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26 Mar 2021 22:07:

Yeah, I go with Baz on this....if you can afford it aircon and ceiling fans in every room....with a timer to switch off after an hour when you go to bed....if you wake uo too hot then re-set the timer.....rinse and repeat.

Thread: Air Conditioning V ceiling fans, or both ?.

13 Mar 2021 19:44:

Lots of reasons one would want a UK mobile....people in UK are perhaps reluctant to call a Spanish number because of potential costs....in my case I have a cheapie Spanish mobile (Llamaya) for local use....which doesn't seem to work outside Spain...my UK (giffgaff)  phone fields calls very cheaply and I have no problems topping it up (£10 every few months)  from a UK bank card, of which I have a few...using a UK address.

Thread: Mobile phone

09 Feb 2021 13:33:

I ought to be doing something constructive, according to the reader over my shoulder...but it's been bucketing rain here in La Vera, Caceres....for the last couple of weeks.

@superd.....in a friendly way, I also find your enquiry "strange" in the light of your asking about Spanish property eleven years ago.....yet recently writing "Buying / choosing a property in a country you know nothing about seems a daunting task."

That's the strange bit....being interested in buying in Spain for at least eleven years that we know of, yet saying you still know nothing about Spain.....

Anyay, I wish you the very best of luck in running to ground a property that makes you happy. But you might have to make more effort, lol. As my schoolteachers used to write on my reports "Could Try Harder". Again, good luck.

Thread: Property Finders - worth the money?

20 Jan 2021 16:40:

My wife and I have a Nationwide FlexPlus account which costs £10 a month to service and allows us to draw €1 000 a day (€500 each) from most ATMs at Visa Exchange Rate (comparable with Transferwise) with no other charges/fees/costs. We keep Euros in LaCaixa for direct debits, otherwise use cash for everything. I find the less I have to do with Spanish banks the better.


Thread: bank charge for money transfer

27 Dec 2020 09:42:

@windtalker. "I take it you are aware that the southern Irish passport will not get you free health care in the EU ... unless you have paid into the Irish DWP system for a minimum of 15 years"

This implies that Irish citizens who have not paid into the system for fifteen years cannot apply for an EHIC. How do youngsters manage? I am surprised if this is true....but live and learn.

Thread: Irish passport


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