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Alicante Airport have ceased night operations until April 2013
Saturday, December 22, 2012

 AIRPORT operater Aena has announced that Alicante airport will not handle any routine flights at night during the winter period and that the measure will stay in place until April 2013.

The shutdown, which came into force on Tuesday, will see the airport cease operation from midnight until 06.00 except to handle any delayed flights or emergencies. This means that the new terminal will be all but closed to the public as lighting and other services will be switched off to save money.

An Aena spokesman said that over the winter months there are no nighttime flights programmed so in order to cut costs the terminal will be closed at night.

This closure will also affect staff at the airport and some of them will either lose their jobs or have their hours reduced.
Ever since Ryanair and Air Europa started reducing their operations at the airport it has been haemorrhaging passengers.

This, coupled with the demise of Spanair, has caused a major economic loss to Aena, which refuses to budge over the use of the controversial air-bridges and passengers boarding on foot.

It has been estimated that by the end of the year the airport will have lost around 1.5 million passengers. 



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Patients to be charged for non-urgent ambulance journeys to healthcare centers
Saturday, December 15, 2012

 The Health Ministry is proposing a copayment system for non-urgent use of ambulances that amounts to five euros per trip.

The concept of copayment for ambulance use was included in an overhaul of the sector, approved by the government in April as part of its austerity drive.

The payment system is expected to be passed in the form of an executive order at the next meeting between the central government and the regions - which are responsible for healthcare in Spain - that is due to take place on Thursday of next week.

The text of the order, to which EL PAÍS has had access, sets the conditions that patients must meet to have access to transportation by ambulance, and the maximum amounts they will have to pay.

Patients will be asked to pay 10 percent for each ambulance trip

It establishes a base price for calculating the copayment of 50 euros, independent of the real price and length of the trip. Patients will be asked to pay 10 percent of that amount per trip. A return journey would, therefore, cost 10 euros.

The draft order defines three types of trip: the transfer of a patient from a health center to his home after receiving emergency treatment or after being released from hospital; those that are "occasional" and those that are "periodic" in the case of chronically ill people receiving, for example, dialysis or cancer treatment.

As with the copayment system for medicines, the order establishes a monthly maximum that patients will be required to disburse on the basis of their income. For those earning between 18,000 and 100,000 euros, the maximum payment per month is 20 euros. For those earning less than 18,000 euros, it is 10 euros, and for those earning over 100,000 it is 60 euros.

Source: EL PAIS 

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PLEASE SUPPORT ELCHE CHILDRENS ORPHANAGE. Papa Noel is going to be at San Pedro Marina & port 22nd Dec from 12 to give gifts to little children
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

There will be market stalls and music, Karaoke and special guest singers, hot dogs etc and much more.
We are raising funds to give to Elche Childrens Orphanage with our raffles etc.

So come and help some children get a lovely christmas.

For more information you can contact Peta on 966848333 0r 660270569.

Directions here

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Squeezing blood from a stone: Helen and Len Prior
Thursday, December 6, 2012

Readers may recall the tragic case of Helen and Len Prior, whose home was demolished by a bulldozer in 2008. Images of the demolition, the couple watching from the gate as their home was bulldozed, and the subsequent collapse of Mr Prior, made headline news in the British daily press, their case co-inciding with the collapse of the property bubble and the implosion of the Spanish housing market which followed.

Since that date, the Priors have become symbolic of the fight of thousands of ex-pats, who have been the victims of corruption and planning irregularities and have been fighting for compensation ever since. Auan is an organisation fighting on not only their behalf, but that of other expats in Almería who face the prospect of their homes being demolished and are trying to resolve the planning issues which hang over their homes, many of which have paperwork declaring them to be legal.

The Superior Court of Justice has finally ruled that Vera Town Hall is responsible for compensating Helen and Len Prior. But will they ever be paid?

Press release as sent by AUAN, 3rd December 2012

Helen and Len Prior's house in Vera was demolished in 2008, although it had all the correct building licences. Theirs is the only house to have been demolished for illegal construction on non-urban land in the Levante area, and it has sown the seeds of a judicial process which threatens to go on interminably in spite of the latest court rulings.

In 2009 the highest court in Spain, the Constitutional Court, ruled their demolition to be illegal and the case was sent for retrial even though the house was already demolished.

In 2010 the demolition order was re-instate. The court ruled that the Vera Council had issued the licence knowing full well that its intended use bore no relation to legal activity on non-urbanisable land. Vera Council tried to avoid responsibility, appealing this decision and blaming the Junta de Andalucía instead.

In November 2012, almost five years after the demolition, the Superior Court has finally decided, with no further appeals available, that Vera Council is responsible. Helen and Len Prior can now resume their compensation claim, which had previously been declared premature.

However, knowing who is liable to pay the compensation and actually getting it are very far apart.

Helen and Len have already incurred 150,000 Euros in legal fees. They lost their home and have suffered both physically and mentally for over four years. They continue to fight on.
If Vera Council say they have no money, how will Helen and Len ever be compensated?

Article in association with The Region of Murcia in English.
Source: RTN 

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