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29 Mar 2021 22:25:

According  to the Spanish gov website, long stay visas are for residency applications, work applications or student applications. There isn't an actual one for holidy long stay. 

Extensions to the 90 day rule are only given for medical or emergency reasons whilst actually in Spain. 

Thread: Eu 90 day rule

25 Mar 2021 19:45:

Whilst it is only residents, those whose permanent home is Spain, that should be on the padron, many towns, especially those with a very high number of non residents, allow non residents to be on the padron. Their argument is that the rules say it should be your permanent place of residence but they say it means your permanent place of residence in Spain. Not wishing to go in the rights or wrongs of that (despite scare stories of  thousands of euros in fines I've never heard of anyone being fined) the municipality gets a grant to cover all those who live in the town for things like road improvements, local policing, extra facilities and so on. A town with many, many non residents will still have to provide the facilities but won't get the money from the regional government to be able to do so.

That bit posted says non EU who are not permanent residents (which you get after 5 years of residency in Spain). Non EU citizens are supposed to have residency for 1 year, renew it for another 2 years and then renew it for another 2 years until they become permanent (which we didn't have to do in the EU).  I think that applies to the padron as well.

The padron, for permanent residents, lasts for 5 years but, if you need it for any official reason, it must be in date by 3 months. For example, apply for an initial TIE and you need a padron dated within 3 months of application. Apply to exchange your old green registro card for a TIE and you don't need a padron at all if the address is still the same.

Many places give discounts to those on the padron (for example, the ferry from Mallorca to Ibiza is 60 euro but only 6 if you are a Mallorcan resident on the padron). 

The town gets a grant from the regional government depending on how many are on the padron (good for the town and community).

Our local town hall runs free Spanish and computer lessons for those who are on the padron.

Residents, temporary (under 5 years) and permanent (over 5 years) can vote in local and regional elections but not European or central general elections.

If doing something like taking out a loan, buying a car etc where proof of address is required, a padron certificate can be asked for although, as many places don't allow you to be on the padron if it isn't your permanent home, house deeds plus utility bills now seem to be accepted.

In our town, they do allow you to be on the padron if you are a non-resident. You can also just turn up and they will renew it for you if you need it for something. Other places, Torrevieja for example, have a 2 or 3 month waiting list for an appointment.

You can't get a SIP card for your health if you aren't on the padron. The padron will show which surgery you come under and will allocate you to that one plus a GP. If your padron runs out (after 5 years)and you don't renew it, you could be removed from the surgery list and a few people, Spanish as well as foreigners, have complaine in the newspapers that that has happened to them. No longer registered when asking for an appointment.

In these Covid times, there are many people without a SIP card as they are not eligible for an S1 and rely on private health even though they are residents. Showing your residency card (either one) plus a padron and mobile contact number at your local surgery will get you a temporary Covid SIP card so you will be on the list when they call you for your vaccine. 

When you get older (sigh, I'm already there) you can't get access to social services or home care unless you are on the padron. (A Norwegian couple in their 80s across the road from me got a district nurse calling on them to give them their covid vaccines and one of my neighbours had a serious operation a while back and a nurse called on him at home every day for a month to check on things and change dressings etc).

If you aren't elderly but have kids, you can't enrol them in local schools unless your padron is up to date.

Probably loads of things that we don't know about.

Thread: Padron Update non EU Citizens

15 Mar 2021 21:56:

You can only be tax resident in one country. It would be far better to retain tax residency in UK due to the higher allowances and, as windtalker says, just do 3 months and 3 months. 

It would only be worth taking out residency in Spain if you are going to spend more time here. 6 months in each country would be pointless.

The income you would require, either as pensions or savings, would need to be 4 x IPREM (Spanish level of income) which would mean access to 6778 x 4 per year or 27,112 euro for you and 1 x IPREM of 6778 for your wife and any other dependents. That's almost 34,000 euro a year. The tax allowance in Spain is only about half that of UK so you'd pay tax at 21% minimum on about 27,000 (depending on age).

Don't get me wrong. We live here permanently and love it and I wouldn't put anyone off. Just 6 months and 6 months would not be viable whereas the 3 months and 3 months split would give you the best of both worlds.

Also, if you are thinking of a property both in UK and Spain to split your time in, if you did decide to sell up and just make one of them your permanent home you would be liable to all sorts of taxes (capital gains) which could end up costing a lot.

Regarding income tax, if you become resident in Spain you would pay taxes in Spain (on all your worldwide income including pensions and interest on savings) and have to tell the UK HMRC you will no longer pay tax in UK as you are a Spanish resident. 

Thread: Hi everyone

13 Mar 2021 22:32:

To use the Llamaya phone outside Spain you have to activate the roaming service by calling 2376.

If you go outside the EU the data will be disabled and you have to follow SMS instructions on how to unlock it.
(Saves unexpected big bills, so they say).

I have a Llamaya for use in Spain and used it for calls in UK whilst we were still in the EU. Now I have a contract free EE phone which I top up using a UK account as you do. 

For the Llamaya one it is an old Nokia phone (about 20 euro) and I top up with 10 euro when needed. Also need it for the bank and the health service which won't accept UK mobile numbers. 


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Thread: Mobile phone

17 Feb 2021 12:41:

Baz 1946.

I think you have posted an old requirement. That is what was needed when UK was a part of the EU. The EX18 gives it away as that is now out the window as is the requirement for just 700 euro a month which is 1 x IPREM and now, as no longer in the EU, the primary applicant needs 4xIPREM. I think you are posting what was needed if you moved to Spain prior to December 31st 2020 and is definitely not the same if you move after that date.

Amd the Gov.uk site states IF you moved to Spain before December 31st 2020 you may be entitled to an S1 if you have any other UK benefit. This is the relevant bit:

UK-funded healthcare: using an S1 form in Spain

There’s different guidance if you’re a posted worker.

You may be entitled to state healthcare paid for by the UK if you’re a Spanish resident and receive a UK State Pension.

You may also be entitled to an S1 form if you’re a frontier worker (someone who works in one state and lives in another). You must contact HMRC National Insurance enquiries to find out if you’re eligible.

If you started living in Spain before 1 January 2021, you may also be entitled to an S1 if you receive some other ‘exportable benefits’.


Thread: Non-Lucrative Residence Visa


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