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Sobre mi... UK Police Officer for 30 years, retiring as DCI. In Spain for 30 yrs. 20 years working with the police as authorised voluntary translator and advisor.

Vivo en... Spain

Trabajo de... For past 22 years working with National Police as a voluntary translator and adviser/consultant , assisting the public and persons arrested with crime reports, completing paperwork, interviews and generally assisting with advice.

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03 Jul 2020 14:59:

Just on the point of cancelling an insurance policy 

I asked sanitas if we could cancel a policy which is paid quarterly.  They said it could only be done at the time the policy comes up for renewal, which is 7 months away and that we were required to give at least one months notice.

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02 Jul 2020 17:44:

 I have a state retirement pension from uk and 'free to me" health cover which DWP  pay spain £4,700 a year.  I have an EHIC  issued by DWP

Re "Spain will be your new home / country of residence anytime you visit the UK after January 2021 as a Spanish Resident you will need private health insurance in place to gain access to the UK NHS..."

When I am back in UK I get free health cover as a right. 


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Thread: New member seeking advice

27 Jun 2020 10:52:

Sorry guys.  

For those who did not understand that when I said, " if HMRC discover that happening "   I did not give a name other my own.

 Had I not asked HMRC what the tax situation was in those circumstances,  someone would probably have questioned how did I know what I was saying was correct.  


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27 Jun 2020 07:37:

Maridave I do not understand how when you pay tax on your CP in uk you are not taxed on your OAP in spain as you will have no tax allowance in spain because your allowance is exceeded in uk.

My CP is taxed in uk but I am taxed on my OAP  in spain, where my total taxable income is less than my 'tax free allowance' of 8,100 plus allowance for my wife, 

Two friends, both with a CP, who more or less have the same income as me, pay very little tax in Spain. They use the same gestor as me so not a mistake by the gestor.  I recently discovered why.  

Neither have informed HMRC that they live in spain so are taxed on their CP and OAP in uk.   In spain they declare the totals of their CP and OAP, as crown pension income in uk.  

I have spoken to HMRC who confirm when they discover that happening, they stop taxing the OAPs and inform Hacienda who take action for failing to correctly declare.

I suspect my friends are not alone in evading tax in that way.





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Thread: Residents

12 Jun 2020 16:44:

It's all here in english too



Thread: non residents tax murcia


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