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23 Sep 2016 19:32:

The arrangements after Brexit the EU puts in place must have a mandatory unanimous approval vote. German has one vote.


Exactly my point, only one vote but a massive interest in continuing to trade with the U.K.


Wake up and smell the coffee, the EU continues to work for and benefit major corporations and companies NOT the working man.

The first working man to be allowed to have a say was in the UK, wait for the fall out in the EU over immigration quotas, the economy and the supposed single market.

WTO tariffs run at approximately 2.4%, what exactly us the point of a single market other than over regulation for small business but allowing bigger business to have a major influence on the regulatory authority.

Thread: BREXIT

23 Sep 2016 08:19:

And you expect the German motor industry to allow their government to go along with Poland, Czech, etc.

Dream on.

Thats exactly why the EU trade policy is not working, NO growth in Eurozone.

Thread: BREXIT

23 Sep 2016 01:03:

Errr are you talking the busted economies of Greece, Italy, Spain here?

Thread: BREXIT

20 Sep 2016 10:35:


IF we were simply to withold our contribution to a club we are still a member of, we would most certainly bring about the collapse of the EU even quicker than will happen anyway.


Many of the newer EU countries are dependent on the contributions of the UK and Germany, as most other countries don't contribute to the EU budget.

I don't think Germany would appreciate immediately having to increase their contribution and I think it only fair that the EU has time to rearrange all of the funding that Rey so generously give out to all club members.

The rules state that any country cannot leave until article 50 and then up to 2 years of negotiations take place, these rules were set up by the EU not the UK.

The country has spoken, we no longer wish to be part of this corrupt club, it is now up to all sides to spend time to consider the most sensible and painless way to divorce.


There never was a magic solution.

Thread: BREXIT

18 Sep 2016 19:25:

I think there in lies the rub.

It is not about winning or losing arguments on here OR in actuality.

It is all about what is right for the UK for the future and 17mill voters believe the EU has  not worked in favour of workers but in favour of burocrats and big business for too long.

To add to that, in recent times the EU has shown no leadership or solution to a horrific refugee crisis.

Bear in mind that many migrants  seeking a better life in the UK come here because their countries are not allowed to trade freely with the EU, as they are not in the club,  keeping them poor, or they are fleeing authoritarian regimes or indeed just looking for a better chance of finding a job than their own EU country or non EU country as the UK had the the right policies for improving the economy after the crash in 2007 created mainly by the corruption of US banks 

Listen to what the people want and stop telling us it will be all doom and gloom, how could it possibly be worse than the current struggling EUrozone economy, waste of EU taxpayers funds and inherent corruption and boys club that presides with the Commissioners and burocrats of Brussels or is it Strasbourg we've moved to this week?

Thread: BREXIT


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