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Soy... un hombre

Sobre mi... UK Police Officer for 30 years, retiring as DCI. In Spain for 30 yrs. 20 years working with the police as authorised voluntary translator and advisor.

Vivo en... Spain

Trabajo de... For past 22 years working with National Police as a voluntary translator and adviser/consultant , assisting the public and persons arrested with crime reports, completing paperwork, interviews and generally assisting with advice.

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27 May 2020 07:35:

I know a couple of people who work as volunteers assisting children in Mijas who are studying English.  They went to a government office in Malaga.   I would think a google search will find the process on the Internet 

PS. I just did a search. This may help :-


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Thread: Certificates of Registries and Legalizations (CRyL)

27 May 2020 07:26:

In spain all Wills are registeted centrally.

The ogininal is held in the records of the notary before whom it was signed, not a by a lawyer.

Thus I see no reason why you need to use a particular gestor / solicitar, or maybe even one at all.  Of course most people use a gestor or other professional as they do not feel capable of doing everything themselves.



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Thread: Death of Owner - UK Based

09 May 2020 21:00:


I suggest you ask CAB.
They USUALLY get it right 

Thread: Registering as EU citizen

09 May 2020 18:00:

You can make  a POA (poder) in UK for  use in Spain.

Along the same lines, I did that and made some sworn statements before a notary in Spain for use the Phillipines

Thread: House sale

09 May 2020 17:55:


It is 183 days in Spain not Schengen

183 days in a Calendar year:  I have never questioned what that means in law.  However, it might be that as a calendar year in Spain coincides with the tax year, one may be able to spend a total of 182 in say 2019 and then another total of 182 in 2020


Myra Azzopardi  of CAB Spain said yesterday in a broadcast on TRE Radio Europe, that if people are forced by the lockdown to stay  longer than permitted, say over staying a visa period, 90 days, etc. the authorities  will ‘forgive / ignore´ it

Thread: Registering as EU citizen


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