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Ingenious stop reclining airplane seatbacks
Monday, July 28, 2014

Knee Defender™ helps you stop reclining airplane seatbacks so your knees won't have to. 

Unique, patented Knee Defender™ is a truly practical travel accessory. And with its new design, this clever product looks cool, too.

It helps you defend the space you need when confronted by a faceless, determined seat recliner who doesn't care how long your legs are or about anything else that might be "back there".  

For those of us who have to squeeze ourselves into the limited airplane legroom space of a coach seat offered by many airlines, a seat in front of us that is poised to recline is a collision waiting to happen – with our knees serving as bumpers.
Knee Defender™ to the rescue.  

With Knee Defender™, the "Tall Guy" – tall men and tall women, both – can now use a simple, convenient, pocket-sized device to help defend against most flying seatbacks. And because Knee Defenders™ are adjustable, you can generally set them to provide only as much protection as you need.

How to use it here

Read more at gadgetduck

Seen in Daily Mail

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Guardamar beaches now shine with four Blue Flags
Friday, July 18, 2014

Guardamar beaches now shine with four Blue Flags which are annually authorised by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in recognition of the good condition of and services offered on their beaches.

The Council team has obtained the Blue Flag for Playa Centro, Playa de la Roqueta, Playa del Moncayo and Playa Puerto.

The Mayoress of Guardamar, Carmen Verdú, led the flag raising ceremony along with her government team, representatives of the Local Police, Cruz Roja, Environment technicians and beach managers. All of these have made it possible for Guardamar to obtain it’s excellent rating for the four beaches.

The Town Hall has improved beach services. Playa Centro has had improved access, and the Puerto beach has seen the installation of foot washers. Also this year, the Cruz Roja will be work half an hour a day more due to an agreement between the management and the Beaches Department.

The councillor for Beaches, Javier Cremades has increased the shaded area of Roqueta beach so that more disabled people can easily access and rest there.

The life guard posts and beach bars have been improved for better identification by bathers ” to make them much more visible in accord with the Mediterranean image of our area” said Javier Cremades.



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Corvera Airport costs 22,000€ a day
Friday, July 18, 2014

THIRTY MONTHS after construction was finished and it was ready to open, Corvera Airport remains a ghost town and yet another of Spain’s white elephants. The original forecast was that this international airport would handle three million passengers and 23,000 flights per year. 

Although the Murcia region already had the small but popular airport at San Javier, the Provincial Government took the decision to build a second airport without having the funding to buy out the concession and management at San Javier or having the full grant funding for Corvera. The international airport was completed in January 2012 and in total, more than 250 million euros was invested.

Manuel Campos, Minister of Fomento de Murcia said: “The airport will open in December 2014, however this does not mean that the planes are to fly into Corvera in December.” However, the Corvera concessionaire Aeromur does not wish to open the airport and have wanted a guarantee that the San Javier airport, located just 30 kilometres away, will be closed so as not to compete for flight slots but someone will first have to buy out the San Javier concession for about 70 million euros.

At present Corvera Airport is costing Murcia almost 22,000 euros per day; eight million euros per year to lay dormant because the autonomous community had to take over the loan to cover the 182 million euros to construct the airport, which was endorsed by the Murcian Government.

Corvera International Airport was planned at the time of the a projected real estate boom, in order to attract the large number of tourists and foreign nationals who now claim they were offered the beaches and resorts with large housing developments, hotels and first class golf courses in the region of Murcia. Murcia's tourism potential and use as a second home destination were two of the major arguments for its construction. 

Whether or not passengers who live on the Orihuela Costa and along the coast will wish to travel from Corvera rather than El Altet, when and if San Javier closes, also remains to be seen, and is an option seemingly not considered by Murcian politicians. Evem if Corvera opens in December, don’t expect to see any commercial flights landing until at least the autumn of 2015, if not 2016.

Source: RTN

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