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22 May 2019 17:08:

rysteig. You say your solicitor wants you to pay the overpayment of tax money back into their account to avoid interest, but you have already been charged interest of 3450€ on the amount of £2837  (Should that have been euro's i.e. 2837€).

As ads has just said you need the correct proof from your solicitor...Better still the Spanish tax man,  to confirm this money is honestly owed....Or....And.....

Whats stopping you from contacting the Spanish tax office via letter, email, or any other means, after all you do stand to gain if you don't owe this money. 

Sorry but with what you have mentioned on here about this amount, and the way your solicitor is acting they are the last people I would be handing over money to, owing it or not.

Reading through all this it certainly sounds a little fishy somewhere.


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Thread: Tax refund Mistake

15 May 2019 10:05:

I voted out,  now know that was a waste of time and it seems if it was just a 'Lets see what the country believes in' thing from the government, well tteedd our local voting came up a few weeks ago and I did not vote, and I wont ever vote again in any elections of any kind, and I do know that if I don't vote I cant moan about what I don't like with the elected parties but that wont matter to me because it's been proved they don't take notice of what we vote for anyway.

Many people I have spoken with and not given over my reasons why not to vote have said the same, time will tell if they change minds.

I had a reason to write to my local MP some months back, something I have never taken any thought to,  but always been told if you don't tell them how can it change, what I got back, yes he answered back a few months later with the biggest load of crap and gobbledegook he could come up with and pretty much nothing to do with what I asked him, quite normal for any MP I know, I thought I made very little sense, but this chap took the biscuit.

A chap I know well, I thought until I saw hime on TV canvasing for his local elections as a councillor which he kept very quite about, so I pulled him up about this and his answer was...' Money for old rope, don't have to work hard, can still do my day job, get paid just over £7,600 a year plus many other perks'.

No, I wont be voting for anything ever again.



Thread: Is the EU responsible for Brexit chaos

13 May 2019 10:45:

Nothing to do with car hire at the new airport which this post is about but some folk might like to be informed of another car hire company at Alicante airport that to me didn't seem up to scratch.

I was booking a car via Do you Spain, never had any problems with this company and this is my fault entirely, but some how I clicked the wrong rental, Amigo-autos Rent a CAR,  without looking properly and got distracted, paid via credit card the amount of 11.92€, with free cancelation at no cost, realised what I had done I cancelled it straight away with plenty of weeks to go, told the rental company, also Do you Spain, booked another car via Do you.

Email from Do you telling me the money would be put back on the card, two days later get an email from the wrong rental company telling me I wont get my soul destroying 11.92€ back unless the cancellation is one of many reasons why I cancelled, the reasons are genuine but the point is, it's NOT a free cancelling service at all, and not mentioned in the T/C, and they wanted a POSTED letter to head office to claim back what its pretty obvious I wont get back....Have no idea how I will live with the loss of 11.92€.

Now how many people have had to cancel, and never got any monies back, is it a good few? good earner I should say. Out of curiosity I then read the reviews about Amigo, cant say it's a 100% scam but if this helps someone NOT to rent from them it would seem they deserve it.

Thread: Car hire at new murcia airport

11 May 2019 14:15:

Thought it was against Spains law to take, and or share photos of police officers under any circumstances,  I know a motorist that got fined because she did exatly that when pulled over, seems they are quite strict about this, apart from the fines being a money earner of course, which are high.

Thread: Driving to spain

11 May 2019 13:23:

Good photo of the Spanish cop with suit and tie....How did you get around the 'Gag Law'.

Thread: Driving to spain


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