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Montefrio, one of the villages with the best views in the world
16 August 2016 @ 12:56

Last year an article in the National Geographic declared Montefrio, a village in the Granada province, one of the 10 villages in the world with the best views. This unexpected accolade was the beginning of an avalanche of tourists that has change the village forever, bringing tourism to the local businesses and revitalising what was a dormant Andalucían whitewashed mountain village.  [ Go to National Geographic article ]

The visual power of the landscape and architecture of Montefrío are stunning. The imposing monumental structure that forms the Arab fortress and the Iglesia de la Villa, located on top of a rock are quite striking. Furthermore, Montefrío is set in a location of natural diversity. From the road that links Montefrío with Íllora you can access the Peña de los Gitanos, a natural rock that is bordered to the south by the Sierra de Parapanda.

Montefrío is located in the northwestern part of the province, in the heart of the Montes Occidentales that form the central sector of the Cordilleras beticas mountain ranges, between the Sierra de Parapanda and the Sierra de Chanzas. Its district has one of the most diverse and spectacular landscapes of the region, where the areas of steep vegetation contrast with carved crop and olive fields.

The hilly area is ideal for walking and taking part in sports such as cycling, riding and climbing.


The climate of Montefrío is typically continental Mediterranean. During the summer months the town gets hot, into late 30, early 40 degree temperatures. The economy was mainly agrarian, with olives as the main crop, now however tourism is growing quickly. What was a relatively limited industry that revolved around agricultural processing such as oil and dairy products, has now all changed with new businesses and establishments opening up to serve the visitors. Near the town is a vast archaeological site known as Las Peñas de los Gitanos, famous for its prehistoric tombs and remains of Roman and Visgothic settlements.

Montefrio is an upbeat, friendly destination, ideal for those looking for a rural retreat, with lots of space and fresh air, but not to far off the beaten track that you can’t visit the coast, or cities of Cordoba and Granada.

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Falcón said:
16 August 2016 @ 18:33

The villages have lovely in Spain.
Personally , I don't know Montefrio but it must be wonderful.
The villages than I have visited in Spain are beautiful for their views, climate, food, and relax.
I love the villages.

Madura said:
17 August 2016 @ 10:40

Montefrio is around one hour 20 minutes drive from Malaga. 40 minutes from Granada and the world famous Alhambra The scenery is indeed unusual and stunning. On the approach to Montefrio, especially early evening It looks a bit like a fairytale. As well as Granada, with all a big city has to offer, there are surrounding villages to explore as well as 2 beautiful lakes around 1 hours drive. The main plaza has the Pregonero pub as well as 3 others a few minutes apart. They all still have free tapas. Buy a couple or 3 drinks and lunch is free. During the summer months the municipal pool is open. Recently renovated, with bouncy castle pool slide and baby pool, it is brilliant for family days out. It is also never crowded. For those interested in history! You won't be disappointed. Well worth a visit

Paul yates said:
20 August 2016 @ 08:10

I call it my village "Alhabia" is lovely but I will surely will visit Montefio. I love Spain

coolcat1951 said:
20 August 2016 @ 09:55

Thanks for sharing - I will definitely visit Montefrio!

DJF said:
20 August 2016 @ 10:45

Snow and minus 10 in the winter!!

Madura said:
20 August 2016 @ 18:24

Yep your about 900 meters up. And only 1 hour from the Sierra Nevada skiing. Only know of snow once or twice in last 13 years and it was a cause for enjoyment with local kids, lasted for a couple of days at the most. Winter days can be cold but most are nice. Minute sun goes down get the wood burner on. Scenery still the same though.

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