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06 Dec 2018 15:25 by acer Star rating. 1365 posts Send private message

We own a flat in a mixed community, mainly Spanish - it's well run and all is good.  But we miss a good news channel in English - we can receive CNN, but that seems be largely Amercan oreintated and obsessed with Trump's failings (yawn).

So I asked the President, but after a few attempts without a response I then asked the Spanish property manager and just had this reply:

...the Spanish telecommunications regulations establish that the community antenna must provide the channels in Spanish, the others being at private cost...

Has anyone encountered or have knowledge please?  It sounds to me like balderdash, baloney or any other b word you can think of...

They are all nice people, but I just wonder if I'm being fobbed off!  The fact is that there is an English channel - CNN and a couple of French channels and a Russian channel!  I could pick up BBC World service but it is currently scambled.

Thanks for any words of wisdom.


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06 Dec 2018 15:41 by nitram Star rating in castalla. 165 posts Send private message

As you are aware there is no TV licence in Spain, Spanish law is that information must be available free, ie news etc .As this is a community TV ariel, dish or other types of  communication would come under a community element of the community. If there is enough people wanting a UK news channel, you could ask at the next AGM , But  as they allready supply a english speaking channel, any add on would be at the cost of the people who want it and not to the cost of the community. The same goes in Hospital (in spain) a NHS hospital will have Spanish tv, but a private hospital will have some other country news but never heard of one having any UK stations. So your property manager is correct i´m afraid.  


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06 Dec 2018 15:49 by angeleyes1 Star rating in Camposol & Bradford. 406 posts Send private message

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I suppose that could be one of the drawbacks of living in Spain where the language is Spanish. I once stopped in a 4 star hotel in Benedorm that had CNN and that was in Spanish. 

Perhaps you could get one of those smart TV internet boxes or a good book.

If your community is mainly Spanish I doubt they will have much interest in ‘’get me out of here’’ and ‘’Coronation Street’’.

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When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

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06 Dec 2018 16:11 by acer Star rating. 1365 posts Send private message

Thanks for your thoughts nitram. 

Personally I think it's generous calling CNN an English speaking channel - I recall that Saddam Hussein was a big fan apparently, it clearly has a wide audience, but not to my taste.

But yes I will find out the cost involved to propose something at the next AGM. 

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06 Dec 2018 16:49 by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1067 posts Send private message

Why not provide it yourself? You can get a dish fitted for a one off charge and then get all the Freesat channels with no more payments.

Loads of companies put up a small dish and rebroadcast them to you for a monthly fee which a lot will switch off whilst you are away so you don't pay all the time.

There are IPTV where you get the channels through the internet with a small box. Again, either a one off payment for setting up or a monthly charge from a supplier.

Quite a few options nowadays and plenty of relatively cheap boxes you can buy, just need someone who knows what they are doing to set it up in the first place.

I wouldn't think asking the community which you say is mainly Spanish to provide English TV for you at their cost would be the way to go.






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06 Dec 2018 19:31 by GuyT Star rating. 487 posts Send private message

We have a gaff in Extremadura. Some years ago I bought a small dish at Lidl (UK) for about £30. Brought it back to Spain, put it up and tuned it in...and instantly had about 200 channels of English speaking TV, including BBC, Sky, etc. My wife eventually got sick of me listening to it...said we didn't move to Spain to bring all that crap with us...and that I should learn Spanish. To be fair to her...while I can safely order a beer and menu del dia (after ten years), she is completely fluent. I suspect that since we got married our brains have somehow switched over by osmosis and I am now stuck with hers, lol. But I've never asked her if she can twerk.

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06 Dec 2018 20:18 by angeleyes1 Star rating in Camposol & Bradford. 406 posts Send private message

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Before Sky and the internet you had to have VHS or Betamax videos sent over. That was the only way you could watch songs of praise and take your pick.


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When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

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06 Dec 2018 21:37 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2559 posts Send private message

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Have a go at if you have the internet.

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06 Dec 2018 22:13 by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1589 posts Send private message

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Also worth looking at satellite internet & TV suppliers, such as Teleast or similar in your area.

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09 Dec 2018 21:21 by acer Star rating. 1365 posts Send private message

Apologies I didn't make it clear that the place is in a block of flats and my own dish would not be allowed, also there is meaningful internet connection.  We have a "dongle" that only provides a limited service for mobile phones.  It wouldn't cope with a TV.

Looks like I've got to go cap in hand to the President or Property Manager and offer to pay the additional cost myself.  But very much appreciate the suggestions.

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10 Dec 2018 08:05 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5241 posts Send private message

Acer When I had a satellite dish installed on 2002 the installer said under an EU Directive one had the Right to receive news broadcasters in one own language He installed the dish. No problem. A couple of years later a friend who had installed a dish was told by the admin of her block that she had to remove it. I spoke to the admin and said there was a Directive (I was unable to quote the directive ) they allowed the dish to stay Just in passing: I am sure you are aware that one cannot ‘legally’ receive BBC, ITV, Sky etc, outside UK. Just between you and me though thousands of us do just that and although we may get cut off I don’t think anyone has been penalised, Yet !

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10 Dec 2018 08:24 by angeleyes1 Star rating in Camposol & Bradford. 406 posts Send private message

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It is not illegal to receive BBC, ITV, Sky etc, outside the UK, it may be against the broadcasters terms and conditions. How are you going to get cut off? Cut off what? You cannot cut off free to view.


When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

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10 Dec 2018 12:03 by baz1946 Star rating. 2177 posts Send private message

Could be another load of rubbish the EU has put out....If you leave we shut your BBC down.

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10 Dec 2018 12:43 by angeleyes1 Star rating in Camposol & Bradford. 406 posts Send private message

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It has been put about for ages by the remainders having had their strings pulled that Sky will not be allowed to broadcast to the EU after BREXIT, just the same as pork pies and custard creams will become illegal.

When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

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11 Dec 2018 13:50 by CostaBlade Star rating in Riviera. 115 posts Send private message

Johnzx is correct, under Spanish/EU law you are allowed to receive TV in your own language, but at your own cost, the community has no obligation to provide you with TV in your own language. You have the right to have a satellite dish placed on the roof of your buildings or where ever the community recievers are, but at your own cost.

In our community (I am President) we always allow this, with a multinational ownership of apartments we have space on the roof of our buildings where all the various sat' dishes are placed, Just as an aside, we always supervise the work as some installers have been known to move some recievers which disturbs the signal for whoever owns that dish.


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11 Dec 2018 15:28 by baz1946 Star rating. 2177 posts Send private message

If you are British and speak English what other language would you want to recieve on a dish for your own enjoyment, and that took some EU dicbat to work that one out.

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