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26 Mar 2017 13:50:

Ads there should be a SWIFT AND SUPPORTED lawful method to evict


I am sure we all go along with that but what should one do in the meanwhile (when we are NOT holding our breath) waiting for such a law ?


26 Mar 2017 09:57:

I realise  this is unlikely to be appropriate in this case but just for info.

A Spanish friend of mine who has been letting for a number of years goes the  property when the offending  tenants are out, changes the lock, packs the cases and puts them outside, then he waits until they return and tells then to ‘go away’.    If they call the police he says no problem because the fine is very small and that way he has got rid of the offending tenants.  That has only happened a couple of times. 

My friend has a few convictions on his record so he is not worried about another one.


23 Mar 2017 09:30:

This is the latest advice being supplied by the police in Spain to residents and visitors:-  

Keep hold of your handbag and protect your wallet on public transports and in crowded areas (street markets, shows, performances. etc...).

Take care of your camera or video camera in amusement or recreation areas.

Take only essentials when you go to the beach or a swimming pool.

If you are using a vehicle, lock any valuables out of sight.

As far as possible, avoid isolated or badly lit places.

Beware of suspicious offers of " help" ("help" with stains on clothes. " problems" with your car, etc).   Thieves know clever tricks to steal from you.

Do not take part in gambling or buy "bargains" in the street. It will nearly always be a confidence trick or a swindle.

At your hotel or apartment
Do not leave keys, money or other valuables lying around. Make use of the safe.
In communal areas (reception, restaurants, swimming-pools) cake care of your luggage and personal belongings (handbags, cameras,  etc).

If you are a victim of crime and need immediate assistance, ask for help by calling 091 (Police).

(NB you  cannot make a 'Crime Report' to an officer in the street)

Reporting a crime: 

Most police stations do not have an interpreter service,  but you can supply the initial information by phone by calling  902 102 112 (several languages are spoken) after which you must go to a  National Police Station nominated by you, it may be anywhere in Spain, to sign the report and pick up a copy.

We really do care about your SAFETY !



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Thread: This is the latest police advice to visitors in Spain:

21 Mar 2017 10:00:

Lisa.  I got the impression you are

not at present in Spain. That was why i posted as I did.    If you are in Spain my advice will

be slightly different

Thread: Property Purchase has gone wrong!

20 Mar 2017 16:16:

Lisa there is a mountain of information  here about how to use the complaints forms (hojas de reclamación)  which I suggest would be the way to precede:


But I cannot find an English version.

If you do not have a digital signature then it appears you may need to submit the complaints from to an office of the Junta de Andalucía.  So a problem if you are not in Spain.

Maybe someone will suggest a better way.

I have used the system successfully several times but I live in Spain so have dealt directly with the establishment I was complaining about. It works very well when used that way.

Good luck


PS  here is the English version of the form : 



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Thread: Property Purchase has gone wrong!


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