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06 Aug 2012 13:51 by geofb Star rating. 19 posts Send private message

We have booked car hire through Argus car hire, website to pick up a car later this month at Murcia airport' using Dickmanns car hire, who apparently operate from a van in the car park, but I have read some bad reports of this firm ,with people being charged for things after they returned home, as you have to put the keys in a letter box , with no one to check.

Has anyone used this company, and what did you think?

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06 Aug 2012 14:21 by nigela Star rating. 417 posts Send private message

 I have used them several times and had no problems at all.  Yes you have to pay fuel on a full empty basis but so do most of the other companies.

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06 Aug 2012 15:01 by iain4702 Star rating in East Lothian & Lo.... 42 posts Send private message

I too have used this firm at both Murcia and Alicante many times and never had a problem.Enjoy.



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06 Aug 2012 22:07 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2572 posts Send private message

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I used them last month, don't fall for the half/ half trick though. They are allowed to charge up to 25€ for fuelling the vehicle. A trick of theirs is to give you the car full and charge you half a tank plus fuelling. You return it half full and the next punter pays for half fuel AND the fuelling charge!!! No spurrious charges after returning though, but we do take the extra insurance.


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08 Aug 2012 10:43 by geofb Star rating. 19 posts Send private message

Thanks a lot ,

I will stick with Dickmanns and see what happens, thanks again for your contributions , it was well received



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08 Aug 2012 12:56 by diverdan Star rating in Scotland / Greenock .... 119 posts Send private message

I got ripped off by Dickmanns for 30euros for additional driver and they would only accept cash for that part of the transaction. The deal that i had was that the first additional driver was free and booked through the website you promote on this website. CARTRAWLER. I have been in contact with them and they have started ignoring my emails and refuse to sort this problem out.

I anticipated that this charge was all detailed on the receipt but was not. The man at Dickmanns must just be running a little extra money for himself but as this is Spain no one will do anything about it.

CARTRAWLER agree terms with you but when you arrive at MURCIA late at night with small kids who have been travelling all day you just want to get in the car and underway to your house. Therefore you are blackmailed into accepting that you maust pay cash for the car or you dont get it. Not a suitable alternative at night.



This message was last edited by diverdan on 08/08/2012.


Looking forward to a long retirement in the sun..........

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09 Aug 2012 19:44 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2572 posts Send private message

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I got the promised free extra driver when I hired with them, booked through HCiS.


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10 Aug 2012 00:19 by cbrammeld Star rating. 172 posts Send private message

I also booked through HCiS and received second driver free. It was not clear on car voucher so I phoned HCiS and he confirmed second driver is free. If we had to pay for it on arrival I was told the cost would be refunded.
Leaving the car in the car park unchecked and unattended at Murcia airport at the end of the rental period is unsettling though.
I always take several photos on collection and return of car, just in case of disputes.

I paid £49 for an annual insurance policy to cover hire car excess. I hire about four times a year and annual policy is much cheaper than the rip off at the hire car office.

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10 Aug 2012 10:01 by diverdan Star rating in Scotland / Greenock .... 119 posts Send private message

I am sure that this will be a popular post not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But after my experience with CARTRAWLER which is widely promoted by this site i.e. it is on their front page - I emailed this site for their view on my treatment as this site in my opinion has a moral at the very least responsibility for the advertisers it promotes.

Needless to say - NOTHING HEARD and no reply.



Looking forward to a long retirement in the sun..........

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10 Aug 2012 11:08 by cbrammeld Star rating. 172 posts Send private message

 I have not used cartrawler before. With their poor customer service think I will give them a miss with my bookings for rest of the year.

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10 Aug 2012 11:53 by Abyss_Rover Star rating in Mallorca. 72 posts Send private message

Diverdan, I think that you will find that most sites with advertising don't vet their advertisers and only when something becomes public knowledge, does anything really happen. Businesses with good feedback are hard to find.


www.finditfme.com The new, advanced way to find what you are looking for.

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10 Aug 2012 14:09 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Dickmann's website General Conditions makes it clear that a second driver is included in the rental free of charge... but...subsequent additional extra drivers (to a maximum of three) are charged at the rate of 2.59€ per day to a maximum of 25€





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10 Aug 2012 23:11 by diverdan Star rating in Scotland / Greenock .... 119 posts Send private message

I know what the website says but when you are told you must pay you just pay and expect it to be paid back to you whne you get home and sort it out. You cannot argue at 2230 at night with kids in tow when you have been travelling all day and still have over an hours driving to do.


Looking forward to a long retirement in the sun..........

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18 Aug 2012 18:41 by kazjan Star rating in cheshire. 1 posts Send private message

I will never use Dickmanns car hire again. 6 days after returning the hire car and arriving back in the UK, I was charged another 100 euros on my credit card. After numerous emails, I finally was advised that it was due to a scratch on the wing mirror. The black mark, not a scratch was on the mirror when I collected it. At no point was I asked to inspect the car for damage nor was I asked to take out any extra insurance. They just ignore your emails. Thankfully I took out an annual car hire excess insurance and they have been brilliant, paying out the full amount within a week but I am still cross that I hadn't caused the damage anyway. They also rip you off for half a tank of fuel - they charged me 51 euros for a small citroen c3! Good job I didn't have to pay for a full tank!DO NOT USE THEM!

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18 Aug 2012 19:15 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5244 posts Send private message

They are not the first company to do that, it’s been common practice almost everywhere for years.

That is why normally one can only rent using a Credit Card, not a Debit Card and nor with cash, so they can make a claim after you have returned the car.
Not that I hire much these days, but when I have I have always taken several photos of the car on collection, from as many angles as possible and even with a staff member in the shot.

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18 Aug 2012 19:17 by wanderingwoman Star rating in Jardine 9, Condado d.... 170 posts Send private message

Used Dickmanns this year for the first (and last) time, they charged us over E150 for damage which we didnt do. Considering the beat up old car we had I am amazed they could see any new dents! ha!

We have an ongoing investigation through our credit card company. Heard many bad reports after we did some thorough research on the company.

We have been hiring cars for many years and this is the one and only problem we have ever had! Personally - would not touch them even if it meant I had no car!  If you do, take a piece of advice, photograph the car thoroughly on pick up and drop off and follow their T&Cs, ie report any obvious damages when you pick it up... a pain - I know but it could save you over E100 in extra charges!


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30 Aug 2012 22:48 by nigela Star rating. 417 posts Send private message

 I have used this company several times in the past - but having just come back today never again will I use them.  We arrived and got a virtually brand new Corsa - diesel - a bit over priced for fuel but not massively.  The problem was coming back (we had about 100 km from our house to the airport) - assoon as the car got on the motorway it started to shake and slow down to amaximum speed of 40 km per hour.  We stopped and rang Dickmans - we had an imediate reply - asked if we had any fuel in the car (silly question as we were doing 40 kmph) then said ring the sos line.  What really annoyed me was the SOS line was aSpanish answerphone with no ability to leave amessage and then Dickmans refused to answer our phone calls - despite us telling him we were on our way to catch our flight.  After an hour of my wife ringing and me driving the car at low speeds (I found that going up a gear increased the sped  I could drive at even though there was no revs at low gears and I managed 60 kmph)  I got hold of someone who said ah its a Corsa - probably the EPS then.  When you get closer give us another ring.  There was no care about us catching our flights.  

In the end we arrived 15 minutes after the gates had closed Easyjet were running early (just my luck) and they announced as we arrived final boarding call for our flight.  Easyjet had closed up shop but Jet2 were brilliant along with the office staff from the airport they pushed us through check in and we just made our flight.  No thanks to Dickmans.


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30 Aug 2012 23:57 by GuyT Star rating. 494 posts Send private message

 nigella, I trust you bought some oil to top up his brake fluid reservoir before handing it back.

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31 Aug 2012 14:10 by nigela Star rating. 417 posts Send private message

Unfotunately didn't have time - would have missed my flight!

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05 Oct 2012 16:26 by tangledman Star rating in Puerto de Mazarron. 45 posts Send private message

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A good alternative might be FC rent a car for  Murcia airport car rental. People seem to recomend them and use them again and again.

The offer regular client discounts as well as an early booking discount.


spanishpropertymagazine.com puerto-de-mazarron.co.uk costacalidanews.com

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