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08 Oct 2021 14:12:

To sell a property is Spain, or anywhere for that matter the same rules apply all the time....Location...Location...location,

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria

07 Oct 2021 16:15:

Correct Kavanagh, had similar in the UK, was selling one house and the agent (Well known one) had it for about 3 months, never sent a looker round once, I cancelled it, apart from giving me his wife, dog and two kids he tried everything to get me to stay, then he phones me back two days later to say he had a promising buyer if I called in and put the house back on with him he could send the buyer round, told him send the buyer round, when he buys, I will pay you, OH no it don't work like that, F of he got told...They do understand that.

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria

07 Oct 2021 13:47:

If you as the sole owner and seller sold your house, why would you pay the buyers estate agent for something he had no hand in selling? If your buyer did happen to have an estate agent because they were looking for a house to buy, and your house was not advertised with them or any estate agents, why would you pay anyone?

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria

05 Oct 2021 12:42:

I have rented a car for 15 days next week, paid 286.01 € = £244.85 exchange rate was 1.168, including their insurance, Seat Ibiza, might have ears and filled with hay when I turn up to collect....Just checked the same site, you all know which one, and the same car, same amount of days come to just over 1000€...Are they having a laugh or what? Have to wait and see how this pans out now.

Thread: Rediculous expensive car hire prices.

23 Aug 2021 10:34:

I will say one thing about USB flash drives, I bought two expensive well know ones, well know make also, one lost all Mrs B's photos after a while for no reason that we could work out, my one told me it was corrupted so wouldn't work. Got two external large GB's hard drives so far no problems....Or shouldn't I say that?

Thread: external drive vs usb


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