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New law: All foreign registered vehicles must be transferred to Spanish plates
25 March 2014 @ 11:12

New law: All foreign registered vehicles must be transferred to Spanish plates.

Foreign residents and those keeping vehicles in Spain for use will be obliged to register their vehicles in Spain, and with Spanish plates. Until now the obligation has been only to meet special tax requirements, but as a result it has proved difficult to fine foreign residents for road traffic offences.

This new requirement will apply to both residents and the owners of businesses in Spain, and to all vehicles which are to be used on Spanish roads other than those which are here for a vacational visit only.

Police can use a variety of ways to prove if a vehicle has been in the country for more than one month, such as checking insurance paperwork, ITV documentation and vehicle taxation records, so if you own a vehicle in Spain, it must now be transferred onto Spanish plates if it is to be driven on the roads in Spain.

Source: MurciaToday 

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robertt8696 said:
25 March 2014 @ 14:18

it will make little difference to the legal position as the EU directive already in force means that any vehicle used for more than six months in a different territory to that it is registered in needs to be reregistered in its country of use. (the same directive is applicable in the UK) all this means is that it will make it easier for the Police in Spain to enforce existing law, as it clarifies a rather grey area of the law

windtalker said:
25 March 2014 @ 14:24

is it only one month in Spain and then you have to register the car if is so what happens if you are a non resident touring Spain for 6 weeks or so or does this new law only apply to Spanish residents I am totally confused.

haydngj said:
26 March 2014 @ 11:23

Read the post slowly and all the post windtalked

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