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07 Sep 2007 12:00 AM by davina Star rating in Maidstone/Sierra Gol.... 104 posts Send private message

 Hello everyone,

Has anyone  bought an electrical package recently. I thought it might be easier as we have problems getting to our property. I have been quoted 1900 Euros for a six piece pack and they will install it on the day we arrive, which will save a lot of running about. Has any ever done this and wished they had not.


Balsicas/Costa Calida

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07 Sep 2007 2:42 PM by hobby Star rating in Hertfordshire/Estepo.... 155 posts Send private message

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Hi Davina

We didnt have an electrical pack as such installed (the kitchen appliances - fridge/freezer, cooker,washer etc were included in the development spec) but we had a Tv and DVD supplied as part of our 'furniture package' , the LG television is great but the DVD player was absolute rubbish, we watch our DVDs on the X box now!  Unless you can pick the brands or know if they are any good I'd be a bit dubious, but thats only my opinion!   we bought all the other electrical bits ourselves,  audio system, microwave, xbox etc.

Best of luck and fingers crossed your package will be a good quality one.


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07 Sep 2007 9:34 PM by Candyfloss Star rating in Cardiff / Mar Menor. 1605 posts Send private message

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Hi Davina,

We are not far from you in Santaigo de Ribera. We needed a fridge/freezer, washing machine, hob, oven and TV and chose some nice ones from Mastercadena at the Dos Mares. I stupidly measured everything apart from the height of fridge/freezer and had an e mail from our key holder to say it didn't fit. We chose another one to fit and Mastercadena had no problem at all replacing with the new one and promptly delivered the next week, all while we were over here. I'm not sure about packages but found choosing separately we did get a good deal on different makes. We are very pleased with all our appliances so just thought I'd let you know that the service from them was excellent even though they had to lug fridge/freezers up and down stairs as our lifts aren't working yet. Hope this is of some help to you.


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07 Sep 2007 9:45 PM by ******** Star rating in UK & Murcia. 574 posts Send private message

Yes, I can vouch for Gina's absent mindedness - saw it with my own eyes last week!!  (only joking - she was quite sober really - but it was daylight !

Hi Davina, I'm on SG too.  Think I'll try to get the items seperately as Gina did.  Sales on at the moment (except I'm back here) so there may be some good deals around. There are some places to get all you need in one trip.  I even found an electrical shop that came and fitted all my light fittings - just like here - not. 

try the shopping centre Dos Mares that Gina mentioned.  Just down the motorway from SG in San Javier - has a good electrical shop in there.  Also try Fleure - an electrical shop in Pilar.  I'm sure there's many more.

Best wishes




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08 Sep 2007 9:20 AM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

When I furnished our house I went for the cheapest washing machine as the agent said that they don't last long as they furr up with hard water deposits.

The machine is fine in the warm weather but when I visit in the Winter I curse the low spin cycle.  Worthwhile shopping for items separately and getting a higher spin.

Same with dishwasher I bought a bluesky from Carrefour, it takes over two hours to complete a wash.  Here in UK I have a Miele which takes less than an hour. 

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08 Sep 2007 10:03 AM by kelju Star rating in South Yorkshire . 300 posts Send private message

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As an ex-white goods engineer I can say that most washing machines are chosen because of the number of different programmes they offer, e.g. different wash temperatures, rinse cycles, anti-crease, spin speed etc.

I often went to repair both extremes of the spectrum and found that people with the machines with the most options, or the ones with the least, generally only used 2 programmes, the 'Boil' wash and a delicates one.  Think about it, how many of the various programmes and options on your machinme at home do you use?  My advice would be to go for a simple machine with a spin speed of at least 1000rpm. 

With regards to the hard water problem, Calgon that's advertised on the telly really does work, although I'm not too sure about using it in every wash as it would probably work out more expensive than buying a new machine.  In South Yorkshire where I live it is soft water and there are a few pockets in the area where the water is hard.  I used to recommend to my customers in the hard water areas that they use Calgon once a month or every couple of weeks and wash a load of towels on the  highest temperature setting (usually 90 degrees).  The towels can take the temperature and give the water a good old slosh around which tends to keep the inside of the machine clean.  You could always fit a water softener instead of Calgon, check that out thjough as I have no experience of these.

It's a good idea to wash towels at 90 degs at leat once a month anyway irrespective of hard or soft water areas.  As most of the washing done these days tends to be on the 30 or 40 degree setting, bacteria builds up on the inside of the machine, it is Orange in colour and if it gets onto your clothes then it looks like rust which leads people to think the machine is rusty somewhere inside.  Pull back the fold on the door seal and you will more than likely find it there.  It is the same kind of bacteria you find in bathrooms, usually on the shower head.


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08 Sep 2007 11:16 AM by davina Star rating in Maidstone/Sierra Gol.... 104 posts Send private message

Hi everyone,

Thank you to the info. The advice has been really helpful and we have decided to buy indiviually. 

We purchased in April 2004 and the handover is at the end of October, it has been a frustrating and worrying time. 

I have now found out that the handover day will be on a Thursday but my rather kind boss has given me an extra week, so we will not have to fly straight back on the Sunday.

With regards to the hard water, I was unaware of this, so perhaps we should look into some sort of water softening system and lots of Calgon.

Thanks for the advice Kevin.


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