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19 Aug 2017 18:17:

After all is said and done, and which has been mentioned on here,  if you can afford the air fair, any type of lodgings, maybe a car hire, spending money, how can you be of limited funds in a strange country.

Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

19 Aug 2017 14:41:

So now we are at the point of the UK EHIC is no good because it wont pay for medication after the event, the medical private health cover will whip out body parts to cover the doctors new boiler, looking like the dentist needed a service on his car......

Best you come over here then we fix the whole bloody world up for free....If you can get booked in that is.

Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

18 Aug 2017 14:25:

If he keep all the documents relating to this accident and costs he should / would be able to get these back from his travel insurance, the same if someone were of limited funds, claim of travel insurance phone them and explain the situation they can, and will forward funds to cover these costs.


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Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

18 Aug 2017 10:53:

I wonder if some guest could cook it on the car engine on the way ha

Don't laugh but we used to do this on our miltary vehicles when out, put various foods on the engine exhaust manifold, we got pretty good at it that we roughly knew the time different foods took to cook, made more then a complete mess once though with soaking wet boots and socks, found out that they don't survive this treatment very well at all,  thankfully we never had a parade that day.


16 Aug 2017 13:50:

Floella what's the point of living like a church mouse in Spain.

Disagree, if like you go to Spain for a week here and there then yes you can get through money because basically you're treating like on holiday, if living in Spain, you have low overheads, sun, and pretty much should treat the place like day to day living back in the UK but with the occasional meal out, say once a week or more if the need arises.

I have quite a lot of friends living in Spain 24/7, one my mates of many years when I questioned him about the costs of the two houses he owns, knocked into one still double the exe's, every time he has told me he never has spent all his pension money and gets to save some, (It is not like 1500€ a month either, much less) which he never could do in the UK, we go out a lot when I am in Spain and I am carefully not to go to somewhere I think might wreck his monthly finances, not once has he said no, couple of the restaurants we go to he goes weekly, and they do not live like a church mouse.

£2.00 for a pint of larger, and two meals for £10,00 has to be Wetherspoons, tried it once, should have known better. I took one Daughter, her fella and me to a country pub, pint of Guinness, glass of red wine, small coke, gave over a twenty, got back a plastic Five and some metal, pulled him up over that I gave him a twenty but it was correct. The meal for four, three courses, wine, coke came to well over £100.00..Same pub. Same / similar meal plus coffee in a very good, much better / superb in fact, restaurant in Spain came to 71.80€



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