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14 Aug 2019 01:32:

Just to clarify - (again) when you say "Property value now at 142% of purchase price after less than four years", from your link to a property for sale (not sold) at €47,200 that would mean it cost around €33,250 less than four years ago. (Please correct me if my calculation is wrong) Is this the same property you referred to back in 2016 that you purchased for €60,000? 

Quote: "For my property to go from purchase price of 60000 in 2015 to a value of 120000 by 2025 would require an average increase of 7.2% per annum."

I'm a bit confused, Perhaps you can explain? Or perhaps you prefer to just pop back in a month or so to tell us all how much more you're worth than last time?

Very bizarre. indecision

Thread: Upturn in Spanish property sales?

13 Aug 2019 18:48:

The problem is, we still don't know which bank nicbax is with. It might not be HSBC! HBOS, for example, will probably tell you your acount will have to move to Lloyds on the Isle of Man if you're now resident outside the UK (not necessarily a problem, but possibly an unnecessary inconvenience). It's quite possible (probable even) that most UK banks won't allow you to change your address online to one outside the UK, since their IT systems are probably not set up to accept a non-UK post code, for example. Hence my suggestion to simply contact the bank in question and ask.

Just out of curiosity, floella: I've never known anyone to transfer money to Spain by presenting a cheque drawn on a UK bank. (I didn't realise anyone still used cheques, for that matter!) Presumably this works for you, but surely it takes forever for the cheque to clear, since your Spanish bank must have to snail mail it to the UK for clearing, no doubt passing through various branches along the way (and back)? And at what cost in charges, I wonder? And at what exchange rate, I wonder? 

Thread: need to change uk address

12 Aug 2019 02:05:

At the risk of sounding , err, rude....have you thought of asking your bank? Each bank probably has their own rules; some may accept a Spanish address for correspondence, some may try to shift your account to an offshore branch....If you're worried that they will promptly close your account, just ask the question anonymously. You haven't told us which bank you're with, but if you search their website you may well find the answer there.

Thread: need to change uk address

11 Aug 2019 17:57:

None of which is relevant to the OP, who clearly is non-resident.

Shall we discuss Brexit here next?

Thread: IBI tax on property

11 Aug 2019 12:25:

The IBI, as explained, is your equivalent of council tax. It is normally payable by whoever owns the property on January 1st, for the entire calendar year. However, since most councils don't get around to issuing the bills until the second half of the year, this can cause problems whenever a property changes hands. The council does not split the bill - if there is an agreement between buyers and sellers to pay their pro rata part, it's up to them to arrange that themselves. When you say you have received the bill, presumably it is actually in the name of the previous owner. Theoretically, therefore, you can ignore this. However, the seller is unlikely to pay it (unless they had a direct debit set up). If left unpaid, the debt could stay attached to the property, which could cause you problems in the future. Your options therefore are to just pay it (it's not a huge amount in the scheme of things, and this will give you peace of mind); ignore it, and hope it never comes back to haunt you; or, your best bet imo, and hoping you still have a line of communication with your legal rep from the purchase, forward it on to them and ask their advice/opinion, and take it from there. Also, ask them to contact the council if they haven't already done so, to register you as the new owner and set up a direct debit to pay next year's tax. While you're at it, ask them if they can handle your non-resident tax returns, and if so how much they charge for doing so, and then check back here for threads on the subject to see if they are competitive compared to what other non-residents pay for the service (or for instructions on how to DIY).

Best of luck, and hope your health issues are behind you now.

Thread: IBI tax on property


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