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23 Oct 2023 1:24 PM:

Well I dont know the full and correct answer to help you, but, wouldnt the entrance exams give a clue to the university's entrance if they found out the applicant hasn't the brains to be their?

Thread: I need help

18 Oct 2023 10:01 AM:

Really....then why do all other Brits expats have to change to a Spanish licence within 6 months ..and not you ??

Probably because this is just another one shot poster, so wont be here much longer.

Thread: Golden visas and UK driving licence

14 Aug 2023 10:05 AM:

Kavanagh, the Timex watch is worth so much more then the Austin all Agrow, unless it has the square steering wheel.

Thread: No More Wealth Tax in Andalucia From 2023

03 Aug 2023 11:07 AM:

Are the russians buying property in Spain?  Considering what many feel about them right now.

Thread: Only 1% of new builds being bought by the British

26 Jul 2023 3:43 PM:

Nigel Farage also had his private and confidential banking details revealed, which as we know should never have happened, sounds to me that alone is one big reason to dump anyone in a bank, high up or a clerk, if they do that....Now I have said this hope I don't get De-Banked...(What ever that is?)

Thread: De- Banking


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