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13 Dec 2017 10:26:

Wait until a football match is on, watch it for a few moments on normal TV, take note of the crowds faces, they would be slightly blurred due to the distance, then switch to same channel but HD, the crowds faces should look very clear and distinctive. The wild life shows should be so much better in HD as well.

In the shops that sell TV's they / many of them, use a system for demonstration purposes only just to sell the TV, forget the name of it but google it and it comes up.

All a bit of a catch at the moment like the supposedly 4K thing.


06 Dec 2017 12:32:

I may be confusing Spain with UK too much, as sometimes happens, but....

The estate agent will negotiate a price for selling your property which may be a % as a norm.  It’s up to you to look at the service and other options like internet etc, how you can arrange viewings etc etc.  

But....why would you mention adding the fee to the asking price, and why mention 'I’m not sure what they charged the buyers'.  Surely these add ons are outside any arrangements you make with an agent so they have no right to do any of that stuff.  

The EA on here mentions contracts, which should just concentrate on your sale, their fee, the expectations of both parties and the work involved.    Anything outside that contract deserves suing for malpractice doesn’t it?

Brian I didn't sign any contract with this agent, I did sign something to say all the details I gave her were the truth that I do remember,  I asked her to come round which she did on time on the day, she asked me what I wanted for our house, I told her, she said thats a fair price, I was actually higher then one a little further up by 10,000€.

When we got back to the UK a couple of days later our house was already on her website priced at 800€ more then I wanted for it, she sold the house 5 days after we left and I got my full asking price, that just has to be down to good luck for sure, but the house was spotless, we did it up top notch and it was in a great location.

We flew back out about a week later, I gave her power of Attorney, the buyers had put down 5,000€ deposit, couple of weeks later she phoned me to say money was in my account less about 500/600€ she charged me for all the work she did, she cancelled all our standing orders and did everything.

I mentioned I had no idea what she charged the buyers because I don't know, I never even met the buyers until about 6/7 months later when we happened to be next door visiting friends we had made in the ten years we owned this house.

I couldn't have asked for a better fantastic service from her, and we never knew we were going to get this either she went well over what another agent did and didn't do....Another story on that one.

Thread: Estate agent fees

06 Dec 2017 11:33:

Baz I am not being funny or sarcastic

But please, please PM me her details.

Will do Jack.

Thread: Estate agent fees

06 Dec 2017 10:51:

Only time I have used an agent she put 800€ on top of my asking price, charged 500 or 600€ for selling, and doing a fantastic job,  well over and above what I was expecting her to do, got the asking price I wanted also, no idea what , or if she charged the buyers, knowing how she is probably about the same. 

Thread: Estate agent fees

05 Dec 2017 22:35:


I mentioned the deposit (Spain) because thats the way the Spanish system works best at, I never intended it to be taken as something like forcing them to buy something they may not be sure of, it's done to stop people coming along and viewing your house, telling you they will buy it and never seeing them again, while you give them a couple of days or weeks to get back in touch, which many wont do, and maybe you told others that the house is, almost, maybe, might, could be sold, when it isn't, so perhaps lost other buyers.

A house is generally not an impulse buy, or shouldn't be,  any buyer should have done their homework concerning costs, valuations, can they afford it and so on. It is probably the only way to make sure you have a genuine buyer. In every case I bought  in Spain I paid a deposit, went with the seller to my solicitor, on that day, and did not back out.

Cars, large screen TV's often are impulse buys. 

I did have one house agent in Spain, British guy,  who up front said to me 'Are you in the position to buy if I show you the house,  can you then give me a 5,000€ deposit'  I must have looked like I come UP on the DOWN boat.

Thread: Valuation costs


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