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23 May 2018 17:54:

Yet once again, perhaps not from you, but replied with something which has not answered any point I made, and it's only 2 people who have posted positive outcomes on here so far, you being one of them. I don't take anything personally either.

The only 'Unfriendly' comment I made was to say that if any insurance company can get away with something then they will, like the poster who mentioned that when he came to renew, it had gone up, queried it and it came down, I do this every time and it works...Some of the time...Hence why I said if they can get away with it, they will, how many people never checked or phoned around and just paid the increase, insurance companies rack up the premium because they know full well many just pay the increase.

I had a robbery in one of my cars, stole every item in it, garage equipment, I had a massive top of the range full goods in transit policy, when It came to claim they wriggled and told me because I wasn't in the car at the time I wasn't covered, made no difference when I said that ' If I was in the car they wouldn't have stolen the goods' I took it all the way to Threadneedle Street where they were based, I won the payout, they didn't pay out because they were in the right, they tried it on and lost.

Thread: Car insurance

23 May 2018 09:42:

You mention you are in the "car world"...if I recall, there's been a few serious cheats revealed recently - VW, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Chrysler, Citoen, Daimler, Peugrot etc vis a vis emissions...mmm...there's an expression re glass houses...!

Not to sure what you mean by your above statement acer,  yes I am in the car world, Garage, MOT Station, Car Sales, I know about the car problems mentioned, presuming the re-calls.

Am I to understand from your post that because I am in this field these car problems have somehow got something to do with me, hence I shouldn't be knocking or making false claims about insurance companies. Re glass houses , etc.

A couple of answers to my post mentioned they had no problems, thats very good news for them and you, I mentioned that the people I spoke with were all from the UK with UK cars and UK car insurance, not Spain cars or Spain car insurance, perhaps this is the clue,  Spain is so much better at this then what the UK is.

On a side issue and nothing to do with this post,  emissions seeing as you mentioned this, is the least of anyones problems, Vauxhall catching on fire, BMW diesel fuel filter heater = Fire, plus ongoing faults Honda and most other Jap cars, think that one was in the region of 500,000 plus world wide, serious Airbag fault that smashed your face in if they went of, Ford auto gearboxes, plus many other re-calls that slip by the media, BMC had re-calls on the very first Mini brake fluid system soon after they came out all those years ago.

Thread: Car insurance

22 May 2018 15:42:

Thankfully I havent had the experience of dealing with insurance people over accident claims, yet, what I posted was from 3 other people, I never followed up on what happened, if anything at all, as it wasnt me.

I do however know about the unisured drivers, my son had his Mustang written of in the same way, did very well out of it after about 3 months, enought to buy a newer bigger Mustang.

Thread: Car insurance

21 May 2018 10:10:

This may, or may not help you Neilg, and no doubt it will be contested, I am in the car world, not car insurance one bit, if you do buy a car in Spain get Spanish insurance for the car, that much you know.

Over the past 6 weeks I have met 3 people in the UK who have had car accidents, one a 23 year old who had his car smashed up the rear and written of by a drunk driver, his insurance paid out, yet when he came to insure the next car his insurance went up nearly double due to a 'No fault claim' .....Never heard of this before but apparently been around for a couple of years.

Another chap who I have just bought his Volvo from was told if he claimed for the damage done by a driver who drove away he would lose a good portion of his no claims, and his new insurance would rise considerably due to a 'No fault claim'

Yet again another person came in who had the same thing a couple of weeks ago, not his fault, his next insurance premiums rose due to yet again  'No fault claim'

Something perhaps to dwell on if you were to even consider getting any car insurance for your Spanish car in the UK, imagine if this happened, you in Spain...Insurance in the UK = Hassle.

I have never heard of this before, it seems slightly illegal, but as we are all aware of if any insurance company can get away with something such as this..... They will do it.

Thread: Car insurance

12 May 2018 09:59:

I think corruption is to strong a word considering what the leaders of the country do, and get away with, likewise as in the UK.

Not declaring the true value of the house is a way of life in Spain, some think it doesn't go on now, perhaps not as much but it still happens, happens in the UK in a slightly different way, when I sold one business many years ago my accountant surprised me as to how much he 'Worded and Adjusted' the sale price figures to lower the tax paid, and not fully legal. I sold one UK house, cash sale,  and the buyer wanted to lose some money so on the books was lower then the correct price.

What the hell, everyone will buy under the counter, get away with not paying Tax, avoid VAT,  it's ingrained in people from hundreds of years back, we all know when you lower the price paid for your house you have extra cash to spend else where, so indirectly the government gets the tax but from other means and sources.

I don't have a problem with Un declaring what I sell, knowing full well that this money I saved can be put to good use by me, and not some jumped up official for his/her new suits, meals, hotel stop overs.

The real biggest difference here is 'Do as I say...Not what I do' ...And they can get away with almost everything.

Many times in life I have found the ones who shouted loudest about these goings on were the biggest culprits.

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