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09 Sep 2019 13:05:

Try gnucash. 

Thread: Freeware Accounting Progam for a Small Club/Association

17 May 2018 00:40:

Thanks everyone for your advice.  We are waiting for  medical advice to see if it is advisable for our daughter to travel this far - if we are happy with the advie then we will probably do this as long as the ferries are not fully booked.

Thread: Santander to Vera

16 May 2018 15:28:

We normally fly to Spain and hire a car  but unfortunately my daughter is not well and unable to fly at the moment (due to the pressure in the plane).  We are looking to take our car across thyew ferry from either Santander or Bilbao in August.  I am a little nervous about driving a UK car in Spain and also about how busy the roads would be as I believe you go close to Madrid.  Can anyone give me any  advice as to the best route and places to stay ove for 1 night.  Thanks

Thread: Santander to Vera

08 Jan 2018 18:08:

Try eBay they are quite cheap there.

Thread: Smart box for tv

29 Jul 2016 10:58:

So do Spanish people have to provide details of their passports?  If so what about a Spanish family who doesn't have a passport?  Does that mean they can't book a holiday?  

Thread: New Regulations for Rental Properties - installation of air conditioning


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