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26 Feb 2017 10:08:


Yes it has been an experience and enlightning for us all but the repetitivenesss and going round in circles is now getting tedious

Maybe it is time to wait until we start seeing real action and real facts once the negoatiations start and actual decicions made instead of speculation, guesswork (educated or not) and (dare I say it) scareongering from all points of view


Thread: BREXIT

26 Feb 2017 09:06:


Oh, and this whole thread is becoming ridiculous. There is nothing that has not been said before and I hoped, like the mythical oozlum bird, it would go round and round and finally disappear where the sun don't shine. It's simply people making things up to fit their biased point of view (from both sides) and should be put to death. Hopefully the UK will have some grown ups doing the negotiations coming up rather than sit there and slag each other which this thread has degenerated into.

Great summary - ths stherad really has ran it course

Thread: BREXIT

24 Feb 2017 19:12:


What would you do if this was Santander in the UK and you wanted to transfer money to another bank in the UK or to Spainwink

ET what crossed you mind is clearly the obvious and correct answerwink


Thread: Santander bank charges

24 Feb 2017 14:27:


A coupe of thoughts for you

why would Scotland be any less off than other small EU member states such as ROI, Malta, Luxembourg etc if they left teh UK and remined in EU (or "re-joined")

What about NI leaving the UK and joining up with ROI so they can remain in the EU as  they voted

All could happen

Thread: BREXIT

24 Feb 2017 14:22:


The cure for the EU is not a universal benefit system for all the reasons you identify Robert, it's to put in place an adequate factoring mechanism that takes into account the various differentials across member states, and applies controls accordingly ( an intellectual exercise and a half!),....A stabilising mechanism if you will

WHy not what is the difference to what you are saying. Membert stateshave different rules on who qualifies for benefits (soem pay nothing) make them the same across all states and centrally which woudl be a stabilising mechanism

Teh object of benefits is to help thsie who lose their jobs aor cannot work for helath reason it is not a p***ing contest to see who has the best thsi is looking after human beings when in need


YEss illegal immigatnst between france and ROI sames as betewen france and UK. If EU citiznes can travek form EU to ROI and then into NI without contolrs whats teh diffnernec they end up staying in nI and claimingbenfist or woking illagally what about giving rights or residiency to ROI citiznes in NI and UK?

Thread: BREXIT


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