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CAM accused of fraud
Thursday, May 31, 2012

TROUBLED ALICANTE bank CAM was accused of corruption and fraud during a Spanish court drama involving 1.5 million euros in house deposits it was trusted to safeguard.

It is alleged the bank – Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo – failed to comply with Spanish law and issue bank guarantees to people, many of them Brits and retired, buying into a luxury lifestyle development.

Judge Consuelo Romero is expected to deliver a verdict in the coming days, a result eagerly anticipated by victims of other ‘off plan’ homes in the Costa Blanca and across Spain who have lost money because of failures of banks to guarantee funds.

Described by the Spanish press as the “trial of the year” in Hellin, Albacete, the action was brought against CAM and developer Cleyton GES by the Finca Parks Action Group.

The law states deposits must be held in ‘special accounts’ and the money only used for the purpose of building houses – in this case 600 homes in ‘real Spain’, a lifestyle and sports resort at Las Higuericas Finca Parks, a village near Hellin.

Around 70 homes were completed – but have never been occupied – but the action group maintains around 100 purchasers were issued any guarantee, although another 300 people were granted the protection, after paying their deposits between 2004 and 2006.

The case is about recovering the funds from the bank. Construction ended in 2009 when the developer pulled out saying the resort, funded by the bank, was financially unviable.

During the two-day hearing, CAM lawyers argued the bank had no contractual relationship with the purchasers and it was the developer who had mishandled money from the special account.

However, the action group’s legal team said the victims had been “harmed” by the failures of both the bank and Cleyton GES and as the only financial entity involved, CAM “should be condemned” jointly and separately with the developer.

Keith Rule, of the Finca Parks Action Group, said 71 members made the journey to attend court and were “very confident” the judge would order the bank to repay the money at the climax of a battle stretching several “very stressful” years.

“The problem we have and the nightmare it has turned into have nothing to do with the people of Hellin but everything to do with CAM and the developer,” he said.

Keith said the Governor of the Bank of Spain had already described CAM as the “worst of the worst” and added: “We are the victims of corruption within CAM and we have a very strong case.

“The bank says it has no relationship with us but our relationship with Cam is set in Spanish law – the only financial entity of this project and the only one receiving deposits and issuing guarantees.”

He said victims, who had seen “ a dream turn into a nightmare”, had only paid money to CAM. “Money that under Spanish law could only be spent building houses yet there is proof money was used to buy cars and pay company bills and wages.”

And he said the bank had been negligent and failed to show due diligence and failed to monitor the actions of the client, the developer.

“This is why we believe CAM should be made to repay money in full with interest and our legal costs,” said Keith. “We are the innocent victims of this corruption.”

Keith can be contacted via the website and is also the driving force behind the wider lobby group fighting for compliance with Spanish law over all off-plan deposits,

Source: RTN

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Corvera International Airport developments are currently "on hold".
Thursday, May 31, 2012

An anonymous source at the Ministry of Public works has confirmed that developments at Corvera International Airport are currently "on hold".

The opening of the airport, privately owned by Aeromur and to be managed and operated by state-owned AENA, is believed to have been blocked for "military reasons".

The unnamed source went on to say how, aside from economic reasons, the operation of the airport has been suspended at the eleventh hour due to the importance that the Murcia area, has in offering security for Spain, Western Europe and NATO in the event of a nuclear threat.

Although this has still to be officially confirmed by government sources, if done so it will bring questions as to why this issue has only been addressed at this late stage in the proceedings and after millions of euros in private and public investment.

It is perhaps inevitable that parallels are going to be drawn with Castellon airport.

Source: Tumbit

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Bankia shares suspended amid bailout request reports
Friday, May 25, 2012

Trading in shares in the Spanish lender Bankia has been suspended in Madrid.

The market regulator CNMV said it was "due to circumstances that may affect the normal share trading".

Bankia is reported to be due to ask the government for a bailout of more than 15bn euros ($19bn; £12bn) after a board meeting later on Friday.

To read further click blue link >> Source: BBC NEWS

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Fleeing the Costa catastrophe: Thousands hand back their villa keys as Spain's economy teeters
Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Many of the 400,000 British people living in Spain have been left in financial ruin following the banking crisis. And as the future of the euro is plunged into deeper uncertainty, they are desperate to get back to the UK.

Source Daily Mail 

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Warning, Torrevieja Police Speed car in use!
Monday, May 21, 2012

For the next month, Torrevieja’s Policia Local’s monitoring of local urbanisations and busy through roads, will be boosted by the load of a special radar equipped police car from the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT).

The car is a Citroën equipped with a radar Autovelox system tasked to perform preventative controls for speeding around designated areas of the city.

Torrevieja’s Councillor for Safety and Traffic, Eduardo Gil Rebollo, said that he had received reports from the Neighbourhood Watch and residents of different neighbourhoods and asked the DGT for their assistance.

Over the last couple of months, Policia Local have received numerous complaints about the excessive speed of some vehicles and motorcycles in the streets of these neighbourhoods. Without a radar car of their own, and with the Guardia Civil only being responsible for areas outside the Urbanisations, in regards to Traffic, Rebollo requested the transfer of this radar car for the use of the Traffic Department.

For a month, police will be carrying out checks in these areas to detect and take action against those who continue to speed through built up areas of the city, so as to try and cut down on future speeding violations.

Drivers should also be aware that the Guardia Civil are also carrying out their own vehicle checks throughout Torrevieja. Cars with foreign plates are especially being targeted, especially in the Urbanisations.

Drivers found without the correct documentation, a current ITV or MOT or, Insurance, face having their car towed and impounded, followed by a fine. Drivers with a Spanish Driving Licence will have the opportunity to pay the fine within a designation time, and receive a discount, while Drivers with a foreign license, will have to pay on the spot, or face having their car impounded.

Torrevieja also can boast to having the most advanced static radar and CCTV camera system in Spain. All cars entering or leaving the city have their number plate recorded and at various locations around the city, these records are updated.

Cars or divers who have been using their cars in Torrevieja for more than six months of the year, that have not applied to be a resident or for their licence plates to be transferred to Spanish, also face being fined or having their car impounded, until such as time as arrangements have been made for the car to be transferred.

If you are driving around Torrevieja, just keep to the speed limits, carry all your documentation and make sure everything is paid up and correct.

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La Zenia Boulevard new photos
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've found these

Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

“PARTY IN THE PARK” set for Sunday 3rd June.

Torrevieja’s “Jardin de las Naciones” is the venue for a special and unique celebration to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. EVERYONE IS WELCOME to join in the fun!!! AND…. It’s FREE!!! The ‘street party in the park’ commences at 1645h on SUNDAY 3rd June and the party atmosphere will carry on until after dark.

Thanks to sponsors, including the Ayuntamiento of Torrevieja, TKO radio and the ‘Courier’ newspaper, a full sound and lighting system will be provided for the host of performers and artists who will take to the stage to offer non-stop entertainment appropriate of any good street party. Meanwhile, fancy dress parades, family games and even a ‘quiz of the era’ will be on offer in the open air venue which will be decorated appropriately with red, white and blue bunting. Even Union Jacks will be available to those who can’t manage to bring their own and traditional or fancy dress is optional!

In true “street party” style, neighbours are invited to bring their own picnic type meal, whilst substantially stocked, reasonably priced bars will be serving all types of suitably cold drinks. All profit from the bars will go to the local ‘Alzheimer’s’ Association, AFA’. Burgers and hot dogs will also be available for purchase and even an ice cream van will be on hand. The party will be able to accommodate over 1,000 revelers with tables and chairs supplied.

A number of local, professional artists have offered their services and various local groups will be offering non-stop entertainment throughout the whole evening to ensure the party atmosphere continues, all of course, with an appropriate theme relating to the sixty years reign of our Queen, Elizabeth II.

The timetable of entertainment is, inevitably, subject to change as there will be so much going on. However, those attending this COMPLETELY FREE event can anticipate:
- Family games: “Tug o’ War”, Egg & Spoon, sack race etc..organized by “RASCALS”.
- TKO RADIO ROADSHOW throughout the event.
16.45h THE PARTY STARTS! Entertainment from “Dance Academy & Stage School”.
17.00h to 17.30h: FOOTWORK DANCE ACADEMY.
17.45h: MARIA O’HARA’s moving tribute to KATHERINE JENKINS.
18.00h: Singer Nick GOLD offers a taste of British popular music from years gone by.
18.15h: Maurice & Alma with their puppets and a few ‘London Songs’.
18.45h: Children’s Fancy dress parade and judging, organized by “RASCALS”.
19.00h: The PHOENIX CONCERT BAND takes to the stage to offer some well known BRITISH music to sing along to!!!
19.30h: This is the time set for everyone to enjoy their picnic together! Tables & chairs for 1,000 partygoers! Form yourselves into ‘teams’ and join in the “Quiz of the Era” – forty question from the past sixty years! (Organized by quizmaster, Arthur).
19.45h: Local professional singer, KEELY C. offers a handful of popular songs made famous over the years by BRITISH female singers!
20.00h: Those “Crazy Ladies” will be going through their ‘crazy’ dance routines!
20.10h: Torrevejense choir, “CRESCENDO” with their appropriate offering of BRITISH songs. Singing along and flag waving, obligatory!
20.25h: More from the “Crazy Ladies”.
20.45h: Entertainment and songs from the colourful “TORREVIEJA BARBERSHOP HARMONISERS”.
21.00h: Prize Draw and announcement of prizewinners.
21.30h: PHOENIX CONCERT BAND offer more BRITISH music to sing along to, followed by the GRAND FINALE in which the band will be joined on stage by the choirs. We can all join in such emotive musical pieces as “Rule Britannia” or “Land of Hope & Glory” finishing up with “Crown Imperial” accompanied by fireworks!!

The “TKO RADIO ROADSHOW” will be on hand to provide further music and entertainment and even dancing until late for those who still have some energy left!

DON’T FOGET!! This event is open to EVERYONE. Completely FREE OF CHARGE. Bring along your PICNIC, your neighbours, your friends, your family, your mother, your father, grandparents,………. and JOIN IN THE FUN to celebrate our QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE!!!


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AENA Spanish Airport Authority explains rules on Duty Free bags
Sunday, May 13, 2012

It seems some airlines, not named by AENA, have been treating passengers differently.

Spanish Airports Authority, AENA has said that low cost airlines cannot charge for carrying the bags of duty free shopping.

Without naming any airline in particular they say that discrimination is only justified for the safety of the aircraft. 

 The AENA statement said ‘To all air companies without exception, we remind you that current legislation ‘allows passengers to embark on the aircraft carrying the products purchased in the airport shops and correctly packed’ and that their transportation as hand baggage ‘must be carried without charge’.

AENA also notes that article 97 of the Air Navigation Law says ‘Airlines are obliged to transport, with the passenger, and included in the ticket price, the luggage within the weight limits, independent of the number of packages and volume, fixed in the regulations’.

Another regulation says ‘The airline is obliged to carry, and for free in the cabin as hand baggage, the objects and packages which the traveller carries with him, including the articles acquired in the shops of the airport’. It continues that only objects which represent a security risk linked to size or weight can be rejected.

AENA Airports recommend that passengers ‘who see their right to embark limited’ for carrying duty free items, to make a corresponding complaint. Any inspection is the responsibility of the AESA, The State Air Security Agency.

Ryanair has a 10 kilo limit for hand baggage along with regulations on size and the bag must include the articles purchased in the Duty Free. The airline charges 50 € if that is not so.
I know for a fact that at Alicante airport both Ryanair AND Easyjet INSIST you only have ONE piece of hand luggage as we saw Ryanair getting into an argument with some who were carrying goods they'd just bought in the "Duty Free" & we were getting onto an Easyjet flight & were all told we had to put any extra bags inside one bag. It caused chaos as many had bought from the "Duty Free" shop.

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More Corvera news, getting confusing!!
Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lead story for the Sol Times this week, "Corvera Airport To Commence Flights In October". The article has been reproduced from a La Veridad article printed Monday.

Despite stating that it would be Summer 2013 earliest before it became operational, Central and Regional Government are now stating the necessary permits will be completed by October this year which will then allow the transfer from San Javier to Corvera.


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Corvera airport due to open Summer 2013, the test flights have concluded but it will NOT have an AVE rail link
Friday, May 4, 2012

Corvera airport due to open Summer 2013 .. read about it here

Corvera airports test flights have concluded .. read about it here.

It will NOT have an AVE rail link ... read about it here

Source: Murcia Today



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