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22 Oct 2021 9:30 PM:

Horizontal Property Law which governs Communities normally suggests that no changes can be made to facades without 100% approval of owners.

Civil Law which governs private use of roof terraces suggests it is private property therefore you maybe able to add whatever you wish.

Sods Law though almost suggests tossing a coin to discover which takes precedence.

Thread: Owned Roof Terraces vs Uso Privitivo

18 Feb 2021 1:50 PM:

That would certainly present a problem for larger Communities like ours with over 250 apar5ments and owners.

Our Administrator certainly appears reluctant to suggest it.

We ve reverted to holding an online EGM with a single agenda item to approve the debtors list and approve take legal action which has not been possible since 2018 debts.

Now there is difference of opinion on notice for such an EGM 🤷‍♂️

Thread: Community AGMs

26 Jan 2021 7:29 PM:

Thanks, yes realise HPA is not helpful and understand the Body that overseees Community Administrators has recommended utilising previous budgets but NOT commented on AGMs so far, still awaiting any response from our Administrstor, hence my asking in case others had more recent news.

indeed would be good IF Maria were able to comment or others who may be further forward with advice.

As you suggest local Spanish owners, high in our Community do not easily embody change in protocols.

We are blessed with Spanish, British, Irish, Belgian, French and Scandinavian owners so a real mix of attitudes.


Thread: Community AGMs

26 Jan 2021 5:42 PM:

Anyone received any advice or info on holding a community AGM given current .circumstances.

Do we know if online AGMs are permitted?

Thread: Community AGMs


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