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03 Feb 2023 11:21 PM:

The Digital Nomad Visa for Spain came into effect on 23rd December 2022. Applications are supposed to be approved within 20 days.


Thread: Portuguese D7 Visa / Spanish Visa for 3rd country nationals.

03 Dec 2022 9:07 PM:

If you have a 40A fuse in your box then you are contracted for 9.2Kw which is more than ample to run all the household goods. Most have 5.75Kw fitted nowadays and 25A with no problem. We can run the oven and most other things at the same time with our 5.75. A domestic electric oven should use around 1.5Kw but no more than 3.5Kw even if you have one of these fancy double ones with a few add ons. 

I would suggest you have a fault with the oven wiring so should get an electrician to look at it. Certainly don't need upping your contracted power as you have more than sufficient. 

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23 Nov 2022 9:08 PM:

Update on the digital nomad visa.

It won't come into effect this year. Latest forecast is it will be agreed by parliament in Jan 2023 and come into force from March 31st 2023. Now being said you will need an income of around €2,000 a month and you will be taxed at 24% up to earnings of 600k a year which is a vast reduction on the 40 to 45% paid in Spain on earnings over 60k.


Thread: Working in Spain after retiring?

31 Oct 2022 6:56 PM:

The digital nomad visa has not yet been set up in Spain. They've been saying it will be this year but things tend to move very slowly here.

I assume you are from UK? The only things we know about this new visa is that you must work for a company not registered in Spain and does less than a certain percentage (12%?) of business with Spanish companies and you either have to show a contract with a company that you've been doing this work for at least 12 months or, if you are going freelance, to provide a business plan to show your expected income. 

You will have to show you earn a certain amount of money per year but the amount has not yet been published. The advantage is that you would be taxed at 15% instead of 25% for the first 4 years.

It will also be valid, initially, for 1 year but can be extended each two years up to 5 years then you can apply for permanent residency and the visa will be valid for close family members as well.

As said, the bill to allow this was agreed but is still waiting parliamentary approval so we don't actually know what it will entail.

However, if you're not from UK but another EU country then none of the above applies.

Thread: Working in Spain after retiring?

26 Oct 2022 1:46 PM:

Olive Press? Informcion, ABC Alicante, Healthplan Spain don't agree. They say 40% of all property sales in the Alicante province this year have been the Brits. Indeed, those properties of over €500,000 have shown an increase of 141% which could be to do with the golden visa. But other properties have seen a 26% increase in sales to Brits this year in the Alicante province. I suppose it depends on your reading material.

And Quesada like Camposol? Hardly. We actually have bars, restaurants and supermarkets (8 big ones within 3 miles of us and many bars and restaurants in walking distance even for old sods like us.

New properties are selling like hot cakes to the Scandinavians and other N Europeans and every nationality seems to be buying. I live in a block of 8. All currently occupied, 4 by permanent Brit residents and one Norwegian. Of the other 4 we have one owned by Irish and currently being rented for holidays, 1 owned by Brit and currently being rented by Brits, another owned by Dutch but currenly being rented by Brits and just one empty which is owned by Russians who have an embargo on them. 

Idealista reports that sales in the Alicante province are way up on several years ago with (in order of most purchases) Brits, German, French, Moroccans, Swedish. 

Torrevieja appears to have lost its appeal and many are now buying in and around Alicante itself. Gran Alacant with a rise of some 40% of buyers since 2 years ago, for example.

We originally bought just outside Villamartin and to hear a non Brit was highly unusual. Then Los Altos (which had a good bus service but nothing else) and, again, nothing but Brits. Now, in Quesada, you hear every language under the sun but, yes, the Brits do predominate although the Scandinavians seem to be catching up very rapidly.


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