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30 Oct 2016 1:04 AM:

Spot on Candyfloss - we on EOS are here to help, not nit pick!  Good to see you posting.

Welcome John & Judith

depending where you are going to be, there are plenty of out of town shopping centres in Murcia, for example in Murcia city itself and Cartagena, and also the La Zenia Boulevard shopping Centre which is in Alicante province but very close to Murcia province zeniaboulevard.es

Keep asking whatever you want to know and good luck with the move.

Thread: New members

13 Jun 2016 3:00 PM:

Contact Paul at TV technology.  They will go through all options objectively with you.  They're excellent.

http://www.televisiontechnology.eu/    966783944

Thread: Satellite / TV Package

04 Nov 2015 2:07 PM:

Respectfully, re-read my post.  All schemes are different. Some with lump some availability were closed to new entrants a long time ago.  Those with that entitlement are much fewer than they were and many retiring now will not have that availability.

Thread: Changes to State pension age for women

04 Nov 2015 12:47 PM:

I just wish people slagging off public sector pensions knew what they were talking about, not listening to hearsay or making it up because someone knows someone on a pension.

Yes, as pointed out by others on here, public sector pensions used to be very good, as did private pensions, until the raid on pensions by Brown and the crash caused by deregulation of Banking when we followed the USofA model.  All pensions suffered, some in the private sector eg equitable life disapeared.  Public sector acted to make sure the disparity between public and private was not so big, and so unaffordable.

All the public sector professions mentioned on here have different pension arrangements to each other and can't be put into one 'public sector' bag.  There is no 'lump sum' for everyone entitled to a public sector pension.  There is for some pension schemes and not for others.  Similarly, whether a pension entitlement is 1/80, 1/60th of a salary, a career average or something else, it completely depends on which 'public' pension scheme an individual's public sector employer has.

As in the private sector, those who earn more in public sector pay more (usually) into their pension.  They may get the headline pensions used by the media to slam generic 'public pension'.  The majority of workers (look it up) don't get anywhere near those 'gold plated' pensions and they are the ones we rely on to give us our services, whether nurses, teachers, firemen, police etc.  Please stop the bashing.

Thread: Changes to State pension age for women

01 Nov 2015 9:32 AM:

Couldn't agree more Acer, it is only when you have problems that you discover how useless or pliably corrupt some can be.  I'm sure it's the same in the UK, and personal recommendation is always welcome.  Over the years we had a useless one and a corrupt one, and we only discovered it about both of them when we needed action or help.  They do not 'advise', they take instruction, so unless you know the system and how and what to instruct, they run rings around you and get paid for nothing.  We had actually researched beforehand and though we had chosen carefully.  Luck of the draw I suppose.

My personal recommendation of Spanish Solutions is because they have proved themselves through good and bad things and I don't know how I'd have managed without them.   


Thread: Solicitors in Murcia/alicante


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