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08 Nov 2020 19:58:

We don't hear much about how covid is affecting other countries so much these days. Sometimes a brief mention on the news, but not considered newsworthy. Back in March, we were flooded with how bad it was in Spain and Italy, but not so much now. People in the UK complain about the lockdown (I am still travelling for work as an engineer, so it doesn't really have an impact on me), but from what I can see of Spain, they are very severe. Andalucia has gone into further measures tonight, reading the Vera Facebook page, closing from 6pm with the 10pm curfew. The N332 page gives lots of useful information on what is happening in other areas of Spain. 

It seems to me as a bystander that the countries who had more severe lockdowns aren't faring that much better infections wise than the UK. How are you finding it where you are?


Thread: Differing lockdowns in different countries

03 Oct 2020 16:17:

I hope the latter is right. Our community unfortunately, seems to have some stubborn debtors and we are due many 000's of Euro. The administrators aren't very successful in recovery of the large debts for some reason, but are quick to chase if you are a few cents short of a payment when the amount changes sad.

Thread: Community Debts

03 Oct 2020 13:02:

Trying to make sense of it. Does it mean that debts are written off ater 5 years, or that a community has 5 years to begin a pursuuit of payment?

Thread: Community Debts

30 Aug 2020 21:15:

And this is why the TV license is out of date and needs scrapping. While UK residents have to fund, what is in reality, only 1, allegedly impartial business model, expats are looking for ways to circumvent the system. If the BBC became subscrption, or paid its way with adverts, there would be no need for all this cat and mouse palava.

P.S. You've already started one thread about this, it would have been better to just bump it up.


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Thread: Catch Up/On Demand TV programmes

22 Aug 2020 16:36:

We had one a few years ago, sold it to raise the deposit on our Spanish apartment smiley. We had a hard wired installation on the patio which ran to an isolator on the wall, not a 3 pin plug and run off its own RCD and breaker in the dis board. We used chlorine granules and paper filters. It was all quite eay and simple to look after and when finished, we had a big thick polystyrene cover to help keep the heat in. Ours was a 4 person, 3 sitting and 1 lying down. It wasn't overly expensive to run, but electric was cheaper back then. That said, they have probably become more efficient since then anyway. They do produce an awful lot of "steam", especially when cold outside, but you can' beat sitting outside with a beer and watching the snow fall smiley. We keep threatening to get another one, but would now need a crane to get it in the back garden.

Cleaning wise, the chlorine does most of the work. If you make sure people don't get in with sun lotion or other greasy make up and stuff, it keeps it cleaner longer. Make sure your wife doen't drop a bottle of red wine in there either!! You won't necessarily notice it after a water change, but the filters always dry pink afterwards.

This was ours.


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Thread: Hot tub - Jacuzzi


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