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14 Mar 2023 12:51 PM:

After having to go to Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen I wouldnt live their if they gave me ten golden visa's, a million acres of land, new driving licence, and a push bike.

Thread: Golden visas and UK driving licence

09 Mar 2023 12:11 PM:

No it's not feasable at all.


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Thread: Joining two Apartments together in an Apartment Block

05 Mar 2023 8:43 PM:


I understand you think not everyone has bank accounts on phones, I don't know where you live but if I am in a queue in many shops you might be surprised as to how many pass the phone over the pay machine.

And if this did happen what's wrong with doing a copy of bank accounts?

Personaly I don't think this will happen, to contravesal to say the least, can't see the likes of someone with a couple of millions showing it....would you?

Thread: Spain to apply to the EU for the abolition of the 90 / 180 rule for British citizens

05 Mar 2023 3:21 PM:

Adds, many people have bank statements on the phone these days, plus most have a credit card with bags of credit, unused or not, I would believe if you went on holiday with 3 quid in your pocket then your in trouble 

Thread: Spain to apply to the EU for the abolition of the 90 / 180 rule for British citizens

24 Feb 2023 11:05 AM:

I have a couple of friends in Spain who I do know for a fact have 1500 euros a month pension between husband and  wife, sure no rent to pay out, and these are okay, approx 375 euros a week, where Spain gets its high minimum amount you are supposed to have , approx 673 euros a week, seems strange considering their basic state pension seems to be around 900 euros a month, maybe the poster is only telling of monthly income and have much in reserve.

Many British people are expected to live on not much more with state pensions, and believe it or not living in the UK is now getting to be diabolically high. 

Thread: moving to spain


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