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06 Aug 2012 13:25 by alecB Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

from alec

Hi everyone I am new on here, I am hoping there are some answers for my current nightmare.

I have lived on Ibiza for 15 years legaly and with no problems, I have been employed by many different businesses over the years and even been legaly self employed, however this year 2012 has been a shocker with no legal employment being available to me and I am suffering a condition for the last six months known as Tinitus and am about to see a specialist at the hospital. In March of this year my third residencia expired, I was lucky enough to be one of the last people to still get a photo plastic card last time, I did not realsie that my residencia had expired untill June of this year and proceeded to renew it, I went to the police as one does and he told me I needed to get private medical insurance as I was unemployed and as this is expensive and have little money through unemployment and no benefit at the moment the situation is impossible, I do have a full up todate Spanish medical card and I do sign on and will seek work as and when able to do so, the police refused to renew my residencia until I get this PMI, then I read an article on this site which stated that it is not now a legal requirement for an EU to obtain such a card/residencia (call it what you will). Other information:- I am registered at the council, I have a full spanish driving licience, I sign on evry 3 months and have a doctor and medical card and all the usual things one has when living legally, and I just renewed ny british passport through Madrid office.   "Right"  I have people saying that I will have to leave as my old residencia ran out over three months ago and others saying dont worry you dont have to renew anything? 

  please find the article dated 7th April 2012 that says after 5 years you automatically become a resident and you need not renew anything?


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06 Aug 2012 14:02 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5246 posts Send private message

                            I suggest you go again to the office and this time, if they refuse to allow you the register on the EU Citizen’s Register (not Residencia), then  demand the Complaints Forms.  I suspect they will “find a way around the 'problem'  "
As I understand, if one has been resident in Spain for 5 years they automatically have permanent residence status.

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06 Aug 2012 17:44 by alecB Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Thankyou so much for your comment, I think you are right but I need to be sure before I take on the policia nacional. Definatley NO ONE has ever asked me to renew my residencia in the past, I just did it because it had an expire date so one presumes it must need renewing after that date, also I had a call from the company I always use to insure my car and they tend to agree with you.

Surely there must be writen guidelines on this subject if it is the law, I wonder where to look to find this info in printable form,  it seems wrong that you can work and pay into the system for many years and then be confused by conflicting info that even the police may not be aware of.

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06 Aug 2012 18:03 by elaineG Star rating in Spain . 409 posts Send private message



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06 Aug 2012 18:08 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5246 posts Send private message

                       Asking for the complaints form does not mean you will need to complete it. 
On the occasions I have been connected with such requests from the police (around 6 times) they have always fixed the problem there and then. 
Take a look here for the info 'in writing'

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