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29 Jun 2022 4:30 PM:

The Nuremberg trials were set up to bring Nazi murderers to account for the crimes they commited, we know who lost that one, the people of Germany had enough of the past years so basically they never cared if the murderers got their come uppence, lets say if ever putin was taken to a court like this, who in their right mind believe the Russian people would just stand by and let this happen, remembering if the media is truefull, many millions of Russians believe he's the best thing since sliced bread and what he's doing now is correct and should be done, his demise is better to come from inside.

Thread: International AVAAZ petition

29 Jun 2022 2:43 PM:

If putin joined up for anything, even the Womans institute, he would still do what ever he wants to, as proved with the Ukraine, aint no petion or laws or resoning ever going to change that, he's a bit like our bumbling clown in that respect...'Hasn't done anything wrong'.

Thread: International AVAAZ petition

29 Jun 2022 2:37 PM:

Could it be only the postage cost due to the weight? Have you had this same mag before and perhaps never paid postage? If so then seems things have changed perhaps with the post cost, or could it be the mag owner wants people to go online and download the mag instead of producing it and sending it out, either way you look at it perhaps your free mag wont be so free in the future.

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29 Jun 2022 10:02 AM:

Just a guess mind, but I should think putin is the last person who cares about criminal procedings against him, or getting charged for war crimes, he wont even admit it's a war, correct me if wrong but he honestly thinks he's taking back what he believes is his.

The only thing that will stop him, is him, losing,  and / or by not losing face and saying we now have want we wanted back.

Thread: International AVAAZ petition

15 Jun 2022 2:05 PM:

Have a word with the Lawyer that posts on here, Maria, small search on here would probably find her, then send a message, worth a go because by all accounts she's excellent for problems that have cropped up on here.

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