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10 Aug 2016 22:21:

Hi Kev

We are in Santiago, I will ask around for you.

Thread: Gardener needed in the Santiago De La Ribera area

06 Jul 2016 23:13:

Hi Nina,

I understand now I have read through the decree. Yes, I agree that there should be a choice to A/C or not to A/C. We have ducted, which we rarely use except in really hot weather. Open doors and windows usually let in a nice breeze. We don't rent out and I also agree with Randolph, the amount of dingbats that turn it on, go out and leave windows and doors open (you can hear the units going full time) must cost the landlords a fortune so they should pay extra for the privilege and maybe they would think twice about abusing it. Yes, it should be a personal choice I agree with you. 

Thread: New Regulations for Rental Properties - installation of air conditioning

03 Jul 2016 22:52:

I do not know what the new decree is but, if I was going to rent a property that used the wording air conditioned and arrived to find ceiling fans, I would not be happy at all. If satellite TV and Wifi was omitted from the description, again this is accurate so would not be expected. Is this new decree the equivalent to the misdescriptions act in Britain?


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Thread: New Regulations for Rental Properties - installation of air conditioning

04 Jun 2016 00:13:

We love it there and so glad we chose that area. heart

Thread: Santiago De La Ribera

03 Mar 2016 21:11:

I don't think anyone is saying their part of Spain is better than everyone elses at all. Suggeting "Go have a look at" an area is saying just that really so people can make their own decisions. 

Thread: where to buy?


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