Record Breaking Year in Tenerife

Published on 5/15/2019 in Spanish Property

Tenerife, with its year round climate, stunning natural beauty and myriad of attractions has always enjoyed incredible appeal, however the island’s Tourist Board has reported record breaking visitor numbers for the first 4 months of 2016.  With an incredible 1.8 million visitors flocking to the sunshine island this is an increase of a full 10% on the same period of 2015 and the highest for the period since records began.  

Tenerife, due to its geographical separation from mainland Europe has not been affected by the recent and ongoing migrant crisis in the Mediterranean and has been hailed by many as a safe alternative for those looking for year round sun at the end of a short haul flight and yet, as part of Spain, offers the security of still forming part of the European Union and these factors have combined to make the destination more popular than ever.

Tenerife has worked hard in recent years to invest in high-quality tourism with the construction of many new 5* resorts and attractions and re-modelling of much of its tourism infrastructure and has succeeded in upgrading its image to attract more and more foreign visitors.

The increase in visitors has also been coupled with the rise of the, already strong, property market with nationals from all over the EU and beyond choosing Tenerife as the perfect destination for a second home or for relocation to warmer climes.

Brits have had a long standing love affair with this paradisiacal island being the nation with most visitors to the isle year after year and yet one of the largest increases in visitors during the start of 2016 has been among British holidaymakers.  

This has also been reflected in the local property market with British nationals returning as a major buying power in the Canary Islands and Tenerife in particular and whilst the surprise of the Brexit vote may have delayed some peoples decision making process about buying a second home anywhere in Europe, once the uncertainty dies down we are confident that Tenerife will still remain top of many Brits list for a holiday home. 

In general terms one of the most positive signs of increased confidence in the local property market has been the return of the pre-construction and new build market.  Whilst, for many years, foreign buyers in particular were nervous of investing at the start of a long term project this has seen a significant shift with many buyer’s now specifically requesting off-plan and new build projects.

Clear Blue Skies has been a major selling force in the local market for more than a decade and one of the factors of our continued success even during a global recession has been our diversity and our adaptability.  With an international staff covering 8 languages  and with advertising sources both close to home and far afield we are always working towards covering new potential markets and to adapt to changing local, national and international trends.

Tenerife is consistently improving as a holiday destination and with so much to offer, the demand for property can only continue to grow meaning that this could be a record breaking year for Tenerife in more ways than one.

Written by: Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

About the author:

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L. is an International Estate Agency based in Playa Fañabe in the South of Tenerife. Visit for latest properties for sale.

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