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19 Aug 2019 20:02:


In 2014 was the last time I was knocked off my bicycle in spain. I discovered that the insurers for my car, Liberty, included a service which covered my claim for the bike accident.

i also discovered that being retired was not a bar to claiming personal injury damages.  previously it had been. I was thus entitled to so much a day for each of the 32 days I was unable to to ride my bike and do other things which had been normal in my life.  That was of course in addition to my claim for the couple of hundred euros damage to my bike 

I can’t say the insurance company’s lawyer was all that good but I pushed him and got second level, per day allowance.  Thus the 974 euros initial offer was increased to over 74 euros a day, so totalled 2,400 €.  My injuries were not all that severe 

good luck, john 


PS Under Spanish law in an accident between a cyclist and a car, spanish law will almost always decide the cyclist was not to blame.  

PPS this info might help https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/indemnizacionporaccidente.com/dias-impeditivos-y-dias-no-impeditivos/amp/

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Thread: Personal Injury Lawyers

13 Aug 2019 18:07:

Thanks Javi.

 You will have noticed I did say "The exchange rate on the day cannot be beaten ".

 I know if I waited and watched the market, as you do,  then I could achieve a better rate, but I would need to factor in the charges made by the exchange company.

I did speak to an exchange company a while ago, to see if I could improve on the rates I get,  but they said, on the day, they could not equal the DWP,  who get the very best interbank rate possible at the time of the transaction.

And as I said, because my pension is transferred to my Spanish bank account I qualify for free banking.  With the direct transfer from DWP the bank can see where the money comes from so no potential arguments.  

I also show the amount credited each 4 weeks, in euros,  when I make my annual tax declaration, and again no possibility of AEAT (Hacienda) misunderstanding the source of the transfer nor the exchange rate used for the income declaration.

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Thread: Transferring pension to spain

13 Aug 2019 16:07:

I know everyone has what they believe to be the best solution.

I have a crown pension paid to U.K. account as I do not need most of that money in spain.   My DWP pension I have paid every four weeks directly to my Spanish bank account    The exchange rate on the day cannot be beaten and my bank make no charges on my account because the pension is paid into it.

I occasionally use my Nationwide visa credit card in spain.  Again I get the best exchange rate and no charges.

Anyone doing better that that ?





Thread: Transferring pension to spain

12 Aug 2019 08:56:


Thanks for your comment.  

Of course I know you know that many people seeking help often do not know the subject very well so going beyond the confines of a thread might be useful to them, as it might too for others who are just browsing 

thanks again pal 


Thread: IBI tax on property

11 Aug 2019 17:07:

Ads     Johnzx

Found this which appears quite an educative guide ( dated June 2019)

Thanks,,that´s a fairly simple guide but as far as I can see there is no mention of tax to be paid by residents, on all properties they own worldwide,  other than their primary family home

That also includes say a space in a comunial garage or a trastero, if they are not on the same escritura as one´s main home.


My example was :-   If one is tax resident in spain, and has say a house in uk which is not let, then imputed tax must be paid on that UK property, to the tax office in spain. I know, I pay a couple of such taxes. 


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Thread: IBI tax on property


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