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11 Jul 2022 6:30 PM:

Almonster, there's an expression about "leading a horse to water..." that springs to mind.

Many solicitors in Spain are "crap" - that is the basis of my advice to you.  It is premature to use the “hojas de reclamaciones” route - you hardly have the basis for a complaint - this is the norm in Spain!  Is there anything in writing to base your accusation on?  I doubt if you'll get taken seriously.

You cannot expect a result without at least a little effort. 

You may well lose your complaint - will you label them "crap", "fraudulent", "corrupt" etc too?  I would hate to think that your solicitor will profit from your misguided assessment.  You need to follow the procedure I outlined - including being reasonable and polite to the solicitor.   

What happens if you lose your complaint case?   Will you still expect your solicitor to assist you?  Will you still label them "crap", "fraudulent", "corrupt" etc too?  You may well wave goodbye to your 3%, or have a lot more hassle - which would effectively be self inflicted.

Thread: Emailing the Agencia Tributaria

11 Jul 2022 12:16 PM:

Sorry I cannot answer your question - but are you sure that's the route to go?  This is the solicitors job.

You say ..."My solicitor won't hassle them"...that's absurd!  How long do they reckon you should wait?

I suggest you put the request to your solicitor in writing to let them know very clearly that you're not going away.   Perhaps start with phone calls and emails, of course being easier - but escalate to letters if you don't receive any reply.

Then regularly remind and confirm each of the conversations in writing, noting personnel, dates etc. - always logging the eta they give you of your cash in a non-confrontational manner.

Solicitors have been known to receive the 3% which lingers for a while and then mysteriously disappears.  Some solicitors in Spain are highly professional, others are not - regulation exists in name only.  Too many folk assume they all have UK standards - a big mistake.

Thread: Emailing the Agencia Tributaria

03 Jul 2022 11:05 AM:

Bert Weedon!  A blast from the past!  Never quite sure why his stuff was so popular - I think my Mum gave me one of his tutorials which I've probably still got amongst the far more used sheet music from the Stones, Beatles, Black Sabbath et al.

You're right tteedd, after learning the basics on a Spanish acoustic I bought an electric which was a lot more fun and spent many happy Sunday afternoons upsetting the neighbours with a few friends.  We tried to mask the lack of musical talent by being loud with extreme levels of distortion - Bert Weedon would have also been appalled.

For sure it's "horses for course" it doesn't do any harm to learn the chords to a few tunes.  In my mind this is best done on an acoustic.  But you soon find out if you have any musical ability, perhaps enough to spend larger amounts of money to go electric.   I did anyway and don't begrudge that, it was good fun.


Thread: Best Guitar for Kids?

01 Jul 2022 12:16 PM:


Your negativity is even more fervent than usual.   Sure it's a bit of a long shot, but it's far more constructive to believe in the old adage "if you don't ask, you don't get".

I imagine 80 or so years ago Hitler and his Nazi cronies might just have been starting wonder what might happen to them if they didn't win.  This is a great message to send to all evil murdering despots. 

I've signed the petition and hope many others do so too.

Thread: International AVAAZ petition

10 Jun 2022 1:04 PM:

Baz & Kavanagh,

Many thanks for your replies - I will certainly try those email addresses.  I do like everything like this confirmed in writing - preferably w/o the hassle of writing a letter.

Up until this year I've insured my property in Spain in the UK for two main reasons - any dispute will be heard in a UK court (so English law applies, which is massively more favourable to the consumer etc) and the Spanish policy wordings are long winded and ghastly to read (they follow a very old format).

This morning I've read through my new Linea Directa policy - assisted by 3 cups of strong coffee.  I used to write articles in the trade sector, mainly on commercial insurance, but you get to know what to expect.  The new home insurance in Spain is a considerable surprise, not all bad. 

The English translation is very good, but I could still write a lot on concerns, but I don't believe that would be time well spent - nobody generally takes these things seriously, until a large claim arises.

My biggest concern was the "proposal/information form" which the insurer had opted to complete on my behalf.  This contains several errors which could prejudice a future claim.  Some of the replies were their making guesses on my behalf (how they decided I had "0" bedrooms is curious!).

In fairness, the Linea Directa household insurance wording is far better than the previous one I read in Spain - it is a professional document with little jargon.  The sheer length - a lot of it of modest importance is not good  Also their system is not at all user friendly and the 34 printed policy may be a challenge.  But for sure you need to check the 2/3 typed schedule and information attachments.

I'm not intending to be patronising by this post - just reminding folk of the possible pitfalls of the Spanish insurance system, which if you view the write-up on the Trust Pilot website have caused problems for Brits, some of whom may have been too trusting.  Of course, in Spain there is little consumer protection.


Thread: Linea Directa


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