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19 Jan 2023 2:07 PM:

It's not just lawyers, I reckon it's generally the case with banks, Insurance bods, local authorities etc and many institutions and large companies where there is a high volume of customers and personal contact.  Too often there is a complete lack of respect for the individual, compared to expectations experienced in northern Europe.

On the other hand I'm never ceased to be amazed by the truly obvious desire to provide an excellent service by local retailers and contractors, "blue collar" workers in Spain, who invariably provide excellent value for money.   You have to wonder if these good people are at all influenced by the fact that their customers have a choice!

Thread: 3% retention tax rules

18 Jan 2023 7:23 PM:

This will probably depend on the personal detail and influenced by your current situation in the UK.  The link provided by Kavanagh may help but you may also try your local support group in the UK who are likely to have more experience.

Thread: MS driving in Spain

18 Jan 2023 7:13 PM:

Hi Andy family,

So sorry to hear the problems you've had,.  It's often a matter of luck and the individuaks within the firm you get to deal with in Spain - sounds like you've drawn a few short straws and your solicitor seems a bit "sleepy town"

I suggest you've probably two options: 

1) leave it for a few months, just remind your solicitor. or

2) find a good local gestor who'll do the chasing for you.  They seem to be a unique breed of professionals in Spain.  Invariably they are firms of street wise forlk that happily undertake mundate tasks like this and generally charge only modest fees for doing so.  You are probably best off with a gestor that is local to the property and recommended.

Of course it should be the solicitor who should do the job - I would certainly give them some stick.  Using a gestor should be unnecessary, but solicitors in Spain are a very mixed bunch and there seems a need for some pragmaticism.  

Good luck


Thread: 3% retention tax rules

06 Jan 2023 8:18 AM:

It's not difficult to take up refrences and "interview" prospective UK tenants to minimise the surprises - but impractical to follow this practice on a short term Spanish rental.

I also bought a flat in Spain for the sole purpose of renting it out but never did.  I never fancied short term rents, too much hassle and risk, but discovered the longer term rents available were very poor.   When Brexit came aong I sold it pdq - and glad I did as Covid would have cost me a lot.  Too much risk w/o any real chance of making a reasonable return.

Thread: Advice on Buying a property

05 Jan 2023 8:34 AM:

Thanks for yours Catesby.  It's very much personal choice, but having examined the potential costs against the realistic revenue it really wasn't worth the hassle - and there is lots, including now licensing by the local Town Hall.

Yes "zero" can be the word.  A lot of would be renters throw in the towel after one or two seasons after being disappointed by the experience.  The market is different to renting under an AST in the UK.  Lucrative long term lets are few and far between - you are reliant on one or two week bookings and building up a customer base of recommendations and returns, so you have to be good.

In the UK, paricularly in the south, you only need to break even to be on a good chance of a long term financial gain, but not so in Spain in recent years.  Property prices seem likely to stay static for many years more.

So I prefer to spend my time in Spain enjoying the place rather than fannying around cleaning up after other folk!

But let us know how you get on.

Thread: Advice on Buying a property


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