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10 Jul 2024 4:51 PM:

Have the lunatics taken over the asylum? sad

Thread: Check your passport signature!!

12 Jun 2024 8:00 PM:

I'm not sure you'll get a response on this forum other than from Maria Castro - who occasionally provide good advice. 

For me it sounds like one to avoid - presumably the price is cheap?  But it sounds very odd to me, surely the community has assets - roads, communal land?

Thread: Community of owners not set up

10 Jun 2024 10:33 AM:

Thanks for yours averagestudent.  People usually tend to recommend places in their own "backyard"  - I'm no different.  I lived close to Valencia 20 years ago on a golf course near Chiva and got to know Valencia quite well. 

So I'm probably a bit bias, although I've been back there frequently and still find new fascinating places.  Recently I stayed at a small central location over the new year - the New Year firework display at the ayuntamieto square is a great place to celebrate the New Year with lots of people.  But in recent years the Valencians are now following the other big cities and charging silly prices for simple meals at that time.  But it was still a great experience and not a problem if you plan accordingly and eat away from the tourist areas and book in advance

Of course we want different things.  But in terms of cities, it's not exactly "off the beaten track" but I like Murcia city too - it doesn't begin to compare with Valencia, a whole lot smaller, but a great place to visit for a few days (particularly the cathedral area) and remains lively out of season.


Thread: Barcelona or Madrid

09 Jun 2024 1:19 PM:

I don't know Barcelona that well, but visited there a few times...and that's probably it.  It is far too touristy, but there's also a culture of ripping off the tourists - I had an incident each time.  All displaying a lack of any respect for the tourists. 

An example was in a seemingly good recommended restaurant named Quatre Gats (4 Cats) or something like that) but a rarity occurred for me - the bottle of wine was awful, it had corked.  So I had to call the waiter, who reacted in a manner that was as sour as his wine.  He returned with a replacement bottle that he thumped on the table and  immediately disappeared...however, it was exactly the same as the previous one, completely undrinkable and not cheap either.  A pity, the food was good, but no-one likes being conned - by his manner I have no doubt the guy knew what he was doing.

I prefer Madrid to Barcelona, but the climate there can be too extreme - in my opinion Valencia is far far better than both of them.  It's got everything, lot's of different areas with fabulous, shaded parks which are great for long walks, futuristic buildings, with scientific themes of interest for all ages, the best tapas and paella, restuarants and food places galore, indoor food markets, botanical gardens, massive golden sand beaches and a good metro system and trains which come right into the city.  In my mind the other two cannot begin to match Valencia.

Thread: Barcelona or Madrid

25 Mar 2024 6:21 PM:

Holmome 7980 - as you say it's absurd that the bank wish you to travel all that way just to close the account (they maybe just quoting their rule book. 

Personally I reckon you've made your intentions clear, so I wouldn't bother.  The Spanish tend to be pragmatic folk so I doubt if they really expect you to do so either.

Perhaps a short email to them suggesting they just close the account and donate any surplus funds to a local charity?

Thread: Closing a bank account with Cajasur Bank


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