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17 Jan 2017 14:37:

For sure Destry it is so much better to take notice of Law educated people like Maria......

As opposed to lesser known barrack room lawyers.

Thread: Remortgaging a property in Spain - advice please

15 Jan 2017 13:23:

The Chancellor said the UK would do whatever it takes to 'regain competitiveness' if it is denied a good trade deal. The threat comes as Theresa May prepares to flesh out her plans for cutting ties with Brussels - making clear that she is ready to leave the European single market and customs union in order to regain control of immigration. The Prime Minister will use her speech to set the stage for bar-knuckle negotiations after she formally triggers the Brexit process by the end of March.

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Thread: BREXIT

14 Jan 2017 09:56:

Well Micky lets go down this route when we leave, firstly we let it be known world wide that the UK will no longer give out any benefits of any kind to people coming into the country, regardless of where they come from, let it be known that if you did get here and commit any type of offence, just one will do, your out, then if a legally registered person is covering up for them they get any benefits stopped, forget the fact that in many cases it can be hard to find out where said person came from, interpreters can do wonders with their language skills on finding peoples origins. I have worked with them overseas.

Letting it known that we have suddenly become one of the hardest countries to get into, and stay, will get around quicker then the flue.

Migration Watch has its head up where the sun don't shine, 1.1 million, try nearly 2.5 or more, thats the trouble with these people, like MP's, if they really told the whole truth we would be up in arms.

If people need a better life and the UK offers it, they are going to come to the country regardless.

Your above comment hit the nail on the head...Don't give it and offer it.

Sounds hard, sounds disgusting, sounds racist, not if you consider the people who built this great country are getting second rate service thanks to the many who deserve nothing yet get it all.

Of course it would be hard to implement, nearly impossible perhaps, but whats the alternative?


Thread: BREXIT

13 Jan 2017 22:34:

If you believe leaving the EU will make one jot of difference to UK migration you are living in la la land. Global migration is a human and evolutionary instinct for a better life. It’s been going on since Adam was a lad. It will continue until the planet fades from the sun.

War, poverty and disease will see to that. In any case Britain’s economy and public services depend on it.

Your wrong again Micky, leaving the EU should make a difference to immigration because we should be able to control it, have a say about who comes in, stop people from coming in who should not be here. I am not muddling up the EU immigrants with the rabble who shouldn't be here either.

La La Land is when people cannot see that thousands of so called immigrants come here for a better life, they don't, they are coming here for our easy benefits, they know full well we are a soft touch, in effect they are raping the country with our permission.

War, poverty and disease is rubbish, war to control is only any good if millions are killed, that wont happen again, disease will only kill millions if left unchecked, the world is doing its best to control disease.

Your last point Britain's economy depends on it is also wrong, how does the economy benefit when so many come here, work, collect millions of Un-taxed money and send it back home, how does it benefit Britain when millions who come here don't and won't work because they know they will get free money, free housing, etc etc, not happening I hear you say, come one day a week with me when I work with many of them, listen to why many came here, understand just exactly the truth as to what they saying and are doing, then speak knowledgeable about how we need them.

Thread: BREXIT

11 Jan 2017 17:30:

'Occupying a bubble of thought without any consideration of opposite views seems to be the principal characteristic of Brexiteers.'

Micky. Good post, apart from the above. It is much easier to make the case that it applies to the remoaners (ie a section of the remainers who refuse to face facts or accept the democratic will of the people). You have to accept that some people do consider all points of view and come to a conclusion different to yours.

Perhaps more to the point might be the one's who voted to leave have seen what the EU has done to the UK.

Thread: BREXIT


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