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16 Oct 2017 11:52:

Hi, hope this helps you out.... (English) White undercoat....(Spanish) Imprimacion blanca.

I have bought this in Leroy Merlin, couldn't find it so ask, turns out it wasnt in the paint section, also had much the same with something else, no where near where you would have thought it would be.

Thread: Undercoat for white gloss

02 Oct 2017 11:34:

Ads, it must be me because I fail to see how it can be any banks fault when someone, anyone, borrows money on an interest only loan, paying back minimum monthly amounts, knowing that the full amount of the loan would need to be paid back sooner or later, not paying back any of the capital in the agreed loan term, buying the property on a promise of renting it out, which sounds like all this information came via the company lending the money, who ran seminars on telling people how get into the massive renting property market.

Jeepers when people buy a car and the dealer tells them it will do 50 to the gallon they soon say 'Year right, sure it will' borrow many thousands and what your told is..'The price will rise, you will rent it out 12 months of the year'....And thats okay then.

How on earth can you make a bank 'Accountable' for it's actions if people are going to act like this.

This week I have met two people who took out, because they had to,  these 'Life time Mortgages' both wouldn't have it that the loan might double in ten years time, both were not bothered about paying any of the loan back, both have family which had they sold the house would have left the kids something, but at the rate these things work nothing is the final figure for a lifetime of buying your home.

Thread: Repurchase / repossession - advice needed

28 Sep 2017 22:36:

Baz1946 you should look beyond your nose ...the British are no longer welcome in Spain ...and this hate is only going to get worse  when we get out of the EU...we are blamed for high property prices and draining the Spanish NHS and the creation of a  black economy.

 Windtalker how much further do I look beyond my nose then? I already mentioned I have a good relationship with Spain, up to date I have never met a Spanish person who has told me to 'Get out' or even given a hint that we as Brits are not welcome, I have never had a bad experience with Spanish solicitors like so many on here, I have not even had a bad time with the banks either, I could tell you some good stories about the help I have had with the banks, and a few more bad ones with the UK banks.

Does anyone know what will happen if we 'DID'  leave the EU.

High property prices, then you must know how the British work when selling houses, one house in a street gets X amount the next one wants a bit more because they painted the front door a different colour, when a new estate starts selling well and the houses go like hot cakes, up goes the starting price.

How do we drain the Spanish NHS, if you work you pay for it, if you don't Spain pays and sends the bill to England....So I am told?

Creation of the black economy, without insulting Spain they perfected that one,  we bought Spain's houses with a large bit here and a little bit on the books, something that doesn't happen much in the UK, you're a plumber, no one ever asked you to do a job with no VAT then,  the world runs on the black economy.

As I have said before on here about the OP problem, it wasn't the banks fault they got into a mess, so why do people on here keep banging on about how bad Spain's banks are when it has no bearing on the case in question.

Thread: Repurchase / repossession - advice needed

28 Sep 2017 14:21:

Certainly not a snob, glad you have no debts you didn't in Spain either, Yes I read your article which was about the Spanish not wanting visitors and still nothing to so with the OP problems with his bank and house, and I also read the article some weeks back, was that the reason you left Spain then?  because that wasn't happening back when you left.

I don't have rose tinted specs on either, never have done,  I like to say it how it is, have a very good relationship with Spain, it has it's faults like most countries and for what ever reasons it seems no one will admit the UK has bigger problems then what we are led to believe so in thinking that the UK is problem free is very false.

I get offered money for my business on a regular basis, and more then double,  just because it's been offered does not make a sale though.... And twice for a caravan where you live is that good then?

Thread: Repurchase / repossession - advice needed

28 Sep 2017 09:28:

HAND THE KEYS BACK PEEPS when euro interest rates rise in a few years you will have wasted another 20k when its REPOED

Listen to the EXPERT I study these things


I saw the WRITING on the wall thats why I MOVED back to UK


Love Hugh xx

Sure please do offer advice on such matters that help the OP, but in your case it would be wise to remember that you did live, as you kept telling everyone 'Under the radar,' even to the point of using someone else's swimming pool which in your words, they didn't know about, to my understanding the OP wasn't doing any of this.

You always posted, and kept on about the cheap living in Spain and how it was so much better then the UK, Sunday roasts and a pint for next to nothing, whenever you could you put a damper on the UK.

The article in the 'Sun' has no bearing at all on the issue here.

Yes, it's true you did move back to the UK, only to live in a 'Caravan' in one of the most 'Deprived areas of the UK,' so I can see where that does make you a studious 'Expert' on property dealings and all it's pitfalls.

Thread: Repurchase / repossession - advice needed


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