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02 Mar 2024 1:24 PM:


Is there an update you can share?  

I would be interested to know if you progressed matters when you have a moment....

Thread: Bad Community - Conflict of Interest

28 Feb 2024 4:44 PM:

Average student - you say "Worrying about mold during winter time is reasonable, especially if you live near the sea." - no, this your comment re mould is doubly awry. 

You will not suffer from mould, if the property is of modern sound construction and heated and ventilated whilst occupied. When it is not to be used for a few months it needs to be fully aired before you close it down - for example don't shower and lock-up immediately before you leave!   I've found owning a property right on the beach/coast makes no difference - never had a even speck of mould.


The vast majority of Spanish property is excellent, but a small amount is intended for summer tourists, often cheap "single skin" construction. which is a different matter - so don't buy it!

Thread: Does anyone regret their holiday home purchase?

18 Feb 2024 1:23 PM:

janiceross - yes, similar to me on several counts, including the Costa Calida choice.  A few years ago I bought a second property - a small, quite lovely flat as an investment, but then liked it so much decided not to rent it out, but then sold it when Brexit came along, making a small profit.

I pondered renting, but I'm happy staying non-res and reckon there's too many risks and hassle to make it worth while.  If you're not a resident you obviously need to emply help, so just not worth it, but each to his own - but perhaps I'm getting lazy.

Thread: Does anyone regret their holiday home purchase?

13 Feb 2024 11:51 AM:

Emerald6273, I found MarieDav’s reply to you very is very useful, but I’ll try to add to it.

Regrets? No, even though the timing of our last purchase was not good.

Yes 14% purchase costs and taxes is a realistic budget – ongoing taxes tend to be far less than UK and there seems to be a move to keep them that way.

Property prices vary massively – choosing the right place/Region etc is obviously key.  Never buy in a hurry!  

Locations adjacent to the coastline usually attract a premium of 30/40% or more, but against that they can be a better investment and easier to sell.

A UK based professional firm like Spanish Tax forms provide an excellent service/advice for income tax – charge around £30 or so pa.

Renting out in Spain is not simple – lots of hassle, expenses and hoops to jump through to do so legally.  Possibly best not to rely on any income expectations, unless you really know otherwise.

Mould should never be a problem if you buy a solid modern well constructed property and use common sense.  When I was an employed person I often left our place empty for most of the winter without any issues whatsoever.  But there is an absence of meaningful building regs in Spain, so caution is needed, particularly with new builds.

You reasonably ask about the possible negative features, but there are loads of positives not raised.  Invariably the most vital depends on your selection of the property – location, location, location etc.  Very much including being in the community (or not!) that suits you. 

As time goes on we’ve gone “more local” and found we eat better food and drink for a fraction of UK costs – and also learnt how to minimise other costs – eg our electricity bills are also a fraction of what we’re used to.  Also the labour costs are often stunningly cheap, so building and maintenance costs are often surprisingly well priced, yet with generally good expertise, pleasant people and work ethic.

The exception being certain “professional” sectors where agents, banks, solicitors sometimes have lower standards than you might expect.  They can see their role more of being just a functionary, part of the system, rather than providing meaningful advice to their client.

I hope the above is a useful addition and not patronising – some items cannot be over emphasised.

Good luck!

Thread: Does anyone regret their holiday home purchase?

12 Feb 2024 10:21 AM:

Is it not simpler to delete the first lot and then re-do putting the photos the way intended? 

Thread: Photos


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