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14 Dec 2019 10:04:


Baz...the farmer that you are talking about is probably more conserned about the massive yearly grants he receives from the EU. For ploughing most of what he grows back into the ground ..on  orders given from the EU...so they can price fix the markets...the farmer in question only has a reliance on casual labour / hire and fire when the job is done....the out come of the general election has said it all .SO LET'S GET BREXIT DONE .so we can get on with our lives.

Windtalker, I come from a long line of North Devon farmers, Exmoor farmers, without boring you much of what you have said is not correct, not one Farmer in my family have ever ploughed what they grew back into the land, the media said they did, untrue. The massive yearly grants are to some, and it's the few, mostly the real high end of the Farming world with friends in high places, and even then these massive grants as a rule come to roughly about £24,000 a year, £460 a week don't run much, again another media thing which on the whole is untrue again. I shoot on a Farmers land of about 16000 acres, years ago we spoke about this, his words were...'Oh the grants, yes I have heard about them, yet to see one though'...

Some have even said of the set a side fields making thousands of £££ for nothing, not knowing anything about Farming, and that Farmers have to give fields a rest some times, but when the public see an empty field it's always presumed that the Farmer got millions for doing nothing.

My Uncle got well and truly screwed by the EU, rules forbid him using one Farm for milking because the cows had to walk in rainwater that came of the Farmhouse slate roof, two sheep in sent to market were overweight so couldn't be sold, he wasn't allowed to pick them back up, rules said they had to be slaughtered, at his cost. Of the thousands of Farmers in the UK a very small handful have got somewhere near a grant, if they could get through the paperwork which if you didn't know was made so they would give up....Probably a shame that I know a little more about Farming then some.


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Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

13 Dec 2019 10:05:

Windtalker, I believe that the farmer in question was slightly more then a good business man having more then 1000 acres of mixed crops to get out of the ground all year round, and lets not forget that the new PM wants the likes of this farmer, and many other farmers, to grown more crops so we don't have to depend as much on imports once we leave.

What scares the likes of these farmers is the so called visa system that is proposed to be put into place that might restrict overseas workers from coming here to work on the land and elsewhere, like now with unrestricted access to the UK, due to, which will come, folders of paperwork to be filled in just to be a worker in the UK,  these workers just might say, it's not worth the hassle, not saying it will, but it's a possibility.

Scare mongering on TV is not what I would call it, more like a genuine concern for his business and some would say for the UK as a whole, this is not the only farmer, or business person who is concerned about overseas labour disappearing because the lazy layabouts called British workers will not do this type of work, so how do these people fill the void of workers needed for this work, of course the new PM has all the answers to something that hasn't happened in the past 30 years plus.

Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

12 Dec 2019 13:42:

I agree that the UK should end all free movement, want to come to the UK prove you have skills that the Uk needs.

The other side of the coin is on TV, think yesterday, a farmer was concerned that if we end free movement where will he get workers from, all well and good to say, make the British unemployed work, make homeless work, never will happen as we know, and this just doesn't apply to farmers.

When I had a breakers yard and wanted extra people the only people who applied were non Brits, when a Brit spoke about the job he never turned up, the non EU person did.

It's been Christmas Day in the UK for years, our streets are paved with gold.

Who has the answer? no one has.


Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

12 Dec 2019 13:02:

Debatable as to homeless due to cannot find anywhere to live, many don't want to pay the rent or overheads, or 'Wont' pay the rent, hence they finally get chucked out, many are making themselves homeless, and fair to say make a few bob for doing nothing except begging, it cant be that bad on the streets because you don't get many reports of 'Another  homeless one found dead'.

When squatters take over a building for the most part these are people who think the world owes them a living, and why should they have to pay because some rich guy worked all their life to buy the building, so we want it for free.

The open borders have increased the UK's population in the stupid belief that they would all get work and pay taxes, spend money , etc. The illegals coming from France in lorries and boats are no good for the UK, we know this, our government know this, but all are scared to say because thats being racist.

You could also argue that one reason many new house's are being built is because folk are fed up with their area being over run with you know who's, so move out of that area to another county. 

If we get the idiot in power today many think if he gets us out of the EU this mass immigration will stop, he might like to belive that, I don't.


Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

12 Dec 2019 09:36:

To throw a spanner in the works with not much to do with the original question but a little to do with benefits with the EU and UK, a few years back my Brother in law married a single girl from Bulgaria who was already in the UK with a job in a care home for 5 years, in Bulgaria she was a nurse, but couldn't get that position in the UK, after a few years they had a  boy, when they applied for the normal benefits that a UK born and bred person gets for the first child...(If you still do or did?)...She was left out of any benefits, my Brother in Law had to apply in his name, and it turned out to be quite an exercise in form filling and so on, all the payments were made to him in his name.

Perhaps a jobs worth trying to make a name for himself, or maybe the rules a few years back?

One question raised as to why is it a mystery many want to come here look no further than local councils taking rents and rates from immigrants who have no right of stay in the UK, is it the monies raised so a blind eye is turned, or the couldn't care less attitude the UK has adopted now.

Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK


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