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15 Jan 2021 11:50:

A reply to someone on another site from a currency transfer company complaining about this €18 seems to bear out that it is only Sabadell doing it. They say they have received several complaints and all about Sabadell who are charging the fee for any money "originating in UK" regardless of which country the transfer company sends the money from and does not take into account the IBAN of the paying entity.

The company, Currencies Index, state that this is "illegal" and Sabadell is acting in breach of the European Council regulations and complaints should be sent to the European Payments Council  on that link.




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Thread: bank charge for money transfer

14 Jan 2021 10:30:

Article in  the UK press today about this. The transfer of funds should not have changed because UK is still in the SEPA. From posts on another site, it's only Sabadell and hit and miss which ones get charged. Makes no difference on whether they are resident or not, some are getting charged for all types even from currency exchange sites and others aren't.

My UK bank, in accordance with the new SEPA rules from December last year, have now stopped charging me the £10 they used to for doing a transfer and Bankia hasn't charged me anything for receiving a payment.

You'd think there'd be one rule for everyone but then you remember that this is Spain.


Thread: bank charge for money transfer

13 Jan 2021 22:35:

Loads of people saying they are getting charged, and have had a letter, saying any payments in will be 0.35% of the sum or €18 but only with Sabadell.

People saying bank transfers, Currency exchange companies and now your pension are being charged €18 for receiving the money.

I just got my pension yesterday into Bankia and no charges were made. 

Sabadell are blaming it on UK no longer being in the EU but that's the only bank I've heard it that are doing unless others have had the same charges applied.


Thread: bank charge for money transfer

10 Jan 2021 20:00:

Think I've got the question right.

The 180 days starts from the first day you enter a Schengen area country. The day arriving and the day leaving counts as part of the 180 days. During the next 180 days you can either visit for 90 days in one go or several visits which mustn't add up to more than 90 days. 

It can get confusing but there is a Schengen calculator where you can enter the dates you come into a Schengen country and when you leave. The calculator lets you enter the dates you are visiting and tells you when you have to leave by or how much time you have left in the area.

The linked site also explains it in detail. Schengen Calculator

Thread: 90 days

31 Dec 2020 12:57:

Actually just been on the news. UK visitors will still be able to use the EHIC and will be issued the global card in due time. Whether this means when the current EHIC runs out it didn't say.


Thread: EHIC cards


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