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Update on a previous post about bus passes (Torrevieja).
27 September 2011 @ 19:09

Update on this blog post (in that post are links to initial blog posts).

Taken from a thread on another forum local to Torreieja, where members are disussing how to get hold of a new bus pass.

My parents who are in their 70s renewed theirs last week and were told it was going to be a one-off charge (that as pensioners they can claim back) but that the pass itself had to be renewed every 12 months 
I went with my parents yesterday to obtain the bus pass we went first to cam bank and payed into this cam account number:2090,7150,5502,00168,516. 35 euros per person who wants the new bus pass, they then give you a reciept with two pieces of paper on it, we then went to the old town hall in front of the square Torrevieja, at about, 4.30pm and the man said come back at 6.30 or 7pm because people get tickets in the morning and then dont come back. So we arrived at 6.15pm there was no one there, the man came out and took my parents straight in my parents handed over original Residencia certificate, original passport. You don't need photos or padron if you are already registered on the padron, because they look it up on the computer. they take the photos there with a camera on the computer. then you hand over the reciept from cam bank. wait about 5 or 10 mins, and they give you your card then and there and off you go. The men in the office were very nice also, they did'nt speak English but they get you through it.

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