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Sobre mi... UK Police Officer for 30 years, retiring as DCI. In Spain for 30 yrs. 20 years working with the police as authorised voluntary translator and advisor.

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Trabajo de... For past 20 years working for National Police as a voluntary translator and adviser/consultant , assisting the public and persons arrested with crime reports, completing paperwork, interviews and generally assisting with advice.

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20 Jul 2017 18:13:

Just a point about going private in Spain

Some years ago I went with a Spanish friend to see a consultant privately.   My friend had a breast removed some years previously following a cancer diagnosis.   I wanted to pay for a reconstruction.  It was just as a kind act.  I thought it was better to help someone personally than donate to an established charity.    (Years ago in UK  I investigated a couple of charities. I will say no more ! ).

The consultant  if she had the operation privately and something went wrong then I (she) would have to pay for all follow-up medical expenses  as the free health service would not assist.

I decided  I did not want to take on a possible lifetime commitment.

The good news was that shortly after by chance, or I suspect an intervention by the consultant, my friend was contacted by the El Servicio Andaluz de Salud (NHS Spain) offering her the reconstruction free on the health service.


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Thread: Spanish health care versus NHS.......No contest

19 Jul 2017 18:43:


If it was accidentally damaged it will almost certainly be claimable on your property insurance.

On a couple of occasions when my son's apartment has suffered similar damage,  I have contacted the insurance broker and they have undertaken the whole job and paid for it.

Thread: Are there any glaziers on Condado de Alhama or campasol please

19 Jul 2017 18:32:

Just to add to the confusion.

In my town the Valor Cadastral has remained exactly the same since it was revalued maybe around 2004,  Certainly for quite a number of years.


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Thread: Form 210, cadastral value, and calculating taxable base - 2.0% or 1.1% ?

13 Jul 2017 16:02:

Has anyone ever wondered why British productivity is one of the lowest in Europe and lags 5 points behind that of Spain?

Is it because Spain lie about almost everything ?

Example. Long term unemployed and school leavers, who have never had a job, are not included in the unemployment statistics

Just a thought!

Thread: So This Is Why The Spanish Are Lazy

13 Jul 2017 15:11:

Hay. I     have seen the same doctors and consultants in Spain,  both within the health service and privately,  so I guess not that different from UK.   Except that in Spain I have found in the Health Service I can often be in and out before my appointment time when I arrive early, whereas privately it is the norm to be kept waiting around at least an hour after the appointment time.

Thread: Spanish health care versus NHS.......No contest


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