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31 Oct 2020 19:44:

I have done a few newbuilds and renovations in Spain (and UK). Renovations cost far more than newbuilds....and with renovations you always have to make do with the limitations of the building you are renovating....while with newbuilds, once having found your plot...you have a blank canvas. eg, we renovated a small 100 sq m agricultural building...just digging out the earthen floor, laying foundation and tiling it cost around €15k ...same story replacing ancient roof, etc, etc...ended up spending €80k on tarting up a small casita....whereas we could have build a far better new one to our own spec for €50k. If you can buy a ruin on a good plot cheaply..close to or in a town...then tear it down and start from scratch.

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20 Oct 2020 22:32:

@Windtalker..."l finally sold it (on Camposol) last week for €125,000"

Funnily enough my wife and I were driving around Camposol this afternoon....on a long zigzag route from Extremadura  to Alicante for a week. We sidetracked on the road from Calasparra and Mazarron to have a squiz....and Camposol looked fine....a bit heavy on the Spanish balustrade & wrought iron vernacular....but otherwise a good place to corral Brits away from their Iberian counterparts. We drove past one place marked "Sold"... I wonder if it was yours, lol. Anyway, good luck!

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14 Oct 2020 11:39:

It sounds absurd. The FCDO (FCO no longer exists, since last month) have a "legalisation office" that oversees apostilles. Why not give them a buzz and ask for a common sense solution?

"Contact the Legalisation Office if you need an update on an application or if you have a general enquiry."

Legalisation Office
Telephone: 03700 00 22 44
Monday to Friday, 10am to 4p


21 Aug 2020 16:39:

"This means you would have to apply for a short-term visa to visit Spain and be limited to staying up to 90 days in any 180-day period."

This is complete rubbish and speaks volumes for the knowledge and integrity of Blevins Franks.. There is nothing to suggest that UK passport holders will need visas. If, for example, the passport holders of Albania, Nicaragua, Paraguay, South Korea and many other countries have Shengen visa waivers...why would they likely to require one of UK passport holders?


Thread: Things that will affect resident brits after 31st Dec 2020

05 Jul 2020 08:49:

@mariedev. Thanks for the info. I was chatting to a Brit friend in Greece yesterday who is going through the same process. He mentioned in passing.... "You won't believe the way Greeks make things unnecessarily complicated and generate so much paperwork" 

We are not alone. 

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