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16 May 2022 4:22 PM:

It's a letter X then 7 numbers and another letter. So your format without the 0 is correct.

It works the same on my SIP card where I have to leave the 0 off at the beginning.

Thread: NIE question

08 Apr 2022 4:17 PM:

So, as said, there is no restriction on a non resident owning a car. Just make sure the paperwork is done correctly and you aren't listed as resident. 




Thread: Owning a Spanish car as a Non-Resident

07 Apr 2022 11:35 PM:

Sorry, I must laugh at that one. That would mean about a dozen on our communtiy alone are breaking the law. Plus the dealers who sold them to them as well.

NIE and proof of address was all that was needed. Several of them leave the cars parked outside their homes but most of them have them parked up in the long stay car parks at the airport and collect them for their visits. 

Thread: Owning a Spanish car as a Non-Resident

07 Apr 2022 10:25 PM:

The two across the road from us, one Dutch guy who bought nearer the town and a Brit who split up and divorced, have both been sold. The latter one within 3 weeks. 1 Brit moving over permanent and 1 Brit for a holiday home. 

That's 8 houses in the last 8 months which have been sold and all to Brits, just 3 of them permanent. 

Prices are almost up to what the original buyers bought them for back just before the bank crash in 2008 or thereabouts. The one divorced has actually made money on it with the exchange rate since then as he's going back to UK. (bought in 2008 for €190k so about £140k back then. Just sold for €180k (10k less than he was asking) or about £150. Not much profit in over 10 years but at least it is profit although more due to exchange rates than anything else.

10k seems to be the monthly profit in UK at the moment. 

Thread: House Purchase

20 Mar 2022 8:52 PM:

OK, I surrender. All the sites, the links, the government advice and so on saying the NLV is for taking out residency and is only valid for 3 months and 15 days are totally wrong.

I have posted to the chap in my original post that linked to the UK government, the Spanish government sites and several articles from solicitors and residency experts and told him he is wrong.

I've told them all that someone who can't even get the intials right on EOS and keeps calling it a NVL is the fount of all knowledge and is absolutely correct and all those are absolutely wrong.

He is going to pay a couple of thousand euro and get one so he can stay in Spain for up to 6 months, despite it only being valid for 3 months, and do this every year (even though it says you can only apply once and, if you don't take up residency within that 3 months it will be invalid and not allowed again) and get this magic visa in his passport.

I give in, I totally bow my head to the all knowing one who has this idea and wish him the best of luck on trying it. I'm sure he'll come back in the future and explain how easy it was, how little it cost and how simple it was to do. 

Bye bye.

Thread: Non lucrative visa


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