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25 Mar 2021 20:35:

Ley 7/1985, de 2 de abril, Reguladora de las Bases del Régimen Local. Jefatura del Estado «BOE» núm. 80, de 03 de abril de 1985 Referencia: BOE-A-1985-5392

Every person who lives in Spain is obliged to register in the Municipal Register where you usually reside.

The set of people registered in the Municipal Register constitutes the population of the municipality.Those registered in the municipal Register are the residents of the municipality.

Article 16.

1. The Municipal Register is the administrative registry where the residents of a municipality. Your data constitutes proof of residence in the municipality and address. The certifications that such data are issued will have the character of public and reliable document for all administrative purposes.

In this case, it must be periodically renewed every two years in the case of the Registration of non-EU foreigners without permanent residence authorization.The elapse of the period indicated in the previous paragraph will be cause to agree on the expiration date of registrations that must be periodically renewed, provided that the interested party had not proceeded to such renewal. In this case, the expiration may declare without the need for a prior hearing of the interested party.

2. Enrollment in the Municipal Register will contain as mandatory only the following

- Number of the valid residence card, issued by the Spanish authorities, or

failing that, the number of the identity document or passport in

- Foreigner identification number that appears in a document, in force, issued by the Spanish authorities or, failing that, because they are not holders of these, the number of the valid passport issued by the authorities of the country of origin

3. The data of the Municipal Register will be transferred to other public administrations that request without prior consent of the affected party only when they are necessary for the exercise of their respective powers, and exclusively for matters in which the residence or domicile are relevant data. They can also be used to elaborate official statistics submitted to statistical secrecy, under the terms provided




2. The registration of foreigners in the municipal register will not constitute proof of their legal residence in Spain nor will it grant them any rights that are not conferred by law in force, especially regarding the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain.


Thread: Padron Update non EU Citizens

25 Mar 2021 15:46:

We are all aware that we have to be registered on the Padron. 

We are all  familiar at sometime with the Local Police knocking on your door and asking who you are to verify who you are and householders who are on the Padron.

Owing to Brexit and an update of Spanish government  Departments, 

It seems that the Auyuntamiento(in our Town ) are contacting owners to go and REGISTER on the padron, i say Register, we have all done this before as EU citizens , now we are third world country citizens there is a different form.


I know if you Google translate the above it may come out as non residence, it actually means non EU person this was asked at the counter.

It seems these days the police may not come knocking at your door people have receive a letter or like us had a phone call late Saturday night to go and register.(in our Town )

When and if called to re  register you must take passport your TIE card

Thread: Padron Update non EU Citizens

17 Feb 2021 19:42:

Maria and if everybody doe´s not have access what happens then pleas 

Thread: Community AGMs

18 Jan 2021 16:25:



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Thread: What is going on now in general in Spain?

26 Dec 2020 18:27:

Yes Correct 


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Thread: Irish passport


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