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07 Dec 2021 9:54 PM:

Got my reply:

"The tax is higher this year because the Cadastral Value of the property has been raised by the Administration."


Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

05 Dec 2021 6:42 PM:

We have just had our non resident tax taken from our bank, somewhat early as it normally doesn't go until the end of December!! Lukily, the funds were in the bank to let it be processed. Now, I expected there to be some increase due to us being a 3rd country now, but it has almost doubled!! Whether this is all 3rd country related, or if we are now having the payment adjusted because our mortgage is now decreasing and we theoretically own more of the property (which has decreased in value dramatically), i'm not sure until I get a reply from our solicitor.


Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

19 Nov 2021 8:24 PM:

I buy sovereigns from them in the UK, so a reliable company. Not sure how it will work for you in Spain though. ATS Bullion are reliable too, and sometimes a bit cheaper.


Thread: Any major complications for brits in Spain purchasing gold?

14 Nov 2021 1:00 PM:

This happened to us too. We contacted our insurer (Liberty Seguros) and they did all the necessary work in our apartment and made repairs downstairs too.

Thread: Making an insurance claim

16 Oct 2021 7:34 PM:

Thanks yes

Thread: Banking in Spain


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