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Easyjet axing its free refund trick – check NOW if you can still use it
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Budget airline Easyjet has quietly scrapped its free refund trick, which enabled passengers whose flights fell in price after booking to get the difference back in vouchers, can reveal. Yet if you booked a flight before Monday or are a member of one of its loyalty clubs you may still be able to use the trick - here's how to check if you're affected. 

Easyjet's price promise guarantees that if you do find the same flight for less after booking, you'll get the difference back as a credit voucher, which you have to use within six months. To do this you'll need to have booked direct though, and you won’t get the difference back if the lower price you’ve found is a sale price. 

Until recently this refund trick was open to all, and it's been a favourite of MoneySavers over the past couple of years, featuring prominently in our 18 Easyjet tricks guide and the weekly email. Following our tips, some have used it to claim vouchers worth up to £800, which they have then been able to use for future flights.

But while the trick was previously open to all passengers, on Monday Easyjet updated its terms and conditions to scrap the promise in its current form. Here's what's changing:

  • Booked before 21 Feb 2017? Check the price now. If you haven't yet flown, you ARE still covered by the free refund trick, up until you fly. See below for how to check if the price has dropped and make a claim. 
  • Booked on or after 21 Feb 2017? Most now can't get it. You're only eligible if you're a member of - or join - Easyjet Plus or Flight Club. Easyjet says you now AREN'T covered by the refund trick unless you're a member of one of these schemes (see below for what happens with multi-person bookings).

    Easyjet Plus membership costs £170/year per person and gives you allocated seating, speedy boarding, an additional small cabin bag and dedicated bag drop desks, as well as the price promise. Easyjet's Flight Club is an invite-only scheme for aimed at frequent flyers who take around 20 flights a year - members get fee-free flight changes and free name changes.

The airline told it was making the changes in order to "further reward its loyal customers" who are part of the Easyjet Plus scheme. It also said "hundreds of thousands of Easyjet passengers qualify for Flight Club" - though invitations to those who are eligible are being rolled out over a period of months.

I booked before 21 Feb - how do I check if I'm due a refund?

Providing you booked before Tuesday 21 February and you haven't flown yet, you're still covered by Easyjet's price promise until the date of your flight. Here's how to check if you're due a refund.

  • Step 1. Check if the price has dropped. Compare the price Easyjet's website lists with what you paid. If it's cheaper, and there isn't a sale on, then you should be able to claim the difference. Don’t forget the final price you paid may include extras such as baggage, seat selection and a card fee, so factor that all in.

  • Step 2. Call to claim your voucher. Have your booking reference and flight details to hand, then call Easyjet customer service on 0330 365 5000 (as it's an 03 number, the call will be part of your minutes allowance or cost no more than a standard number). You have to call – you can't claim by email or letter.

  • Step 3. Use your credit voucher within six months, by phone only. The difference in price will be sent to you as an Easyjet credit voucher by email, usually immediately. However if you don't get it, check your spam folder. You'll then have six months to use it on any Easyjet flight – you'll have to call up when booking but Easyjet says you'll always pay the price it quotes online.

I booked on or after 21 Feb - how can I get the price promise?

If you booked on or after Tuesday 21 February, or make a future booking, you'll only be eligible if you're an Easyjet Plus cardholder or Flight Club member.

You can pay £170/year to join Easyjet Plus - see full details here. As well as the price promise, it confers benefits such as free allocated seating, dedicated bag drop desk and fast-track security checks.

Flight Club is an invite-only scheme for those who fly more than 20 times a year or meet other criteria, so you can't apply and will be approached by Easyjet if you're eligible. Invitations are being rolled out gradually, so not everyone who's eligible will get one straight away, but once you get one you don't need to do anything - you'll get the benefits, which also include free flight and name changes, automatically.

Easyjet says those booking on or after 21 Feb can do the refund trick even if they become a Easyjet Plus or Flight Club member AFTER booking their flight. This means if the price of your flight plummets after booking, in theory it could be worth joining Easyjet Plus and then claiming a refund - though you'd have to weigh up the hefty fee and the fact your refund would come as a voucher with a six-month expiry date.

Will the refund trick apply to future multi-person bookings?

Confusingly, this depends on which scheme you're a member of:

  • If you're a Flight Club member and you make the booking, everyone on your booking is covered by the price promise. 
  • With Easyjet Plus, only individual members of the scheme are eligible, not everyone on the booking. So if a family of four is travelling, the price drops but only one person is a member of Easyjet Plus, one that person gets the refund.

Source: Moneysavingexpert


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