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05 Apr 2020 18:41:

Really? Comparing property in London, one of  the most expensive cities on the planet, with somewhere in the south of Spain? Now try similar properties  in the  centre of Madrid.

And at 600 grand for a one bed flat you must be  talking of Chelsea or Kensington. 3 bed apartment in Hackney going for 355,000 and go over to Plaistow and you'll get a 4 or 5 bed house for that price.

I should think the fact that the Spanish average earnings would also come into it.

Thread: Deposit to estate agent.

05 Apr 2020 13:00:

Tricky one. Seems the police are interpreting the rules how they want. One couple in the next municipality were stopped and allowed to carry on with one in the front and one in the back on opposite sides. Yet a Dutch couple in our area were fined €600 for doing exactly the same thing. According to them, only allowed for health reasons.

Some of the rules have changed, I believe, but taking friends to or picking them up from the airport was one of the things initially banned. It was recommened to use shuttle buses or taxis. 

If  it's their main home then they can be covered under the clause of returning to their main home. Not sure you'd be covered, though, as it doesn't come under the reasons for going out in your car. We have neighbours (non residents) trying to get back to UK and the person who normally takes them has said that he can't do so at the moment even though their excuse would be returning to their main home in UK. The normal shuttle buses here have stopped operating so they'd need a taxi which has asked them to carry their flight tickets and complete the authorisation to travel certificate before going. 

Perhaps you could phone the local police and ask for advice? Hope you get it sorted and, of course, the rules may possibly change before May.

Thread: Gib. Airport

02 Apr 2020 15:22:

Yes, post  is  getting through. However, all companies are now saying it will take longer to deliver due to the state of alarm. Courier companies are stating they will wait until there are a certain number of  deliveries to be made in one area before they will go out so the driver doesn't have to make too many journeys. Other companies are saying they will prioritise essential items and others will have to wait.

Some Correos offices have been closed for cleaning or lack of staff. 

It will obviously be different in each area. There  was a SEUR delivery van around here yesterday as I went out to do a weekly shop.

Thread: post from uk

01 Apr 2020 12:40:

Hmmm. Eyeon Spain. Probably do have people who have been to Dubai but wouldn't it be better to ask a neighbour who is actually in Dubai?

Just a thought. Unless this is another of those one post phishing posts that seem to infect this site from time to time.


Thread: how to get a plumber in Dubai

30 Mar 2020 14:53:

FYI and for Acer in particular.

We've had a message from our administrators ref the new restrictions in force today. The repair to our pool will now not go ahead. However, the cleaning, topping up and sanitisation of the pool areas will continue. 

I'm assuming cleaning, topping up etc means the water purity will continue to be checked.


Thread: Any legal questions related to Coronavirus situation in Spain?


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