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14 Aug 2019 13:22:

Back on topic (I think).

Are these "debt certificates" from the administrators the letter that states there are no outstanding community fees?
We've sold two properties in Spain and bought three. In every case, with 2 different solicitors, a letter from the administrators to confirm there were no outstanding debts on the property was required. We were advised by one solicitor not to go ahead without one as the community can claim back several years for any debt.

Or is there another type of debt certificate? I know our solicitor checked for outstanding IBI bills (there weren't any) and retaining a certain amount from the sales to cover utility bills. 

Thread: Debt status certificate

11 Aug 2019 23:54:

You will come across a lot of problems in UK if you try and open a new account with a Spanish address.

If you already have a UK account then there should not be a problem simply changing the address to a Spanish one

Nationwide allows you to open a UK account with a Spanish address but you have to go in person to do it.

I tried to open a different current account with NatWest and was told, by phone, no problem, you already have an account so no need to provide proof, just your passord. Nope, applied online and was told I couldn't do it as I was only allowed one account. Got a letter a couple of months later and they apologised they got it wrong and could apply again. I had to provide a copy of my passport countersigned by my Spanish bank plus my residencia, again countersigned by my Spanish bank along with an 8 page application form.

Couple of months later and I had another letter to say I had to turn up at a branch in person. I gave up.

However, your original post is simply asking if you can change from a UK address to a Spanish address and the answer is yes. Should be easy if you already have an account in UK and you should be able to do it online although they may ask you to use one of those machines which they send a code to to verify it is you.

Your last post is confusing as I think you just meant linking a Spanish address to a UK account, not linking your Spanish account to your UK account as you posted. 




Thread: need to change uk address

11 Aug 2019 10:19:

No, the IBI is equivalent to the council tax in many ways. Everyone pas the IBI whether resident or not.

The non-resident or imputed income tax is a tax on the benefit of owning a second home. This is only paid by non-residents as residents will be liable for normal income tax. That tax has to be paid by the end of the year and is split between the owners of the property, eg tax 180 euro and two owners on the deeds then each pays 90 euro.



Thread: IBI tax on property

10 Aug 2019 14:10:

IBI bills come out in July to October for the current year. As you bought in June, the previous owners would be responsible for this year's IBI and your solicitor (or whoever acted for you) should have retained either the amount due for the year or a proportion of it for the time you own it (ie June to December). 

219 euros is a typical annual amount depending on the size and location of the property. 

Check with your solicitor to see if they did retain an amount from the sale.


Thread: IBI tax on property

30 Jul 2019 22:59:

** EDITED - Against forum rules **

How many of the missions, like Bosnia some years ago, were done by the UK and USA? Well, that was actually a EU mission under EUFOR. My husband knows this because he was there and wore the EUFOR tac badge. 

Or the dozens of EUFOR missions going on at the moment in the Congo, Chad etc. Or the British troops just deployed to Mali to join the EUFOR mission that's been there for 5 years.

How many other countries, apart from UK and USA, took part in the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns? You probably think none as you are showing your "little Englander" mentality but the 800 casualties sustained by French troops in Afghanistan may give you a clue. 

In addition to the UK and USA forces, IFOR (Afg) contained troops from France (88 killed, over 750 badly wounded), Germany (57 killed), Italy (53 killed), Denmark (47 killed), Spain (35 killed and 62 killed in an air crash)

Norway, Estonia, Latvia........ I could go on** EDITED - Against forum rules **

The UN mission pulled out of Chad and authorised the EU to take over the mission in 2007 and they've been there ever since.with France having the most troops (2000), with Italy, Spain, Germany and many other EU countries taking part including UK with 4 troops there.

France have suffered casualties in 8 of the 15 current EUFOR and EUNAV mission in Europe, Africa and the Indian Ocean and have taken part in virtually all the 40 or so mission carried out by the EU in the last 15 years.

EU does "bugger all"? ** EDITED - Against forum rules **.



Thread: Who should be next UK PM?


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