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14 Nov 2022 8:32 PM:

If a part was replaced, you should have been offered the manufacturer of the products guarantee. If that is longer than the original car warranty it should be replaced/ repaired but you would have to pay the labour charge.

Thread: New Car Warranty….rights

02 Nov 2022 10:27 PM:

We had a leak from our apartment into downstairs. We did the responsible thing and asked our insurers to contact our neighbours to restore any damage caused. It happened twice as they didn't do the job correctly first time. No major damage to the neighbours, but our apartment floor was up for 6 weeks as they started the work just before August!

Thread: Legal

30 Sep 2022 7:59 PM:

My Platinum rewards card free ATM withdrawals ran out last month. I have been able to change to the Rewards card now, which also has free overseas ATM withdrawals (so long as paid by statement date). It's not jusyt good in Spain, but worldwide, so well worht a look smiley


Thread: Barclaycard, no ATM fees

29 Sep 2022 8:31 PM:

No experience of it, but it looks like a similar scheme to PAYM in the UK. Google shows a few of the big players using it.

Thread: is Bizum safe

24 Sep 2022 12:09 PM:

I've been with Liberty Seguros for the last 5 years or so. Pretty well priced and paid up promptly when I had a leak. I use Salt's Bay in Torrevieja as my broker, even though i'm down by Mojacar.

Thread: Home Insurance


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