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12 Feb 2021 18:38:

Juan: Because when I checked last night I was getting better value for money from Xe that TW was offering.

Thread: Starling Bank Euro Account

11 Feb 2021 22:04:

So that'll be the TW Multi Currency account? Looks interesting. I never got around to changing my direct debits to Starling luckily. I see the TW account can also receive Euros, so I think it may be possible to still send the account Euros from Xe.com as all my calculations still make them cheaper than the others, then have the Spanish bills paid from that, or am I being a bit too simplistic?

Thread: Starling Bank Euro Account

07 Feb 2021 21:30:

I think you have a genuine complaint regarding the misinformation being given about insufficient funds. There is no excuse for that, I would be interested to know what information they based that reply on. A lot of banks have dedicated pages now about IBAN discrimination, they all seem to say the same thing though, it is the orignator's responsibility to ensure they have the correct information from the customer to supply to their bank, which appears to be be a full UK address now for GB IBAN numbers. If the local Ayuntamiento doesn't want to amend their forms, there isn't a lot that Starling can do about it and as we all know, Spain does things the way/ timeframe it wants to and not necessarily the right way. It is good news that Liberty Seguros now acknowledge they were in the wrong and collecting, hopefully others will follow rapidly.

I must confess, I was getting ready to change my direct debits to my Starling account so I could close my Sabadell account, bu this has made me stop in y tracks for the time being until things are running a bit smoother. I did pay my non res tax last month from Starling by bank transfer and the money didn't come back to me, so the hacienda aren't refusing cask from GB IBAN numbers.


Thread: Starling Bank Euro Account

06 Feb 2021 23:38:

But it isn't Starling that are practising the IBAN discrimination, and it is the requesting authority's bank which is not notifying its customers how to collect GB IBAN funds. I'm not sure how a complaint to Starling can solve the issue as they are not doing anything wrong? Did you get the email from Starling this week?

"A few of our euro account customers have recently run into a couple of issues with euro payments.

Although the UK isn’t part of the EU anymore, it’s still part of the Single European Payments Area (SEPA), which means you can still make SEPA payments from your euro account. However, some banks and providers are now treating British bank accounts differently, resulting in a few potential issues:

When you make a transfer, your payee’s bank might take a fee

We’ll never charge you to make or receive euro payments from your euro account. But some banks in the SEPA zone might charge when receiving a payment from the UK. Sadly these types of fees are beyond our control, as they’re likely to be in the terms and conditions your payee agreed to with their bank.
Some companies may say they can’t set up a direct debit with your Starling details

As always, you can use your Starling euro account details to set up direct debits in the EU – but since Brexit, some EU companies have been claiming they can’t be used for this purpose. That’s not true, so if this happens to you, here’s what to do:

  1. First, make sure that the service provider – for example, a utility company – has the right UK address on file; the one that’s registered to your Starling account. Let them know that your Starling account supports SEPA direct debits and that they now need to send your address to their bank in order for the direct debit to work.
  2. If the provider still refuses, and says it’s because the IBAN contains the country code GB, they’re committing IBAN discrimination, which is against the law. You should raise a complaint with the provider and read up on your rights in our blog post.
  3. If you don’t get a satisfactory response to your complaint, you can report the alleged breach to the relevant competent authority.

We’ll keep you updated if anything else changes.

Team Starling"

The blog post mentioned is linked here.

edit to add: Although I see the email is almost identical to the answer you posted previously.

This message was last edited by Marksfish on 06/02/2021.
Thread: Starling Bank Euro Account

31 Jan 2021 00:58:

IBAN discrimination is apparently illegal, but it is down to the banking entities to inform their customers in the change of requirements for payments to be made.

Saw this post that says Transferwise is still having direct debits taken as they use a BE IBAN.

Thread: bank charge for money transfer


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