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"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

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09 Jul 2021 17:18:

Next time, tell her you joined a forum about expat life in Spain specifically to get dating advice. Never fails for me laughheart

Thread: Does your occupation matter when it comes to dating?

04 Jul 2021 10:13:

 "I am not going to get into a price war..."

Oops! Looks like you just did!!

By pretty much every official measurement, the cost of living is lower in Spain than the UK (though not by much), but of course these by necessity are generalisations &  it's different for every individual, so largely pointless making comparisons.

Enjoy your cheapo Sunday lunch Windy, I do hope the roast isn't too coarse laugh

Thread: Cost of living. 2021

02 Jul 2021 15:22:

It's not really anybody's business why someone should want to move to a foreign country or how they choose to live their life - but the important issue here is: if the OP is a UK citizen (which they haven't confirmed or otherwise), then moving to Spain on a low income isn't really an option any more. Also important to note that Spain isn't  "demanding" anything new, simply that the UK voted to become a non-EU country and therefore the pre-existing residency requirements for non-EU nationals now apply to Brits. So whilst it may be possible to live on 800-1000€ a month, unless you actually have considerably more than that coming in, legally you're going to have to settle for being a 90 in 180 days tourist.

Of course, if the "snow in Schengen" means the OP is actually an EU citizen,none of this is relevant anyway ;-)  

Thread: Cost of living. 2021

06 May 2021 16:11:

Greed is good, remember? Your mate Boris said so himself. 

Thread: Vaccination certification

30 Apr 2021 14:10:

And as usual, we're back at the same old thing - them bloody forriners, init. cryingno

From no doubt one of your most trusted sources: "...bosses have 'concern' about the exodus of Eastern European workers following the pandemic and post-Brexit" Oh! surprise  And this from a rag which is probably more responsible for Brexit than anyone!

Thread: Eu 90 day rule


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