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26 May 2020 12:37:

Maybe Tallante will be a bit quiet for you also.  Isla Plana may be worth a look, as is Bolnuevo, both on the coast, so more pricey, but great places to live. Puerto de Mazarron is between the two and gets a bit lairy in the summer, but superb restaurants and beaches. 

There's masses of pleasant villages in that area, plus there's Mazarron Country Club and Camposol, two urbanisations where lots of Brits particularly live - 15 minutes or so north, so away from the coast and substantially better priced.  Have fun!

Thread: las palas

26 May 2020 09:22:

You're right Ayrez, Las Palas is not an attractive town, from distant school days it might be described as "lineated settlement".  The long main drag is quite narrow and there's not much in the way of good looking features or gardens that I recall. 

In that area I would recommend Tallante, certainly a more attractive place and has an "up market" village feel with an excellent large restaurant which seems a focal point of the community.   But I don't know it that well and not sure there's  much in the way of basic amenities.

Thread: las palas

23 May 2020 12:15:

Las Palas - is a pleasant place, largely Spanish, but some other nationals including Brits.  A very quiet "sleepy town" place, even more so in winter, but there's more going on than you might think if you just drive through.  There are a few smaller factories/warehouse complexes tucked away which are the central area for employment of the surrounding area.  And it's close to the AP7 motorway, so it's not that isolated - easy drive to Cartagena - 15 minues?  About the same to the new airport and also Camposol and Mazarron Country club and the beaches at Isla Plana and La Zhoria etc - so in a way it's very central - but not actually that close to much!

In Las Palas there are a few restaurants and bars, plus a few close by and a social centre.  But not much in the way of shops.  I don't believe there's any bus servive so you obviously need your own transport.  Property there is very well priced, some would say it's "off the beaten track", but great if that's your thing.

Thread: las palas

29 Apr 2020 14:51:

Exactly right vis a vis insurance, Arroyoarry, with your comment..."Obviously, insurance whilch is valid in a long term unoccupied property is essential".

Steve67, you must tell the insurers that the place is empty.  You should do so in writing and obtain their acknowledgement, best in writing too.  They'll probably restrict cover and impose security requirements.  The risk of damage caused by sqatters won't be covered.

Doesn't sound that attractive sad, but at least you know what to expect.

Thread: Apartment shutdown

04 Apr 2020 08:53:

Why?  Because you and a small number of other nitwits are ruining EOS.

Thread: Ground floor damp


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