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25 Mar 2017 14:48:

EU President Donald Tusk has warned that the European Union could break down completely after Brexit, at a summit to mark the organisation's 60th anniversary.

Tusk called for leadership to steer Europe out of crisis at the special summit in Rome, which is being held today to mark the anniversary of the bloc's founding treaties.

'Prove today that you are the leaders of Europe, that you can care for this great legacy we inherited from the heroes of European integration 60 years ago,' former Polish prime minister Tusk said in a speech.



Thread: BREXIT

25 Mar 2017 11:30:

baz, nothing to do with Brexit.  Please write to your MP

 perrypower1.  It has everything to do with Brexit, in case you hadn't noticed free movement, and the uncontrolled way it's been abused has been one of the main reasons that many UK folk wanted stopped, hence the large vote for out.

Probably very hard for some to understand but had the UK government taken notice of what has happened with this, the so called free movement system, then many folk might not have voted out.

More then one person on this forum has spoken about the uncontrolled free movement knowing full well it's nothing to do with Brexit,  I trust you have reminded them to write to their own MP also.

Thread: BREXIT

25 Mar 2017 10:03:

Freedom of movement allows citizens of the European Union (EU) to move to, live in, and in certain circumstances access the welfare system of the EU country to which they have moved. Freedom of movement is one of the founding principles of the EU.

Cant see where this means movement for every other country in the world....Which we have.


Thread: BREXIT

24 Mar 2017 14:28:

None member European nations are queuing up to join the EU. The advantages for these nations far and away out shine any negatives. The perception that Europeans wish to leave is just plain wrong as the Dutch election demonstrated. The Europhile Macron is likely to be the next French president which will again strengthen the union further.

Brexit will put Britain out in the cold but if that's what a majority of the people want bring it on.

I wish you luck. Britain's going to need it.

Do you know which 'Non member European' nations want to join the EU Micky? 

How about Bosnia & Herzegovina possibly skint as skint could be...

Serbia perhaps, another not exactly falling over its self with cash....

Montenegro, couple of notches up in the money stakes....

Kosovo, I think that one's along the skint lines also...

Albania, now thats a good one if only they knew what money looked like...

Macedonia, phew...

And lets not forget Turkey... Or why the world doesn't want it in the EU.

These  'FEW'  are queuing up to join up, so the question is.... 

'Does the UK want to be in a club that sits in the board room with this bunch of...Crooks...Liars...Spongers...Thieves...Murders...Etc etc, and I am not talking about whats already in the EU as it is now?




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Thread: BREXIT

23 Mar 2017 14:10:

Newspaper reports.....

However, on a net basis, Britain was the second largest contributor to the EU budget last year. It put €10.8bn more into the EU pot last year than it took out. Only Germany paid more on a net basis.

Micky you said this.... Losing 10 plus billions a year I can see why they wont miss us. 

It is a nationalistic British point of view to believe the country will be missed by the remaining 27 European nations. In reality most will be glad to see the back of a nation that was never really committed to the aims and directions of the project.

Thread: BREXIT


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