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22 Feb 2017 20:50:

I have no idea how the rest of the EU will be able to trade with the UK after we leave because there will be no more EU after a few years, it's taken us, the UK, to have the balls to see that after all these years the EU as it stands now hasn't got a clue as to what is happening in front of it's eyes, it has got complacent as to what it thinks it can do and get away with, we have shown it that it can't.

The rest of the EU countries have waited for someone like us to make the first move, when we finally exit then the S-H-I Jolly old T will hit the fan and give them the biggest wake up call going.

They might have thought that this little insignificant Island was of no importance to them, well now the Lion has Roared.


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Thread: BREXIT

21 Feb 2017 20:56:

Ex-Lords Speaker reveals 'scandalous' moment she saw a peer leave a cab with its engine running to pop into Parliament and claim his tax-free £300 'attendance' allowance

  • Baroness D'Souza said one peer left a taxi running as he ran in to claim allowance
  • She said the 'sense of honour' tied to peerage has been lost in recent years
  • A senior Lib Dem said Lords was 'best day care centre for the elderly in London'
  • All peers are entitled to a tax-free attendance allowance worth £300 a day

Maybe you could explain the above a llitle more fully to me please Mickyfinn.

While you at it have a go at explaining what makes us want to spit when we read about what they claim.

Below are your words Mickyfinn.

tteedd If your opinion of the House of Lords is accurate then the UK is a failing state as well as the EU. Reading the clap trap you write leads me to believe you and many others have a low opinion of people in public life generally.

Thread: BREXIT

21 Feb 2017 16:51:

Even on a £300.00 a day fiddle money just goes to show Liddle knows no more then anyone else.

Thread: BREXIT

20 Feb 2017 17:22:

This is getting a bit like Old McDonalds farm....

With a PM here and and a PM their....Here a PM, their a PM,  Old McDonald had a forum....

Thread: Having second thoughts

18 Feb 2017 13:38:

I have a customer who is an MP, taking about this to him the other day it turns out he hates blair with a vengeance, I didn't ask why, anyway he said that blair only wants to get back into the system, and the EU because the threat of blair being charged over war crimes is getting a little to hot for him and isn't going away, but once if blair did manage to get into the EU he could be protected from these war crimes and never be prosecuted.

 Now I am the messenger with this so don't shoot me, I don't understand the secret inner workings of our governments or the EU so maybe it's a possibility, certainly sounds like a blair thing that he would have found out, or was told about by his inner circle of criminals.

Thread: BREXIT


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