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Soy... un hombre

Sobre mi... UK Police Officer for 30 years, retiring as DCI. In Spain for 30 yrs. 20 years working with the police as authorised voluntary translator and advisor.

Vivo en... Spain

Trabajo de... For past 22 years working with National Police as a voluntary translator and adviser/consultant , assisting the public and persons arrested with crime reports, completing paperwork, interviews and generally assisting with advice.

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03 Mar 2024 10:16 AM:


Just to clarify that 

Any who is not a Spanish national can make a Will in Spain which will be administered under the inheritance laws of their country.

Thread: Power of attorney

01 Jun 2023 3:05 PM:

Extract from 


What if I cannot afford a funeral? - If you cannot afford to pay for the funeral the the local Town Hall can provide a paupers funeral this grave is only available for five years, after which the body will be moved to a common grave. To organise this you must speak to your local Town Hall.

Thread: Funeral Plan Sellers

25 Nov 2021 11:21 AM:

Quote.  "So the bit about keeping the distance as short as possible don't count then?"

That's sensible advice but it's not the law.

Thread: Car problem

24 Nov 2021 4:29 PM:

Take a look here 



This is an extract: "The law makes no mention as to how far you can go for an MOT."


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Thread: Car problem

11 Nov 2021 10:14 AM:


It's all here 




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Thread: Property revaluation


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