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16 Nov 2017 09:37:

If you want to draw a large amount they may insist that you pay for a security guard which is what I was told when I asked the same question

Maybe things have changed, but about 8 years ago I withdrew just over 100,000 euros in cash from my bank to pay for an apartment for my son.   He was with me and was horrified that we took that much money to the Notary’s office

The only thing the bank did was to allow my son to count the money at a desk out of view of the customers. No suggestion of a security guard.

I am not suggesting what we did was wise but in those days cash was king when buying a property.

Thread: Rip off charges by Caixa Bank !!

16 Nov 2017 08:01:

Cristo    That is nothing new.  I first became aware of a 0.5% charge over 25 years ago but that time I was able to negotiate the charge down to 0.25%.  Note: That is 0.5% on the whole amount being transferred with no upper maximum limit.


About 5 years ago I had a sterling investment account with Sol Bank .  It could have been Euros, UD dollars etc. account and would have been the same.   The first year the interest rate was very good and the staff were very friendly and very helpful, nothing was too much troible.   The second year the rate dropped to almost n nothing.

I searched for a better rate with another bank. 

Knowing the possibility of the 0.5% fee I tried very hard  to find any way that I could transfer the deposit without incurring that fee.   The bank, up to HQ level,  were adamant, no way.  There was absolutely no way to avoid the charge. The staff were not in the slightest intereted in helping me,  unpleasant and even agressive.

Eventually I made the transfer. The fee was just over £800.


NB    Sol Bank was subsequently ‘absorbed’ by Sabadell.  So be very aware of all banks scewing you, especially Sabadell


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Thread: Rip off charges by Caixa Bank !!

08 Nov 2017 13:13:


I am asuming here that step one is to get the NIE number which the lawyer needs the POA for, the the authority for the bank etc but again this can be done at the Town Hall on the same day

Typo:     NIE's are issued by National Police not town halls.   

 But if one insists the police can do it the same day.  You may need to ask for the Complaints forms though. (I speak from experience).





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Thread: Can't complete on time. Can the contract be extended?

02 Nov 2017 11:55:

Hi Terry,

If one is relying on savings,  as opposed to income, the minimum levels are :-  Single person 5,136.60 euros, a couple  8,732.22 euros.

( necessary Income would be : single person € 366.90 p.m. couple € 623.73 p.m.)

If the savings are not in a Spanish bank you may need to prove in Spanish, using a judicial (official) translator, that you have such a balance. 

If  you ask in your local extranjería, they will tell you what they will accept

I know you have  a SIP card which you need to prove medical cover

You do not need a Padron certifcate.


Best of luck



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Thread: residencia

25 Oct 2017 18:03:

I do not know that area, but take a look here






Thread: Residency


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