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30 Jan 2020 12:16:



ON December 14, 2018 the Spanish government approved a Royal Decree which modifies the Law of Horizontal Property and the laws for rented property, especially property rented out as tourist accommodation

this will bring some welcome changes for many owners in residential communities currently unhappy about the sharp increase in neighbouring  properties being rented out as short-term tourist accommodation. Understandably, many owners but not all, feel a fundamental incompatibility between their own often quieter home lifestyle and the thrills, spills and noise generated by the carefree, often stay-up-late tourists on holiday. 

Previously in order for a community to impose any kind of restriction on an owner’s right to run their house or apartment as tourist accommodation, the law required a unanimous vote of approval from all the owners, a 100 per cent agreement.


The new decree includes an amendment to the unanimous requirement by reducing the majority needed to pass a motion of this nature to just three-fifths of the owners, owning three-fifths of the properties within the community according to their community quotas. Quotas must always be shown in the minutes on all votes 

Meaning this reduced majority is now able to set limits and change the conditions for tourist accommodation at any general meeting of the owners far more easily.

This includes limiting or prohibiting properties being used as tourist accommodation in a preference for residential occupation and also increasing the community fees by up to 20 per cent for properties rented out as tourist accommodation. 


Thread: extra fees for rental properties

28 Jan 2020 15:45:

Having our AGM in a couple of months and going to a vote about adding 20% incress for rentals.

Could somebody lead me to wear i can find relevant HPL Section i can refer to, you all know about AGM/EGM´S People want to know where it came from i have had a look at HPL but cant find what section it´s in 


Thanks in advance 

Thread: extra fees for rental properties

02 Dec 2019 11:12:

You get your digitil certificate from Suma, wife and I  did ours only took 10 mins, dont understand travelling twice to London. As people have said no experts on this forum only a expert will sort this out for you good luck


Thread: Can someone help me please with a witholding tax reclaim via 210

01 Dec 2019 16:08:

Despair  Have you thought about coming to Spain and getting a Spanish Fiscal rep like most people do  ¿, being Autonomis we would not dream of doing such complex paper work ourselves, 

Thread: Can someone help me please with a witholding tax reclaim via 210

14 Nov 2019 16:34:

HPL States . Community fees are based on you couta per particapation so yes will go up, Sure others on here will give you more details, but in the mean time look at Horizontal Property Law

Thread: Fee hike without warning - legal?


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