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15 Jul 2019 15:07:

Nothing major, but gradually taking shape.  I really like the cafe on the ground floor, where you can sit outside if you wish. 

The speed limits on the run in from Fuente Alamo make you laugh, it changes from 60kph to 80kph must me 20 times some within 60 metres of each other, than back again - weird, but...this is...

Thread: Corvera airport

06 Jul 2019 14:56:

True they have little power but they will have influence with the Police, if they are involved.

We own a property on a very Spanish urbanisation where the internal rules ban the use of the communal swimming pool in the early afternoon, for the benefit of the locals having a siesta.  We tend to ignore it, along with others, but also ensure that any guests we have know to keep the noise down for that period.

If the community rules are breached and a complaint is made to the Police I believe they are entitled to issue a fixed penallty fine, not that I've ever seen this happen.

Thread: What Power do the community Magament have

30 Jun 2019 19:51:

You seem to delight in making unfriendly posts Jarvi - is there a purpose behind doing so?

It's good to hear different opinions - that's what this forum is about.


Thread: Who should be next UK PM?

22 Jun 2019 09:46:

I've been concerned by the sudden shift to the right of the Tories, but perhaps this is just the leadership hopefuls playing to their closed audience.

I've never voted for Labour or UKIP/Nigel Farage in my life, but I'm now hoping there is an early election as this will in effect be a "yes or no" on Brexit.  So a bit of democracy rather than us being ruled by Tory dogma.

Yes the downside is Jeremy and his clowns for a while, arguably less worse than Farage, but in the longer term this will be less costly than the alternative.

Thread: Who should be next UK PM?

12 Jun 2019 14:46:

Throughout his political career Boris has said what he believes people want to hear - other than his occasional spontaneous comments where puts a size 10 in his mouth.  The word "buffoon" is too kind - as PM he will be a nightmare and destroy any lingering remnants of UK's fading credibility, or worse.

Thread: Who should be next UK PM?


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