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13 Aug 2019 22:47:

"I do know Spanish beef is reared indoors and is dry fed."

** EDITED - Against forum rules **. There are lots of Spanish farms that not only rear grass fed beef, but raise grass fed oxen...they rear them for up to ten years before slaughter. 

I buy chuleton steaks from my local butcher (Candeleda, Castlle y Leon) that are all grass fed and from around five year old animals. It costs around €35/kg. The north of Spain is famous for good beef.

** EDITED - Against forum rules **

** EDITED - Against forum rules ** UK beef is fed overwhelmingly on grain...with the odd ten minutes in pasture.




This message was last edited by GuyT on 13/08/2019.

This message was last edited by GuyT on 13/08/2019.

Thread: Buying Beef

09 Aug 2019 14:32:

I seem to remember from a few posts year ago...that Brit (RHD) motor homes couldn't be registered in Spain because the door to the home would open into the road. Worth checking up on.

Thread: Motor homes

05 Aug 2019 16:31:

You could sink a borehole. You risk about €8k - €10k if they drill down 100 meters but don't find water. If they do find it, it will cost another $5k or so to install a submersible pump, line the hole, put a tap on the top, etc.

Ask around for a local "pozos y sondeos" company. They will send someone out who can tell you who they have drilled for nearby, what the result was, and what the cost will be.

Thread: Water

11 Apr 2019 21:25:

OK...all has been revealed. The friend...who is 78...finally got the "new NIE form".

I said "Let me have a look....hmmm...it looks just like my NIE...what's the difference between this and your old form?"

"What old form?"

The friend has been living in Spain for 28 years (her husband died two years ago). She has, she swears, never had an NIE form. She was given her NIE all those years ago but just wrote the number down. Neither she nor hubby have ever been Spanish residents...back to UK or Switzerland hubby Swiss) for medical treatment. They have bought and sold umpteen properties and cars. She held down a job in Madrid for a few years. I suspect hubby had an NIE form. So, no wonder her bank manager eventually asked to see her form.

She was flying even further beneath the radar than she knew, lol. Thanks, John & Maria for trying to help. As Donald Rumsfeld said, it's the unknown unknowns that tend to be the difficult ones to answer.


Thread: NIE new form

10 Apr 2019 09:20:

Hello again; I wonder if anyone can throw light....a Brit neighbour has been told by her bank manager that she needs a new form to go with her NIE. It seems to be a form confirming that her passport, NIE and address are all current & linked up. She, in turn has spoken to another friends who confirmed this requirement... they wouldn't renew her IVT without it. She has been told to make an appointment at provincial police HQ (Caceres in our case) and take passport, NIE, padron, etc. Does anyone know what this form is called? M gracias, Guy

Thread: NIE new form


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