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22 Oct 2021 4:52 PM:

Welcome to a Community of Owners i´m afraid..


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Thread: Owned Roof Terraces vs Uso Privitivo

16 Sep 2021 10:32 AM:

If after a meeting of a CPits agreed that the community will not allow tourist rentals it would show in the minuets and you produce them

Thread: Blocking a rental license

15 Sep 2021 6:43 PM:

With regard to free charges it´s something you would have to prove i suppose.

On a different topic when we had our meeting it came out that 1 of our owners (holiday home) stated that they are taxed on the assumption he would rent his property out and is taxed this way.

Prior to October 2020, a Community could claim all back dated community fees, the law now  fromOctober 2020 you can now only claim a maximum of 3 years back fees.

In our case not thousands of money but money anyway, last year a owner owed 400 euros community fees , as i said before our fees are very small 20, 15, euros a year (in  the begining we did have a Administrator paying 80.00 euros a year but we now self administrat hence low fees and hardly no expensises inscurance mainly) if we did not take action before the new law all we could claim for would of been 60.00 euros they would of got away with not paying 340 euros hence court action, forgot to say all we have paid out for is a Burofax of 35.00 yes if not paid we will have to have a Lawyer but if you do it correctlly, you make sure that All fees will be paid for by the Owner.

Thread: Blocking a rental license

15 Sep 2021 4:14 PM:

Following our vote last year on not allowing for property to be rented out to Tourism that includes by law Family, Friends and others,(unless having a licence Valencian Law) plus owing to new Law stating you can only claim 3 years backdated community fees, I as President and voted for by the community took action against  a owner . We do have very small fees about 20.00 a year and outstanding fees is 400.00. We sent a Burofax 35.00 euros to owner who is not here but had to start ball rolling. After the time period of not paying  we had to submit paper work ie minutes, to court, this being ALL previous mettings over the years where fees has not been paid, all notifications to owner all recorded letters etc   Owing to events over the last 18 months we new that their was not going to be a rush . I went into the court 3 weeks ago and find out up date, very helpful staff, informed me Guardia had been around and no contact with owner, call today from court to say the same and now they will put it in the BOE  Notifications, where they will have 21 days to pay Community fees, what happens after that we dont know yet, but court said when owners do come out contact them and they will send Police around again

Thread: Blocking a rental license

15 Sep 2021 1:49 PM:

As i said below as we have done this with a owner ,Part of geeting a licence is that you must prove you have Community Consent. 

Thread: Blocking a rental license


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