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Through Time to London starring Brandy & Brinkley, an absolute must for Christmas for children
Saturday, August 27, 2016 @ 12:43 PM



Jacqui was a member of Eye on Spain going by the site name 'J&N'. She lived with her husband in the UK but drove over to Almeria, Spain in 2008 with Brandy & Brinkley, their Cavalier King Charles spaniel pups, to start a new life, had a few adventures there but returned to the UK as things didn't work out. 

Some time on, Jacqui split from her husband & found a new life, unbelievably a few minutes drive from me.

She started a blog on EOS just after moving to San Juan de los Terreros!.aspx

Jacqui has always wanted to write childrens novels & now she has just released her first one. It's available through her website or Amazon, currently only in Kindle option through Amazon (but Jacqui's working on that). See links below. She's got local libraries to stock it, she's applied to Waterstone's to stock it. Jacqui, besides working full time, is an extremely busy lady.  

A little about the book...

What started as a normal day for Brandy & Brinkley changed beyond anything they dreamed of when Jed visited. The two spaniels were used to having little adventures every time they left the house, but nothing prepared them for that morning. 

1665 London was a dangerous place for dogs, so when the two brothers found themselves suddenly in the middle of the plague-ridden city it was a race against time to escape the clutches of the street dogs, the perils of the rats and the dangers of the dogcatchers.

Would they be able to survive in their new surroundings and would they be able to find their way back to the safety of their own home. 

Through Time to London is the first in a series that follows the adventures of Brandy and Brinkley, two time-travelling Cavalier Spaniels, who are met with new challenges in their search for the way home.




Through Time to London by Brindy Wilcox will be available from 10th September, 2016



I wish Jacqui every success in writing her books, this one is certainly a winner!


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