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22 Sep 2023 2:17 PM:

I am assuming you have a UK passport. There are several ways but you need a visa to enter Spain and apply for residency when you get here.

Firstly, and most popular, the Non Lucrative Visa. This is primarlly for those wishing to retire to Spain as it doesn't allow you to work. You need to show and annual income of around €35,000 a year for a couple and have private medical insurance if under retirement age. If over retirement age, you can apply for an S1 which transfers your medical cover from UK to Spain.

As you said you wanted to work remotely for a UK company, there is the so-called digital nomad visa. This allows you to work for a non Spanish company and show you would get the regular income plus have private medical insurance to cover you for at least a year. This is for 1 year to start but can be extended up to 5 years in two gos. Each time you reapply you have to show the required income and the medical cover. 

There are loads of other visas such as a work visa, student visa etc. 

Plenty of information on official sites out there which show the requirements. Whatever visa you get, you would need to apply for residency in the province you are going to be based in within 3 months of arrival.

I would think the digital nomad visa is the one you want and the rules etc are on the official Ministry of the Interior site

Digital Nomad Visa


Thread: Help please - looking to move to Spain

25 Aug 2023 3:27 PM:

Going back to providing aircon, the mandatory installation in rentals seems to be an Andalucian decree.

In the Valencian region, they have three standards for rentals, standard (E), Primera (P) and Superior (S).

E propertries have no requirements for aircon or heating. P requires aircon in living areas but not mandatory in bedrooms and S require aircon in living areas and bedrooms.

Heathing (from October to April) is the same except that heating in P properties require it in bedrooms as well.


Thread: Cooling systems in rental properties

19 Aug 2023 5:32 PM:

Fair few myths around aircon. The hotels (and shops and government offices) still use it but must keep it at no less than 27C for cooling and no more than 19C for heating. We have ours in the living room on at 26C which is just right. Doesn't get too cold and just a pleasant temperature.

If you get the right type then it is one of the cheapest ways to heat or cool a room. We have a ducted system that cools the living room and bedroom/dining room downstairs and the another that does both bedrooms upstairs. Each is 1.5Kw which gives out up to 4Kw in heat or cooling. It's 19cents per kwh day and 8cents per kwh night. When first switched on one running will cost just under 30 cents an hour day and 12 cents an hour at night.

Once the room is at the right temperature, the inverters slow down using less electric. They do not switch off so don't use the electric for the expensive bit of turning on again, simply run a bit more until it cools down again.

For the heat, you would need 4 x 1kw fires running which would be 76 cents an hour to run in the day instead of the 30 cents max for the aircon. 

We also, with the ducted system, have a vent blowing new air in but another vent taking the old air out so no problems with the air getting stale if we have it on at night.

Now, I do love it here in Spain but the last couple of years have been showing ridiculous temperatures with very tropical nights. We've had it more often last year and this year than previous years. Having it on all night only costs about a euro which is well worth it in this heat. Not on much in the day, just when having the evening meal as it's been getting too hot eat outside lately. But although it is cheaper than other forms, even just using 2 euro a day will put 60 euro on your monthly bill. Our normal bill usually a few euro under 50 euro a month but this month's forecast is 96 euro, but boy is it worth it.

Oh, the plus side is the winter months stayed very warm this year and we didn't use it for heating at all. 

Thread: Cooling systems in rental properties

11 Aug 2023 12:04 PM:

Valencia Region is scrapping inheritance and donations tax. Also stopping the tourist tax before it is implemented. Their next step is to get rid of the wealth tax which is already at a very high value so not paid by many. 

When they say abolishing or getting rid it's not quite true. They have given a 99% reduction on these taxes which effectively makes them nothing. The actual tax remains as it couldn't simply be altered at a later date.


Thread: No More Wealth Tax in Andalucia From 2023

10 Aug 2023 10:22 AM:

You can get screw on adapters for the outside taps that fit the hose attachments. I have them fitted on mine. A much cheaper and less messy option.

Thread: Taps


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