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Winter Easyjet seats available
Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 Winter Easyjet seats available from Oct 27th to March 2nd 2014. 

I have just booked but what a caper!  I had to pick early Oct dates then scroll through to dates I wanted or I was only getting message saying only available up to 26th Oct.


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The Worst Horror of Pet Food Confirmed in Spain
Monday, March 18, 2013

 The use of euthanized pets in pet food has been suspect for years.  Now, Spain is in the middle of a full investigation that will finally prove the absolute worst horrors of pet food.  It has been stated many of the pet foods involved “have international presence and some are among the most prominent of the animal feed industry.”

One of the first times we learned of the use of euthanized dogs and cats becoming rendered pet food ingredients was from Van Smith of the Boston City Paper.  His story from September 1995 exposed the Valley Proteins animal rendering facility.  ‘What’s Cookin’? Every Wonder What Happens to Dead Animals?’ can beread here.

In 2002, the FDA tested various dog foods (cat foods were not tested) purchased from store shelves in the Washington, DC area and found many to contain the euthanizing drug pentobarbital.  The FDA stated the source of the euthanzing drug could only come from euthanized cats, dogs, or horses.  However, DNA testing performed by the FDA found no cat DNA, no dog DNA, an no horse DNA.  Despite inconclusive testing, the FDA stated no dogs or cats are rendered into pet food.

Note:  The FDA has recently removed the numerous pages regarding their Risk of Pentobarbital in Dog Food report.  I asked the FDA the reasoning behind removing these pages and was told it was due to normal deletion of dated materials.  The FDA provided me with these reports which can be read…...................................

To read further please click on underlined link below, after 'source'.

Source:  The Truth About Pet

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Iceland in Torrevieja robbed of thousands of euros Sunday night/Monday morning!
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 "Thousands of euros" taken, according to employees who reported to clients yesterday.

A supermarket located on the Avenue of the Valencian Parliament was robbed in the early hours of Sunday to Monday. 

The assailants forced to enter one of the rear doors facing the ship, located on Calle Hermanos Blanco Sculptors, and agreed to the interior forcing another access separating commercial space storage areas and loading and unloading. The establishment, well known among the local British community but also frequented by the Spanish public, is located in an industrial area in close proximity to the urban area, but local workers environment not heard what happened yesterday until late in the day . 

The assault forced the management to close the doors of trade throughout the morning. Staff of the supermarket was the forced closure informing customers who came to do their shopping routine. One employee theft confirmed unspecified circumstances, although it said it was "important". Sources indicated that the facility could be quantified in "thousands of euros" but tonnage was underway. Theft must add the damage yesterday at facilities were being repaired. 

The supermarket, about 2,000 square meters, is a chain "Overseas", specialized in frozen products, and shuffled the assailants have had as main objective the collection on Saturday, although normally the tonnage of the collection is made ​​the day before and not usually leave cash. 

Civil Guard officers conducted an inspection of commercial aircraft in the attempt to establish the sequence of events. This imagery also have video surveillance system from downtown and traffic cameras.


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Charity event 19th March from 11.30am at La Marina bar, Torretta 11, Torrevieja, in aid of Elche Childrens Home
Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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Anxious wait over CAM appeal
Thursday, March 7, 2013

 OFF-PLAN HOME buyers left without ‘Bank Guarantee’ protection of their investment are anxiously waiting an imminent court judgement in a “landmark” test case.

An action group of buyers successfully won its case against a shamed Spanish bank in a Spanish court last May. However Cam Bank appealed the decision.

The appeal was decided this week by Albacete Appeal Court. The judgement will be announced by the end of March – although the court has a record of early notification.

The case, which has aroused massive public and media interest, surrounds 47 buyers losing 1.5 million euros after CAM failed to issue guarantees to cover deposits for the Las Higuericas Finca Parcs development near Hellin, close to the border with Murcia.

Last June the court at Hellin found in favour of the Finca Parcs Action Group and the bank was described by the judge as being guilty of “banking malpractice” for its failure to protect buyers’ cash after the bank – now Sabadell CAM – and the developer were found ‘jointly and severally’ liable.

CAM and developer Cleyton GES SL were ordered to return deposits to the purchasers and pay interest and costs. The bank paid the full amount into court last August but lodged an appeal.


Finca Parcs Action Group coordinator told Round Town News he and the legal team remained confident the bank’s appeal would be dismissed and the original sentence would be upheld.

“I am confident. We have so much evidence against CAM, such a strong sentence from the First Instance Court at Hellin, and ever increasing case law against the banks,” he said.

CAM continues to argue it was not responsible for the situation and all irregularities and illegalities were committed by the developer.

But Keith said the case had become important for all off-plan buyers who failed to get the protection that was legally required under Spanish law because it would become a precedent for similar cases.

“There remains great interest in our Finca Parcs case from other buyers of off-plan property in Spain who did not receive the legally required Bank Guarantees, many of whom have their life savings at risk,” he said.

“We have always believed that according to the law, banks have a liability in these types of cases. We have worked tirelessly since 2008 to highlight this issue in the media and with the Spanish and British governments.”


He added: “We are confident that this month our landmark case will be upheld by the Albacete Appeal Court.”

The action group has already lodged a second action against CAM and Cleyton GES. The case involves another 13 buyers at Finca Parcs and a further 500,000€ in lost deposits.

Keith explained the 13 purchasers had not been members of the group when the first lawsuit was filed in February 2011 but was admitted into Hellin Courts in January and served on both defendants.

He said CAM and Cleyton GES must now submit their defence to the second lawsuit to the court with the prospect of another trial unless a settlement could be reached.

“The second lawsuit is even stronger than the first as it incorporates all the additional evidence that we gained through the original trial,” said Keith.

“I really cannot see how CAM will even be able to defend it – the bank must file a defence by 13th March – I am very much looking forward to reading it.”

Source: RTN

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Cathy's Curiosity Corner, a superb second hand shop in Benijofar, near Quesada, that supports Elche Childrens home
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cathy's Curiosity Corner - The place to buy, sell & display household furniture and bric a brac! Helping you turn your house into a home .... without breaking the budget.

It's a real Aladdin's Cave.

 Address is Calle de Rambla 5, Benijofar.

Coming from Quesada through Benijofar, turn right at the Citreon showrooms and the shop is on the left hand side on the corner.

+34 622 89 99 06

Mon - Fri10:00 - 18:00

Sat12:00 - 18:00
The shop is also a drop off point for any donations of goods, be it clothing, bric a brac, dried foods, tinned goods, male & female toiletries, furniture and furnishings etc...for the Elche Childrens home.
Cathy works in conjunction with Lorraine Johnson - who runs The Elche childrens charity shop (which is on the C895 in Carsrus car sales by the garage on lemon tree road, 03140 Guardamar del Segura) - and The Rag and Bone man,  who is at the Saturday Moncayo market just off the N332 /C895 behind Procomol shop,  so if you feel you can help or give then please do ...It will be GRATEFULLY received. They are hoping to become such a good charity that they will also be able to take Altea Orphanage under their wing.

A selection of items that the shop currently has but items are forever changing.

Above: To gve you an idea of AFFORDABLE prices they charge........

(1) Light coloured wall unit 100€

(2) Antique Spanish dark solid wood unit in beautiful condition. 300€

(3) Nest of three tables, with inlay 50€
(4) 3 pce suite, beautiful condition 200€
Below: Gilt mirror 60€
There are far too many items to price on here but this shop is wonderful to visit, a must see!
For those who use Facebook you can see a bigger selection of items if you click on this link but you need to go see for yourself, there's far too much to show you here or on FB.
When you see Sammy the lamb then you will know that the item is being sold for the Elche Childrens Orphanage ... but most of the bric a brac in the shop is also going to be sold & the money donated to the charity. We have a little collection tin in the shop where you just put your donation into. We are also a drop off point for any donations of dried food, bric a brac, furniture, clothing, basically anything that will raise money to give a better quality of living to those who need it more.
And did you know that when you give to someone or something that can NEVER repay you.....THEN YOU ARE TRULY GIVING.
Below: Coastrider review...
Easter: To view latest items >>> 


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