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Nowhere to hide!Spy Smartphone Software Tracks 'Every Move'
Sunday, October 30, 2011

As marketing pitches you don't get much lower: "Track every text, every call and every move your spouse makes…"

Yes, software manufacturers have harnessed the green-eyed monster.

"A cell phone plays a role in almost every affair," said one producer of mobile phone spyware.

Another spelled it out: "When you begin to notice signs of a cheating spouse, the best way to catch that cheat is to spy on his or her cell phone using spy software.

"Such software is required because the cell phone has become the modern day keeper of secrets and its uses are as versatile and diverse as their makes and models."

But it is not just for jealous partners................

click link above to read more & watch a very unnerving video of how it's all achieved!

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Alicante - Torrevieja airport bus service to be extended fo 6 months
Friday, October 28, 2011

The bus service linking Torrevieja with the airport at El Altet, Alicante is to be extended for another six months as from the end of last month. This will enable the company that is running the service to assess what the demand from passengers is like during the winter months in addition to the experience they have already gained over the summer period this year. The service began at the end of May and passengers were unhappy when they learnt that it was for a trial period only to the end of September.

The coach service runs on a direct route between the airport and Torrevieja bus station every two hours with the last trip leaving El Altet at 10.00 pm. The cost of a ticket is only €6.70 but the results so far in terms of passenger demand have not been encouraging. There are 16 trips per day, eight from Torrevieja and eight return trips from the airport and according to reports there have been around 100 passengers in total per day although on some days there has been a peak of 150. At the rate of 100 per day that equates to a little over six people per journey on a bus that is capable of carrying 50 passengers.

It has been suggested that to make it more profitable it may be necessary to reduce the frequency of buses and have the bus stop at other places perhaps even going on to Orihuela Costa after Torrevieja. As it is at the moment many passengers arriving from the airport at the bus station in Torrevieja then get into taxis to take them to their final destination. The initial forecast from Costa Azul, the coach company that has the present concession for the airport run, was that the service would have 100 thousand passengers per annum.

The current figures of 100 per day if repeated throughout the year would equate to a demand of a little over 36 thousand, well short of the company’s initial target. A further glitch in attracting people to the service may be Ryanair’s avowed intent to significantly reduce its flights out of Alicante during the winter months over a dispute with the airport involving the use of airbridges to embark and disembark passengers.

Source: Coastrider

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Fatal accident 20/11 involving a Costa Azul coach travelling from Alicante airport
Friday, October 21, 2011

On page 5 in Round Town News today

Around 2.30pm yesterday: there were 10 hurt .. 5 seriously .. from the Costa Azul coach carrying at least 30 passengers plus an Irish married couple were killed in a van that collided with the coach that overturned.

Taken from  diarioinformacion   


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LATEST on airport bus (Alicante to Torrevieja)
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's Informacion says the Airport Bus will continue to operate for another 6 months. There are buts though. The Ryanair reduction in flights is causing concern and also there is an average of about 5 users per trip. They are looking at the possibility of having less bus trips and that one of the bus trips would go along the N332. It says most of the users are from the UK with some from Germany. Could that be because of the poor advertising of the bus service?

Source: diarioinformacion

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Complementary tax - Spanish property purchase
Sunday, October 2, 2011

I am following a thread just posted in another forum, a local one to me in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca. The subject will worry many!

"Anyone heard off this? The Valencia goverment are looking at house purchases in the last 4 years. Anyone buying a house under market value will be getting a letter.

I bought my villa cheap , for example £100k , they say its value is £150k so they want 7% of the differance ie 7% of £50k
I can appeal which I'm going to do but the solicitor want €1000 and theres no guarantee I'll win."

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