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22 Dec 2021 12:55 AM:

Not to mention the fact that it's got nothing to do with who lives where; rather, who owns what. If it was that simple, I'd make Sra.Roberto go and live in my trastero, so I don't have to pay imputed income tax on it laugh

Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

21 Dec 2021 4:13 PM:

The "name" of the tax is income tax. It's clearly stated on the relevant form (210) which is used for all forms of taxable income, actual or imputed (imagined, if you like) and not just tax on second property ownership.

It's not a mythical tax. It actually exists!

It's not aimed at milking non-residents, as residents also pay it.

Owning a second property in other countries comes with additional tax burdens too. For example, in the UK there is no relief on stamp duty if you buy a second home - whether you are resident or not in the UK, and whether or not you plan to rent it out, or just use it for your own holidays.

Death & taxes, as they say. Believe what you like. (But perhaps you could turn off your bold typeface? It makes you seem like you're shouting. Perhaps you are? wink)


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Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

21 Dec 2021 2:04 PM:

Kavanagh: "I think the penny has eventually dropped with me". No, I really don't think it has!

Mike, "Non Resident Tax....actually means 'not occupied' " - I may be splitting hairs here, but that's not actually correct. It is true that a tax is levied on all owners of second (sometimes unoccupied) homes, whether they are Spanish residents or not, but it is not called non resident tax, it's just income tax. We refer to "non-resident" tax for those who are not fiscal residents in Spain simply because there is a different form to use for non residents. If you look at your form 210 you'll see it is actually titled Non Residents Income Tax.

You pay income tax on any rental income obtained, and for the days when the property is not rented out (either occupied by you or left empty) you pay imputed income tax pro-rata. 



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Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

20 Dec 2021 3:53 PM:

Yep, let's see what happens laugh

Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

20 Dec 2021 2:17 PM:

Posted before seeing Lobin's post!

In case it has got lost as the thread digressed a bit....


If you pay tax on actual rental income you need you submit an imputed tax return pro-rata to the number of days that the property was not rented out.


Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!


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