &, if you knew these characters, you'd find the video even more hilarious.

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Guardamar SUMA sued for non-payment of communal charges on the building where it has local head quarters.
Thursday, December 9, 2010

In an odd turn of events, the body responsible for collecting taxes owed by residents, Suma, is being sued for non-payment of communal charges on the building where it has local head quarters. The Suma office in Guardamar del Segura, in Calle Luis Rivera, is being sued by the owners of the building it shares. The owners of the building have asked a lawyer to proceed with a court case for lack of payment for communal charges corresponding to the 25 percent share the office represents in the ownership scheme.

The owners maintain that Suma has not made any payment towards the costs since taking up the office space. The case was referred to court in May 2010 for a total of 5,500 euros and of course the costs are increasing monthly. The lawyer for the owners maintains that non-payment of such an amount is causing serious harm to the community and that the associated costs for the three-story building have had to be covered by the other owners.


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Smoking ban or NOT? Spain, get your act together
Thursday, December 9, 2010


Senate amends anti-smoking legislation.

Monday, 06 December 2010 14:53

The fight from the Spanish Government to introduce new and tougher anti-smoking legislation for the New Year continues, with the Partido Popular attempting to block parts of the legislation in the Senate, with the help of the Catalan party CiU abstaining.
The PP approved an amendment which would allow for the creation of smokers zones of up to 30 percent in bars, and want the requirements for the establishing of a smokers club to be weakened. An amendment to delay the whole package until July next year was also approved.
The PP has accepted the restriction that workers would not have to enter the smokers’ areas, meaning that customers would have to serve themselves and then enter the ‘rooms or cubicles’ to smoke. The tougher legislation with a total ban of smoking in closed public spaces, including bars, has already been passed in Congress and will now return there given the amendments passed in the Senate.

It’s a blow to the Minister for Health, Leire Pajín, who went to the Senate on Wednesday to argue the Government’s case, using a letter from the World Health Organisation which has already congratulated the Spanish Government for the proposed tougher law. The letter says that the arguments raised by the services sector, hotels, restaurants and bars, about negative economic consequences are false and have no foundation in reality based on the experiences of other countries. The hostelry workers in Spain have estimated a total ban on smoking will result in the loss of 150,000 jobs.

The Minister is insisting however, that the Government will not accept the amendments from the Senate and that the legislation will proceed as is, to bring in the new rules from 2nd January. She has described the idea of smoking cubicles as ‘an excuse not to comply with the law’ and argues that they would keep the ‘omnipresence’ of smoke. She said that health organisations have calculated that more than 56,000 people die in Spain each year, 3,000 of them from passive smoking.

Meanwhile a private club has opened in Paracuellas del Jarama in Madrid which allows the smoking of marijuana. Among its 80 members are the chronically ill, some with cancer, who can smoke to reduce their pain. The club is legal because it is a private association, with a full annual membership costing 130 euros.

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The greyhounds (galgos) of Spain .. help them please!
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tinasolera on EOS now runs

She is president of 'Galgos del Sol' (still under construction) working with her husband Jaime who is Secretary. Her passion for galgos began here in Spain. On seeing many abandoned galgos on the streets here she investigated further their plight and decided to set up an association to help them. Her husband Jaime has been incredibly supportive and has got used to arriving home on occasions to find new furry faces in the garden.

Taking many from the roads and fixing them Tina decided she wanted to do more. Joining forces with Gaynor enabled her to do so. Now building kennels, Gaynor and Tina work together to rescue broken galgos and make them whole again and doing whatever it takes to find them wonderful new forever homes both here in spain and abroad.   

She adopted her own sweetheart who she believe was abandoned because he couldn't hunt. In her own words 'galgos are so precious, I simply adore them'.

The Facebook page is

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