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04 Sep 2022 11:01 PM:

Sorry Catesby but looking at Spain as an investment and for growth in property is a fast track to skid row.

Firstly, you would need about 14% on top of the price for taxes and other fees. That's money you'll never get back. Yes, loads of tourists who want villas and so on and will pay 300 or 400 euro a week in the peak periods. That's maybe a couple of months. Looking round here, rentals outside the peak periods are more like 300 to 400 euro a month. 

Property prices are going up but nowhere near the rates anywhere else. For example, chap up the road paid 650,000 euro for a very nice, 4 bed villa in its own grounds and swimming pool etc. He's just sold it for 400,000 euro. He said the cost of the upkeep of his pool was costing him more than he managed to get in rent.

Lower down the scale, chap opposite paid 230,000 for his 3 bed on a community. Just sold for 180,000 after 8 years. We have dozens of properties near us for rent and all are having to undercut each other. 

They do say the only way to leave Spain with a small fortune is to arrive with a big one.

Thread: Help on mortgages and management

04 Sep 2022 9:31 AM:

Non promotional periods 0.199239 per kwh. Promotional periods (the pick your 8 hours) 0,082248 per kwh.


Thread: Electricity prices

01 Sep 2022 1:49 PM:

There are 3 rates charged throughout the day. During the week the off peak times are midnight to 0800. Mid peak times are 0800 to 1000, 1400 to 1800 and 2200 to midnight. Peak times are 1000 to 1400 and 1800 to 2200. Weekends and public holidays are charged at off peak rates all day.

The prices change on a daily basis and the forecast rate for the next day are shown on Endesa and Iberdrola websites plus some local newspapers publish them as well.

Be aware that, if you change tariff or go back to one of the main companies, they have been charging a surcharge on top of the hourly rate since April so you need to ask at the office before signing anything. On another site, someone did say this surcharge was as much as an extra €95 a month although most are saying around 20 to 30 euro a month. 

As an aside, my daugher in UK was on a fixed tariff and paying £180 a month. She has just received a letter from EDF UK to say she needs to pay £317 a month from October. 


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Thread: Electricity prices

15 Aug 2022 8:38 PM:

We've been packed with a lot of Scots over the last 3 weeks but their kids go back to school on Wednesday so a lot have now left. Loads of Brits arrived over the weekend, though.

Maybe right. I see Benidorm and others up the coast are reporting they are full (94% occupancy is officially full) and restauranters saying they have no tables left.

Our high street is packed and has been for weeks. Obviously I can't tell if they are Brits are not but certainly the supermarkets are full of them, albeit the Scandinavians seem to be getting more and more.

We have had 3 new and large blocks of those "eco" homes built recently. Seems like they are all being bought by Scandinavians. 

In the past, we've never really had holiday home owners who have a problem with the 90/180 rule. Most are younger families who only get limited time off work. The winter months, when the "snowbirds" usually arrive could be interesting. Used to have loads of Brits who would come out for 5 or 6 months but, of course, they can't do that now.

Also be interesting to see the wrap up of visitors they give by nationality at the end of the year.


Thread: Lack of British holiday makers on the Costas

15 Aug 2022 4:14 PM:

Really? Packed around here with Brits. Hotels on the Costa Blanca are saying they are full at the moment. Quite difficult to find a table in the restaurants around here. OK, lots of other nationalities but the Brits are definitely in the majority and all the houses on our community, mainly owned by Brits among others, are chocka bloc at the moment.

Airport reporting record number of flights and passengers coming in with many more from UK this year.

Benidorm has once again been "discovered" by the Brits and all bars and restaurants full.

Maybe the lack of hotels in Torrevieja doesn't get the actual package tour lot in (I see the hotel at La Zenia are charging 200 euro a night and have no vacancies until the end of next week and are only taking booking for 7 days or more). 

The number of tourists, not necessarily Brits, has broken the record in this area which was set in 2018. 

Maybe the amount of resources is keeping away the ones who frequented the Irish pubs and bacon and egg brigade. But definitely not a lack of them.

Thread: Lack of British holiday makers on the Costas


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