is it wise to move to Spain post Brexit

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04 Oct 2016 09:38 by xJenny Star rating in Spain/England. 12 posts Send private message

What can I say then, more the fool you, everyone has to have money in one form or another to survive the daily living and heaven only knows the poster cant live on being kind? 

How is a person taking paid work away from someone who has a need? if the Police can't speak English, and another person has taken the time to learn Spanish, then they should be reimbursed, I have authorised many payments for translation work, one Belgium chap I have dealt with gets a good payment for his work when the time comes, and on a regular basis due to his language skills and the illegals getting caught who can't, or wont speak English. Its good paid work, if you can get it. Perhaps work in a charity shop if you feel bad taking payments, I understand they don't pay staff.

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04 Oct 2016 11:23 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4523 posts Send private message

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I've tried to stay quiet, but this takes the biscuit. I don't know who you are, or what your motives for joining EOS are, xJenny, but you seem intent on causing disruption on what is normally a civilized, cordial forum. What the heck is your problem? People come on here to either ask for, or provide information based on their own experiences and knowledge. You don't appear to be asking for any help, but neither are you offering anything useful or helpful. You may own several properties in Spain, but clearly have very little knowledge of the law or how things work here: you claim to frequently spend more than 6 months here, but gladly admit to avoiding registering as a resident & therefore fulfilling your legal tax liabilities - although you say you have your pensions "correct". You don't know what you're talking about, so best to stop making a fool of yourself.

There's a huge difference between a professional, qualified (paid for) translator, and an amateur, volunteer interpreter. If you don't undersand that, you are even more ignorant than your posts so far suggest. Your unwarranted reply to John here is in my opinion very insulting. Anyone who gives their time freely and willingly to help others in any way should be congratulated. If you think they are are foolish for doing so, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but if you had any decorum at all, you'd keep it to yourself.

Please, if you have nothing worth saying, say nothing at all.



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain




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04 Oct 2016 15:54 by alant Star rating in Alto Guadiato, North.... 10 posts Send private message

What as translators free or paid to do with Brexit? is it me who has lost the thread?

Now I am "retired", I wonder how I ever found time to work.

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04 Oct 2016 18:25 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message

Roberto and alant

I agree with your comments but remember it does take 2 to tango and me thinks a bit of growing up is required 

Back on thread we hope


“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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04 Oct 2016 18:53 by acer Star rating. 1391 posts Send private message


You are entitled to your view.  

Personally I was struck by the support for Roberto's assessment - as I post on at 18.00 on 4th October there are 10 "likes" the highest I've ever seen on EOS.  

For me that's far more significant..

Don't argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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04 Oct 2016 19:03 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message

Acer fair comment and as i said i agreed with the 2 posts but these 2 seem to be having a spat on a couple of threads hence my comment 

I am not defending or supporting either if them just a comment



“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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