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24 Nov 2022 9:50 AM:

I got mine from dear Katie telling me she / he had something important to tell me so if I could email her on her private email address, I just told her to use this sites system to inform me of such important information that I desperatly needed to know, she / he sounded so genuine, just like the Africans who are in love with me and if I send thousands so they can repair Aunties mud hut roof they will return the favour in Gold bars ASAP.

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22 Nov 2022 12:47 PM:

You have found the right one, you note they have good reviews, what more 'Accuracy' do you need? Obversly you will find out more when you use them.

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21 Nov 2022 3:18 PM:


Hi, my neighbour has informed me my shower is leaking into his bathroom below. His insurance company are telling him he has to claim via my insurance directly and not via his insurance, is that correct?

Some years ago a local body shop and garage burnt down with quite a few customers cars inside getting burnt out, I had a couple of customers come to me to replace these cars, conversation went why they were not claiming from the body shops insurance because they were inside,  told they had to claim of their own insurance,  their insurance then claimed of the body shops insurance, seems a round about way to do things but thats how it was, downside was they never got full market value and the body shops insurance told them they got paid out whats the problem? Insurance companies, love them or hate them I suppose.

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15 Nov 2022 10:00 AM:

I don't know to much about consumer law in Spain when it comes to buying a new car apart from whats been said with a  2 year warranty.

In England a very little unknown, and not spoken about at all law is that if a car is repaired under the manufactures warranty and the same fault keeps reacuring you have up to 6 years to get it fixed, providing of course you have every bit of proof like invoices and proof of payments of having the same job done in the first place and it is still breaking down.

Of course that is as I said England, but it was inforce when we were in the EU, the other side of the coin is you are withing in your rights to return the car to the new car seller and demand you have your money back, or a very satisfactory complete repair, England again.

Some years back Vauxhall had a massive problem with hard top convertible astras, sometimes the roof went up, sometimes not and all sorts of problems with the roof, I personall know of two people who took the cars back and got refunds.

Spain is no different to any other country when it comes to getting good work done, if they can fob you of and get away with it they will.

You need to speak to a good solicitor who knows their stuff on consumer law, if such exists in Spain. We often see newish cars parked out side new car dealers with stickers all over them telling passers by of the problems the car has had and not repaired, would that work? no idea.

Also if you have bought the car on finance and a year or two is still outstanding have a word with your company because by rights it's still their car until you pay in full, and no dealer likes the finance company getting in touch with  them over a cars consistant problem.


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11 Nov 2022 9:51 AM:

putin hasnt the brains to work out what he's done is a violation of the laws of war because in his  mind he has done no wrong, so no doubt he wont lose any sleep over, if ever, being charged for war crimes.

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