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21 Jun 2021 10:24:

My mate who lives in Spain, is all legal in Spain, comes back every now and again, had a Heart Pace Maker fitted over here in a major Cambridge hospital, the same hospital emailed him, and his wife, in Spain, to tell them when over here again they can get their covid jabs done here, UK.

Thread: Well done NHS, again

24 May 2021 12:39:

Why quit because of some words and information on here, why not double check with the correct people as to what you need to live in Spain, and if you can. If you read between the lines Spain is about to have another million or two new house's they won't be able to sell, plus a good few still now up for sale ,which might not ever sell, all because of this, maybe a re-think is on the cards from Spain.

Thread: Thinking of moving to Spain

21 May 2021 10:05:

Hi Kavanagh. The only reason I can think of as to why they are having a pop at us is the leaving of the EU, very child like to say the least, (And no insult to kids) but we do know that 'So called leaders' of the EU got really miffed at us about leaving and perhaps these have greater powers to control Spain in what it should do and can't do.....And of course the lost money over the past year or so has to come from somewhere, their own people won't cough up, so then the golden goose turns up. I read hardly any news these days, for the fear of jumping of Beachy Head if I do, but of late the other things Spain has been doing to people that want to live in Spain permanently, is cutting their nose of to spite their face, after all for the most part everything worked well, seemed to, before we left the EU. I have no idea if Spain is doing this to all other nationalities that want to come and visit. Maybe when Spain realises they are losing a good chunk of money from any resident or holiday maker the message will sink in. Have to take Gib out of it, they will always want that, and will stir trouble up when they can concerning that....As you can see I don't really know why. On another point, if anyone is reading this has anyone got any idea how I can space paragraphs out, something changed on my laptop and I can't get it back???

Thread: Fake news...hope so

20 May 2021 20:40:

Meanwhile they can come and go to the UK with no cost and freedom......About right.

Thread: Fake news...hope so

19 May 2021 09:30:

If this is true? Spain is killing itself without realising it, reason has to be they want to deter, as If they could, visitors from staying free in family and friends homes and book into a Hotel or such, (Income, tax paid etc) won't ever happen, you would think, have they got one of our idiot leaders on the payroll giving them crazy advice? Personally I can't ever see this happening, but no smoke without fire we know.

Thread: Fake news...hope so


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