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15 Oct 2019 21:13:

Isn't Bosque Verde simply a brand name for Mercadona goods? Everything from disinfectant through floor cleaner to toilet rolls.

Don't think it actually claims to be "green" or ecologically friendly. 

Thread: "Bosque verde" toilet products.

13 Oct 2019 12:36:

From where?


Thread: Caravan towing

09 Oct 2019 16:56:

Not living there but their website says its closed Saturday 12th due to Fiesta Nacional.

But it does say its open Tuesday from 9am to 2pm.


Thread: Fuengirola

08 Oct 2019 19:36:

And then what? Best out of 3? Wouldn't the Leavers be just a malcontented as the Remainers if a second vote said stay? 

No, the decision was to leave the EU and that should be respected even though I, personally, do not agree with it. But the vote was done with, admittedly, lies on both sides. This will just come down to who told the biggest lies.

So out it is. What we really need is the best deal for UK with the EU afterwards. What we are getting is stupidity, insults from both sides and not a great deal being done. The 156 page booklet produced by Gove tries, but fails, to see the reality.

A no deal is, to my mind and you may disagree, the worst possible outcome for UK. Yes, the EU will be hit as well and many Leavers seem to think that will be a good thing and even revel in it. It won't be. Global recessions seem to affect UK more than others, just look at how the pound hasn't recovered after the 2008 debacle and, truly, neither have severral other nations like Greece and Italy. Spain is trying but its poitical scene is just as much as mess.

So no further referendum. Just put those who know about these things in charge and stop the amateur politicians from trashing the whole sorry business. 

Thread: Brexit and residency

07 Oct 2019 21:22:

If you have an S1 because of age, pregnancy or disability, then the country paying the benefit is also responsible for issuing the EHIC.

Us wrinklies with a UK state pension get our EHIC issued by the Overseas Health Team at Newcastle.

Those who work in Spain and/or get their pension from Spain will have an EHIC equivalent issued by Spain.

Universal Health Care is available, at the moment, to all those who do not have recourse to any other form of funding. 

The other part of Universal Health Care, where everybody gets it, has been proposed but is not yet in law because Spain doesn't actually have a government who can put things into law. Hence why Spain is heading for yet another general election. 

And will we get a TSE or health funding after UK leaves? When you get an answer to that can you also get next week's lottery numbers for me. 


Thread: Brexit and residency


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