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20 Jun 2017 12:45:

a. Your body temperature can go too low
The first reason why you should not turn on your aircon unit for the whole night. When you are sleeping, your body temperature usually falls down. This is a natural process of your body. That is the reason why your body temperature may go too low when turning on your aircon unit for long period of time. It is recommended that you setup your aircon unit to reach normal room temperature. Do not setup the temperature of your air conditioning unit too low. When your body temperature is low, you may lose some functions of your immune system. 

b. It can dry your body
Many people ask, "Can aircon make you ill?". The answer is yes, especially if you leave it on for long period of time. The air conditioning unit usually blows cold and dry air to your room. This cold air can dry your body parts, including your skin, throat, mouth, and many other parts of your body. There are many health problems that can be caused by this condition. You may have sore throat after sleeping in very cold room temperature. You can also have some skin problems when leaving this aircon unit for long period of time. 

c. Cold temperature can reduce your body's ability to produce natural hormone
This is also why you should not leave your aircon unit on during the night. Many studies show that cold temperature can reduce your ability to produce natural hormone inside your body. When you are sleeping, your body normally produces some important hormones. These hormones are very useful to improve your immune system naturally. If you sleep in a very cold room, your body may lose some functions to produce enough immune system for your body. As the result, you can get sick easily when you wake up in the morning. 

They are some good reasons why you should not leave your aircon unit on during the night. It is recommended to setup the air conditioning unit so it can turn off automatically in the night. You should sleep in a room with normal room temperature to maximize your body function. When sleeping in a room with normal temperature, you are going to enjoy your sleep. You also need to clean your air conditioning unit regularly to prevent any problems that may cause by the dirty unit.

Perhaps a little information as to why no air con on at night.

Thread: Air conditioning companies calahonda and surrounding areas

28 May 2017 19:57:

Pot...Kettle...Comes to mind.

Thread: Long Term Rent San Javier Aera

28 May 2017 19:14:

Give us a clue.

Budget, villa or apartment, no of bedrooms, no of bathrooms, separate kitchen, air con, heating, balcony, pool private or shared, sat tv, car needed or not, shops, bar & restaurants, supermarket.

Or don’t you know.

With answers like your one above it's no wonder the best posters are leaving, bringing this forum down for sure.

Thread: Long Term Rent San Javier Aera

26 May 2017 09:57:

So being a landlord in the UK with many properties to rent out is now classed as being 'Greedy' is it? or does that only apply to buying more then one in Spain, the original poster stated quite clearly they didn't want to be a greedy investor, I know many Spanish people with a few more then two house's, some they rent out, some they don't.


Thread: Lost our case against banco popular

23 May 2017 14:08:

Thoughts go out to  the people of Manchester and all those affected by last night's terrible events at the MEN Arena.

1000% with you on this.


Thread: Say a prayer for Manchester


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