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Sobre mi... UK Police Officer for 30 years, retiring as DCI. In Spain for 30 yrs. 20 years working with the police as authorised voluntary translator and advisor.

Vivo en... Spain

Trabajo de... For past 22 years working with National Police as a voluntary translator and adviser/consultant , assisting the public and persons arrested with crime reports, completing paperwork, interviews and generally assisting with advice.

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05 Oct 2019 17:14:

Ads.  That would many of the ways of sussing out them out.   Once fiound,  asking the neighbours how long a person has lived there is a simple check. As is the postman. They know a lot about who lives on their round

Thread: Transferring pension to spain

03 Oct 2019 18:32:

As Kav says.   No problem.  

The DWP transfers pensions to countries around the world, so if U.K. leave the EU no problem. 


Thread: Transferring pension to spain

25 Sep 2019 14:30:

" I think Karen is trying to find out if she will have to pay imputed income tax on her property in the UK, when and if she becomes tax resident in Spain."


I thought you answered that question very clearly, as you invariably do,   in your post at 17.37 on 23rd.




Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

24 Sep 2019 17:59:


Extract from:- http://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/tax-and-pensions/property-taxes-for-non-residents/

You pay this version of income tax in Spain if the following conditions apply:

1) You do not reside in Spain,

2) You own property in Spain,

3) The property is exclusively for personal use and you do not rent it out,

4) You have no other source of taxable income in Spain.

Although you do not earn an income from the property, in the eyes of the Spanish tax authorities you still derive a benefit from owning a property in Spain and therefore have to pay an imputed income tax.


Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

24 Sep 2019 09:24:


Of you maybe right and hacienda will not be concerned.  However as the poster owns a house in U.K. and if considered as tax resident in Spain was obliged to make not only tax returns, pay imputed tax on the U.K. property and declare it on 720, they just might be interested.

I am pretty sure you are aware that  not declaring an asset on the 720 carries a minimum fine of 10,000 euros,  ‘a nice little earner’ for hacienda 

extract from;-


“Sanctions under Modelo 720 law include, among others, a minimum €10,000 charge on incorrect declarations and an additional 150% penalty on unpaid capital gains. In some cases, taxpayers have faced large fines for just minor errors or omissions in completing the form. With penalties being so disproportionate to those imposed for other defaults (such as late submission of Spanish income and wealth tax returns), the Commission claims it is discriminatory and in conflict with EU freedoms. “


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Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK


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