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16 Jan 2022 8:42 PM:

A lot of people, chemists and tennis players will no doubt just use the number they provide to complete the Locator form and not bother with rest, which is rather selfish and defeats the object of the exercise - so the £150,000 plus deaths in UK will increase. All a bit crazy. Covid will be around for a while so we need to be a darn sight more realistic.......Sorry acer nothing selfish about it at all, no more then all the crap the UK has had to go through over the past nearly two years, as for the deaths from covid perhaps try and learn the facts, most died with 'Covid' not from it, big difference, and go into any UK hospital with any illness and you have a more then better chance of catching covid in hospital then outside, these are honest facts, and I do know some who died in hospital from the illness they went in for but death certificate said 'Death from covid'.

Thread: Tests4You - Bad experience

15 Jan 2022 2:18 PM:

A friend who is a chemist, and very well educated, doesn't do the tests and sends of the same testing kit numbers every time, back and forth to Spain, never had any problems.

Thread: Tests4You - Bad experience

03 Jan 2022 8:33 PM:

Does a person with only one post, and ask's the forum a question to help them out with a problem, ever read the replies? Because it seems that these one person questions never answer back, do they look again?..So I seem to notice.

Thread: Eurona - how to end your contract? Help

28 Dec 2021 1:47 PM:

Sounds like they will have a job to explain to the courts you broke a contract that you say you never had, which if you never had one you never signed it either. Ask the Lawyers to send you a copy of the contract that you never signed just in case the satellite company have forged your signature, but don't mention the fact that you never signed a contract, just to see what turns up.

Thread: Eurona - how to end your contract? Help

17 Dec 2021 12:41 PM:

Hi Kavanagh, I have just gone back over posts on eye on Spain about Amber Sun, many of the posts went back quite a few years, certainly took a lot of people for their money, interesting reading to say the least. With so many horror stories about estate agents in Spain it's a wonder they still exist, but they do to people trusting them and giving over money, like theirs not enough house's for sale privately with for sale signs up.

Thread: Were you affected by Amber Sun?


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