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14 Jun 2016 21:57:

Watch out for Firefly at Malaga airport, when I have hired a car, refused their insurance because I have my own annual policy, they point out and highlight by drawing a ring around the clause in their contract that says you are not covered for breakdowns.

I argued that it is their car and that they must guarantee to me that the car will be recovered and repaired, or replaced, if it breaks down, but all they did was point to the clause again and say 'Not covered for breakdown' unless I took out their insurance.

I haven't used them since.



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Thread: Car Hire Insurance Con

16 May 2016 15:47:

I think that if someone had taken down the code for your internet by peering through the window and then logged in to use the Internet, BT wouldn't know this, all they would see is your account and it's usage.

if you have limited internet e.g. 20mb a month or something, you can always look on the BT app for it being used when you are not using it, if you have unlimited internet then you cannot do this.

i think the call was probably a scam


Thread: ?scam email

23 Feb 2016 19:50:

Thanks Johnzx, hope you didn't get charged as Tadd 1966 has suggested, you do hear of these scams and I never gave it a 2nd thought that it might be.

baz 1946, useful, wonder if it might be a timeshare company calling?

thanks all


Thread: Missed calls in the UK from a Spanish number

23 Feb 2016 12:39:


I have had a couple of calls in the last few days from 0034 1800 102 1122, when I answer there is no reply from the other end.

I have tried checking online where this number is coming from but all the search facilities seem to be for UK phone numbers only.

Does anyone know if I can find out who is calling me from Spain?



Thread: Missed calls in the UK from a Spanish number

09 Feb 2016 20:40:

Thanks for the information DavidJohnS, let's hope the political will (and funds) is there to complete the work.


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