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24 Jul 2021 22:19:

Not quite.

Being born in Australia doesn't give you automatic Australian citizenship. My younger brother was born there but, being the son of two Brits, was British. To get citizenship a child not born to Australian parents must apply at age 10 and show they have been living there for the majority of that 10 years. 

Spain is very dodgy on granting dual citizenship. They normally expect you to give up your other citizenship.

This is not true for all countries but you'd have to check which one they have reciprocal agreements with but I think it is mainly S America countries and they can apply after 2 years. Some Jewish sects are allowed automatic citizenship after a couple of years (something to do with how they were treated around the time of the inquisition). 

It would, of course, depend on the nationality on the child's birth certificate. They could apply for Spanish citizenship due to a birth parent without going through the 10 year wait like the rest of us but would need to be able to demonstrate a link with Spain and speak the language. Not sure if they'd have to pass the written test most of us have to do.


Thread: Dual/ triple nationality

08 Jul 2021 00:15:

So it was all about those nasty furrin people coming in to the UK then?

Glad you've shown your true colours.


Thread: Cost of living. 2021

07 Jul 2021 23:31:

Oh, and I might remind you of the idiocy Windtalker comes out with. He looks at things on the internet and thinks he is well informed. 

Perhaps the bit when he was comparing Camposol (where he used to live) with Ciudad Quesada (where we no live after being in the Villamartin area and Los Altos where he now lives) and stating publically on here that Quesada was full of "roaming gangs" and thieves. Only when it was pointed out that the Ciudad Quesada that he was talking about happened to be in Costa Rica or Honduras did he actually shut up for a while.

He makes things up. That's Windtalker.


Thread: Cost of living. 2021

07 Jul 2021 22:36:

Absolute out and out rubbish. UK received the same amount for EU citizens under the S1 scheme as any other EU nation. Pensioners and certain disablities, the only thing the S1 covers, is exactly the same and has remained so under the Withdrawal Agreement. UK could also claim for treatment under the EHIC but UK systems were so bad (remember, I worked for them for a long time) that they failed to do so. Doctors complaining they weren't tax collectors etc.

Hospitals got better at it but GPs had absolutely no idea.

Same with your rubbish about Portugal saying they take Brits with only 9k a year. No they dont' They said they would approach the EU for discussions but when they were told they'd have to do it for all third countries they body swerved it. So another load of made up rubbish.

Anyway, the NHS the best in the world? Tried getting a GP or hospital appointment in the last 18 months? You obviously haven't used the Spanish NHS but I have and find it brilliant. I had some problems with gallstones which was affecting my liver functions. Referred by a GP and seen by a specialist at Torrvieja hospital within a week. Taken in and treated (in a brilliant private room with en suite and towels etc) while they flushed out my liver. Then a few weeks wait for an endoscopy to remove a stone in my bile duct which was blocking my liver. 3 weeks to recover and then take in for micro surgery to have my gall bladder removed. All within 3 months. Our non res neighbour here has the same problem and has been waiting nearly 3 years. Sorry, I don't think the UK NHS is the best in the world.

Maybe the Spanish pensioners don't get credits, allowances and so on but that could be due to the fact that the Spanish pension is 3 times the UK one. The UK credits are simply to make up the shortfall. Oh, and they get free bus passes in cities as well. Pointless having free TV licences when there isn't one here anyway.

Plus the made up figure of UK paying 4,800 a year for for healthcare for those with an S1. It's £3,200 and UK gets that for EU people with the S1 as well.

Plus this was about cost of living in Spain from someone from Finland. They're probably happy about the cheap baked beans which nobody in the world eats except the Brits and Finns for some reason.

Stop making things up that you know nothing about. It makes you look incredibly stupid and xenophobic. 

Thread: Cost of living. 2021

05 Jul 2021 23:55:

Well, Escapethesnow, Hope you have a great life alternating between the two countries. We have Finnish neighbours and they definitely find it much cheaper here than in Finland. Some of the comparisons they make with prices between Finland and Spain are quite remarkable. 

Sorry the thread came down to British/Spain comparison when you only asked for the cost of living in Spain.

And @windtalker. My husband thinks you are either a/ living on a different planet b/spend half your life in Spain but only buy British products or c/are shopping in totally the wrong places..

Firstly, there is no £140 a month council tax to pay. Ours is about €20 a month which is a vast difference. We do live here full time, and loving it I may add, and find it a lot, not a bit but a lot, cheaper to exist. 

Do you exist on only British stuff? Ready meals, stuff from Tesco or Iceland etc? 

Pork and chicken are much cheaper here but we don't use the processed stuff. For example, a kilo joint of pork loin at 4.35 gave us 4 pork steaks, a bag of pork cubes for Greek style kebabs and another for Magra. Magra is a type of stew with onions and tomatoes and lots of spices and is delicious. So 6 substantial meals for just over 4 euro is pretty good. We went to the market on Sunday. A large bag of big tomatoes at a euro, and was almost 2kg worth, at a euro, a big box of colliflower florettes at a euro which I blanched and froze and got 8 packs out of it. 

You are on about bread. Where the heck do you buy it and what type? If it's the British stuff at Brit shops then, yes, it is expensive. A large (and I mean getting 20 thick slices) of sourdough bread at Aldi is 1.79. a family loaf of integral (brown) or bog standard white at any of the supermarkets cost 97 cents. 3 large french sticks for a euro. Beef is cheaper than UK. Carrefour had topside beef (they call it redondo) at 8.70 a kilo and we got two Sunday joints and a pack of steak for stroganoff or curry out of an 8 euro joint. Fillet steak at AlCampo today was 13.75 a kilo.

Now, wine. You have this thing about non branded stuff. So? A bottle of Rioja at under 2 euro (I take it your £4.75 in UK at a pub was for a glass as the last time we were in a pub in UK it was over 20 quid for a bottle. I quite like Cava at the moment and, at €1.80 a bottle, is a bit cheaper than the 5 quid a bottle for Prosecco in UK.

Now, I'm a nasty smoker (I know, ex nurse and should know better) but hubby isn't. JPS long are the equivalent of £3.75 a pack instead of 10 quid in UK. And they give me a free bottle of Smirnoff when I buy 3 cartons and have 14 bottles of the stuff which I haven't paid a penny for. 

Petrol and diesel is cheaper if you have a car. Yes, second hand cars are expensive which is a pain when you're buying but great when you're selling. We had a Ford, 3 years old, when we first got here which cost €7,800 (about 5 thousand quid) but sold it two years later and got €7;500 in PX.

Your were also on about sausages. I take it you mean British sausages like Richmond or other rubbish like that. Have you tried Spanish sausages like Longaniza? Far cheaper and much better without all the cereal. We also have 3 British butchers near us (two in our town and one in the town next to us) which make their own British sausages and have them aroun €6 a kilo. I defy you to get any of that quality for cheaper in UK. Bacon. Gone off Brit bacon which is 20% water but our local store has Danish back bacon at €7.20 a kilo (about £6.50) which is cheaper than Tesco.

Eating out? Let's see. 6 of us went to a Chinese restaurant the othe night. Starters of large spring rolls or soup or salad with a main course (2 with large lemon chicken platters, 2 with chicken, beef and sizzling veg and two with crispy duck and orange sauce) followed by a choice of ice cream or creme flans and a bottle of wine between 2 or a large beer. Bill was €36 and I have the receipt if you want to see it.

No, we don't buy baked beans or ready meals. 

I do the cooking but hubby pays the bills. The food here is far better quality without all the added water, the taste and so on. I reckon the food we have is much better and hubby reckons the cost is half what we were paying in UK. He's a beer drinker and Amstel at 69 cents a 500ml can or, our local pub which has just increased the cost of a pint to €2.50, much better value.

Maybe stop shopping for British stuff when you are here and embrace the local stuff. 

Now, the couple just two doors away only have UK pensions but live very well on that and eat out a couple of times a week an run a car. We, on the other hand, are quite lucky in having other pensions coming in so are quite well off, certainly more so than we'd be in UK.  Utility bills are cheaper, shopping bills are cheaper, all outgoings are cheaper. 

Can't see where you're coming from unless you expect a tin of beans here to be the same price in UK. Broaden your horizons, go to other shops and try some far superior items or, at least, try some different shops because it sounds like you're getting ripped off somewhere along the line. I do feel a bit sorry for those I see shopping in the Brit places when it's so much cheapef if you are prepared to make a bit of and effort.

And a place that charged you €12 just to listen to music? Really? The only place near us that has live entertainment an charges €12 gives you a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine for that. Stop getting ripped off.



Thread: Cost of living. 2021


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