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21 Sep 2016 19:41:

In the past, I have successfully reclaimed money from my credit card company on goods purchased via Paypal, because PP do not abide by the rules that other merchants have to. The credit card company will just retrieve it from Paypal (there is a t&c in the Paypal sign up that says you are in breach of contract if you go down this route and they can pursue you or close your account). I do not keep a balance of any sort on my Paypal account so I can prove when I make a payment it is for the goods I have said it is for. You can have a bit of a fight with your card company, but at the ened of the day the consumer credit act overrides any T&C's written by a 3rd party.


Thread: Spanish credit cards

31 Aug 2016 20:44:

I spoke to someone today who has recently returned from Spain,. He said to give M D air conditioning in Albox a call.as they are supposed to be good. They will quote for a new system, or will give you a genuine brekadown of any issues with your existing set up. If a Key Mare property, they are renowned for shoddy finishing!!

Don't have a phone number unfortunately.


Thread: Cost of New AirCon Vera Playa

17 Jul 2016 21:48:

Of course, you are correct Tadd, that is what I should have said, but....

Mainland Europe is predominantly Christian and most of the laws are made along the lines of this religion. India is Hindu or Sikh religions and their laws are shaped around these religions. Israel is Jewish, their laws centre around that religion. You abide by the laws of the country that you are visiting/ living in, which usually are shaped around whatever is the dominant religion.

At the end of the day, all the religions say basically you should be nice to each other, not steal and praise your lord regularly. Some people in all religions take a radical interpretation of what their religion stands for and how it should be worshipped. Take christianity for example. Back only a few hundred years ago, we were barbaric, just look at how the catholics wrere treated by the church of England. Spain had the Moors and the Christians dispute. All in the name of religion.

I remember when I was younger and the IRA were running their terror campaign, any Irish person was treated with suspicion. When I joined the RAF in the 80;s, I was lucky to miss a IRA bombing in mainland Germany by a week. I was not allowed to travel to Ireland to visit my(then)  girlfriend's family because of the paranoia surrounding the IRA and other groups. A whole island of people were villified because of the actions of a few. Then you had the segregation of Catholics and Anglicans. Today, it is not as tense as before there are still tensions bubbling under the surface.

We have a similar situation now, where a group of people are being judged by the actions of the few. Problem is, no- one in those communities appears to be speaking out very loudly about the wrongdoings, so it appears that they are complicit with what is happening. On the other hand, are these people just as scared as we are?

Religion.... Ban it in my opinion. It has caused more wars around the world than anything else.



Thread: Terrorism and Religion

17 Jul 2016 21:04:

Thanks for that. I lost the will to live reading the Brexit thread, so didn't see that smiley

Thread: Does Terrorism unite or divide us?

17 Jul 2016 13:31:

Religion appears to be the most dangerous organisation in the world. Whether you be Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim, it all boils down to a magical person in the sky and what beliefs your religion has. 

There are radicals in every religion who read the scriptures differently, how do you stop that? Every religion has something along the lines of "you shall not worship any other god", so does that mean that we all need to exterminate each other because our god is better than yours?

I don't think different religions can co- exist harmoniously because they can be so different, so if you go to live in a Jewish country, you have to live by their rules. If you live in a Christian country you follow their rules.

I am not a believer, but terrorism still affects my daily life.


Thread: Terrorism and Religion


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