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08 Aug 2022 6:50 PM:

Our neighbours recommended us a handy little Android app (which I have no connection with) called Precio Luz Espana. It lists the hourly electricity rate for today, at about 8pm you get the next day's rates and you can also see the previous days. Quite scary really when you look at the prices and funnily enough, the cheaper times aren't when you would think they are, although I suppose it encompasses siesta!

Thread: Electricity prices

06 Aug 2022 6:17 PM:

We were with Endesa but appear to have been moved to a subsidiary Energia XXI. Their website doesn't show much in the way of tarifs. Will have to dig a bit deeper.

Thread: Electricity prices

06 Aug 2022 10:32 AM:

Didn't know you could get one, is that the same as a fixed rate in the UK? I suppose that ship sailed long ago though and prices have risen the same as here. Only being used 3 or 4 weeks a year at the moment, I don't suppose it matters that much, but definitely worth looking into.

Thread: Electricity prices

05 Aug 2022 9:24 PM:

We let some friends use out apartment for a week telling them to pay the cleaning charge and our costs. electric for 7 days, wow!!! They reckon the air con wasn't used, so I may visit in the winter!!

Thread: Electricity prices

05 Jul 2022 9:18 PM:

So it's happened. Monthly payment has gone up. Not a huge amount this time, but it is the beginning of a slippery slope.

Thread: ECB rate increase


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