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04 Sep 2019 20:16:

Yes the President is the one person entitled to have access to the contact details etc. of the Community of Owners,

BUT as Secretary of the Community Many Administrators will attempt to hide behind GDPR and suggest they alone should keep the details of owners private.

It is of course seemingly easier to replace Presidents than Administrators who often feel it is they who run the Community.

Thread: Change in Administator -AGM or EGM

30 Aug 2019 19:28:

I fear it’s going to be a very hard and long process to effect sensible change, protecting buyers, Communities and owners.

Thread: What Spanish Banks should offer every UK mortgage holder ( 2 x 1)

30 Aug 2019 19:25:

I was also under the opinion that a President could also call for an EGM without the 25% of owners requesting, if they thought there was good reason.

I also understand that an increase in fees to improve Community facilities only requires a majority of those attending or voting at the meeting it was discussed.

If it was not on the agenda for owners to consider how to vote, I believe owners can challenge this within a short space of time after the meeting.

An Administrator is normally appointed at an AGM for one year, it should be an agenda item.

It may be difficult to sack them at an interim EGM unless there is very good reason.

If planning a change st the AGM, ensure enough owners will support the motion either in person oor by proxy as most Administrators will fight tooth & nail, using many tactics to retain their role, which is decided by a majority of the Community of Owners.


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Thread: Change in Administator -AGM or EGM

22 Aug 2019 00:06:

I can only suggest you trawl through as many threads on here as possible especially Running a Community thread as there has been some ideas put forward by many.

Dont pay for online advice, seek an answer from your proposed Administrator or find one that is helpful.

The problem with not knowing many owners or informing them of what you are proposing leaves you open to not getting enough support as they won’t know what it’s about.

You will need a majority of votes to get this approved, perhaps too early to try and working with a small group of others may be your best way forward.

Most Communities rarely see many attending or voting in AGMs or EGMs and sadly Administrators think they hold all the cards and hate being told to change things by us foreigners.

Good luck though.

Thread: Dilemma

21 Aug 2019 22:10:

You don’t have any other option calling an EGM other than involving the current Administrator, I’m surprised your preferred alternative havenot been more helpful in advising you of the best approach.

Ideally all AGMs or EGMs should have a clear proposal so those who cannot be present can send a proxy vote on their decision.

Be very careful that the current Administrator does not contact ALL the owners especially the Spanish to suggest you are making a bad decision and telling owners how much they do for the Community.

They will also attempt to get as many of their friends to attend or send in a proxy to an owner who supports them.

Be prepared for dirty tricks and once again look for the replacement to actually advis on the process.

Legally both Administrators should be allowed to present their credentials to owner at an EGM as it’s the majority of owners who make the decision.

Do you have a strong level of support from owners?

Thread: Dilemma


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