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21 Jan 2022 5:52 PM:

I'm surprised this read is still going, the post from ads in October last year says it all:

your question relies upon an effective reporting and monitoring system in Spain which to all intents and purposes appears non existent.

So all manner of abusive behaviour, non compliance, inefficiencies, manipulative practices are sadly going unreported. 

But this doesn’t just relate to law firms compliance but also banking compliance. It’s a major problem and in some instances is even impacting the rule of law. (an extract)

In Spain you have to be pragmatic or you'll end up foaming at the mouth.  Too many folk expect standards to be the same as UK.  In general they are decidedly less professional, less thorough etc but take comfort from the fact that again generally, the fees they charge are also substantially less!

Thread: How to complain about poor service from my lawyer

20 Jan 2022 11:21 AM:

Kavanagh, Yeah - I reckon they pinched the idea from some of the test centres in Spain.  On one occasion I was given the certificate literally within a few seconds of having the stick poked towards my nose.

Thread: Tests4You - Bad experience

17 Jan 2022 12:44 PM:


I reckon the Chinese shops would go bust if they were to have such a policy.  I invariably regret using them, but still do.   In fairness I use one on Camposol occasionally who have been reasonable.  For the others the magic word seems to "Denuncia".

I believe the new legislation is intended to apply to domestic electrical goods.  Manufacturers must provide a 3 year warranty foc.

In practice it's probably wider than UK and removes the hassle.

Thread: Tests4You - Bad experience

16 Jan 2022 12:51 PM:

That's good to hear.

I understand that there's now a mandatory 3 year guarantee that has to be provided on all new electrical goods sold by retailers in Spain.  Up until now the "guarantee" has been wrongly used as a limitation of consumer rights.  This might make it more difficult for retailers to walk away from their responsibilities.

Thread: Tests4You - Bad experience

16 Jan 2022 11:40 AM:

Finally managed to submit the Lateral Flow Test, despite the barriers imposed by Tests4You.  Some of the of questions seem absurd - NHS Number, Ethnicity, Flight & Seat numbers of flight, URL, test package booking ref, dates of first and second jabs - these were just the ones I recall when I filled in their second form with the test, which was in addition to the first set.

A lot of people, chemists and tennis players will no doubt just use the number they provide to complete the Locator form and not bother with rest, which is rather selfish and defeats the object of the exercise - so the £150,000 plus deaths in UK will increase.  All a bit crazy.  Covid will be around for a while so we need to be a darn sight more realistic.

Thread: Tests4You - Bad experience


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