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05 Dec 2007 00:00 by rogmar Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

How I wish I had seen this thread on the website before we purchased our house on the Costa del Azahar after an inspection trip with Parador.  We thought we were buying a townhouse on a dvelopment of 16 properties, with a communal pool and garden area.  The house was finished in March 2006 - what's on our snagging list?   Nice house, but the communal pool and garden are buried beneath a mountain of builder's rubble, and now we hear that the developer plans to put more properties on the land designated as our "pool and garden".  Have lost count of the number of letters we have sent to Parador (Mr. Jack Hamilton, Mr. Martingdale in Torevieja) - the Vinaros office were closed abruptly in the summer.  On the face of it, Parador appear sympathetic - we even had a meeting with their Vinaros Manager and our (or their?) solicitor in October - since then, not a thing.  I must be slow on the uptake, because it is only now , after reading this blog, that I have realised that the developer, Parador and the solicitor are, in all probabability, a linked unit, and that we, the clients, are actually total idiots.  I know that there are others worse off than ourselves - a block of 4 apartments on the development will not be granted a habitation certificate because the builder has built them too close to an adjoining villa, thus making them illegal development.  I just hope that others find their way on to this site and read about the problems others are experiencing with this company.  We intend to find ourselves a good independent solicitor now to sort this horrible mess out for us, but I cannot believe that a company registered in the United Kingdom can be allowed to get away with such obvious misrepresentation - I have their brochure in front of me now - "we hold yoour hand from beginning to end"  "we only use reputable builders" - what a joke.

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27 Aug 2008 17:25 by mccormick Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

We purchased a 2 bed detached villa on the Almanzora Country Club development from Parador,  to be completed by April 2006.
It still has not been built - Parador sold it to us knowing that the plans had not been passed by the Mayor and were aware that there would be delays. Like you our efforts to get them to help were all in vane - we have been lucky, we contacted their/our solicitor and got our money back- well almost all of it. They still have 3000 euros deposit which we cannot get.
We cut our losses and went to Crete - the property was built in 8 months and we have loads of land and the most fantastic sea view for less money.
Something should be done about this company. They continue to sell properties to unsuspecting people who think they are a big name and reputable.

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28 Aug 2008 07:38 by abbbb1 Star rating in Essex and Ciudad Que.... 306 posts Send private message

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We were sent a brochure from Parador, last year, regarding this country club.  Looked impressive from the details.  I'm sorry to learn of all the problems that you have had.

We had already purchased something, some four years before (not from Parador, I hasten to add!), but obviously our name was still on their lists.

This message was last edited by abbbb1 on 8/28/2008.

This message was last edited by abbbb1 on 8/28/2008.


is where the heart is!

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28 Aug 2008 12:42 by irenemontague Star rating in liverpool/carvajal . 794 posts Send private message

Hi  my son bought a villa at Almanzora c/club with parador properties in 2006 and know they have transfered him on to the oasis thabernax c/club and they are saying they will complete in april 2009 i will wait and see ???bye irene

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28 Aug 2008 17:08 by Poppyseed Star rating. 892 posts Send private message

We bought a villa off plan through Parador on the Costal del Azahar. It took 4 years to build, the so called reputable builder had never built properties before, they were boatbuilders and furniture makers. These builders tried to keep the house and our money saying WE had delayed signing (because we wanted the snagging list sorted first) In the end we had to agree to accept the house as it was, and this bombshell was delivered to us in the notary office! The Parador rep Sarah, did look shocked and said she's never known anything like this before. It took 2 days of nail biting and panic attacks before it was resolved. Although we were lucky it wasn't so bad, it was mainly changes/extras we'd paid thousands of euros for that didn't materialize. Others have problems with the actual quality of the build. They built on what was meant to communal gardens when some people had paid extra to overlook them, and they kept ownership of the pools and now charge 44,000 euros pa for upkeep. The solicitor recommended by Parador we since find out has some connection to the builder and Parador, whilst sympathetic were about as much use as a chocolate teapot, with the usual "your contract is with the builder" . Interestingly an ex Parador employee from Ireland who has a house here and who is very defensive of them has stated they would never use a local solicitor and uses one from a different area altogether, what does that tell you? Misrepresentation? Our urb was supposed to have a phase 3 that included tennis courts, restaurant, another pool, and all sorts of stuff, it never happened. Parador received around 20% commission on sales. So in our case, the combination of Parador, developer and solicitor was rotten, and I would not recommend Parador to anyone. They are I think OK when everything goes well, but when it goes pear shaped and you need them, forget it, they can do nothing.



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28 Aug 2008 17:22 by irenemontague Star rating in liverpool/carvajal . 794 posts Send private message

Hi i would have got my money back if i was my son but i think he just hopes these villas will be built and he has been to the new site at oasis thabernax  c/club 2 weeks ago to see if things are going ok.He does not like the area where otcc are building but its by the airport  bye irene

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01 Oct 2008 19:05 by monica2 Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Help I have had problems throughout my purchase with parador properties and now they have gone into administration! So now I wont even get my furnitue voucher as promised.  I agree do not use this company 

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01 Oct 2008 19:39 by alb Star rating. 182 posts Send private message

A  elderly widowed lady i know lost 4000 euros with this company , they told her that she could move into her apartment within 4 weeks, then later once she had paid the depoisit changed that to six months which left her homeless, they refused to pay back the 4000 euros .  luckily i managed to find her a key in hand bungalow in rojales, that was 3 years ago, she as made many friends and loves the area .

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03 Oct 2008 16:03 by monica2 Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Too many people seem to loose out.  I have found a site called paradorclaims who say that they may be able to help with the vouchers which is good news.  Anyone else who has lost out I would reccomend to have a look.  This is nothing to do with parador properties thank god.

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03 Oct 2008 16:09 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6942 posts Send private message

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Can't locate that site, Monica. If you can't post a link (due to being a new member & Justin doesn't let you)  could you try to do it somehow so I can look please. Thanks. For example type ********** dot com, that way it doesn't show as a link.









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12 Oct 2008 11:01 by monica2 Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

This has been brilliant and I now have some vouchers to use so its good to see that some peope want to help us.  Go to Paradorclaimsdotcom  you should find it now.  Again this is nothing to do with Parador properties.

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04 Nov 2008 21:50 by gravitatingsouth Star rating in wales. 58 posts Send private message

i am confused, i am finding threads that make me think parador properties are the same or related to polaris world.

am i right or wrong, and what is bad about either/both companies.  please advise before too late

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05 Nov 2008 13:52 by johnfozard Star rating. 143 posts Send private message

Parador Properties were a major Agent for Huma and Almanzora Country Club (ACC).

Huma illegally developed this site without planning permission and took 30-60million euros in installments. The building was just started and then the Regional Junta stopped the building and no one got any houses - all 1800!!!!

We believe that over 500 Bank Guarantees were not issued and over half the money has no sign of being refunded from Huma - even after 3 years now! We all believe our money is lost!! The spanish courts are so slow and we have no confidence in them!

Parador never told us they did not have proper planning permission and all the lawyers (mainly recommended by all Agents) did not check up.

Parador did little to help anyone get a refund and the UK operation went into liquidation this year.

Parador have started up again as if nothing has changed - selling the same thing in the same way - but with no debts and liabilities from before.

Huma and new Parador are marketing Oasis Country Club in Murcia,Spain - beware!

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18 Nov 2008 21:08 by Sherry24 Star rating. 20 posts Send private message

I heard from a sad customer of Polarisworld that the ex directors of Parador are now running Polarisworld Sales department and they have sacked virtually all the sales staff in Europe and Spain.  The customer a friend of mine bought a property on Condado 4 years ago which was cancelled so she moved to the terrazas resort after being given a tremendous sales pitch from an agent . The apartment should have been delivered in 2009 but its also been cancelled. She has asked for bank guarantees since January this year and still has not received it.  She found out that the terrazas phase is now cancelled and they tried to get her to buy a property on another resort where all the current clients are compaining about lack of promised facilities such as bar, club house , shops etc but it seems that hundreds of people have been duped.

I have seen on other sites that the president of Polarisworld was in court earlier this year and the ex owner was jailed along with the Mayor of the town where Polarisworld are situated. It seems there are irregularities with building rights etc and Polarisworld owe the local council 4million Euro,s which they don,t seem to have.

I found out from a spanish sales person at their HQ recently that they have hardly sold any new properties the past year the only properties being sold are the ones that customers cannot afford to pay for due to the credit crisis at 30% reduced prices or other re sales. I hear that there are more agents than clients in their hotel at the moment stealing each others clients and offering huge discounts what a mess!!!!


I,m not a customer but for all potential clients a big beware!!!!!!!!!



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09 Dec 2008 04:28 by a3gazza0812 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Further to your  message left on the 18/11, I am aware that the directors  Paul,Nick and Jack Hamilton of Parador joined Polaris as paid employed directors of Polaris World, as we all expected this would also go pair shape. I am also aware that as of 7/11/08 the operation controlled by the above in surrey laid its salesforce off. You can draw your own conclusion as to the state of the operation.

I am also a purchaser on Condado.


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21 Jul 2009 19:57 by winemama Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

All I can say is that we've just completed on our off plan property, bought through Parador on the Laguna Green development in Orihuela Costa and couldn't be happier.

All the Parador staff have helped us no end over the last two years since we first put down a deposit, the builders were fab and everything is wondefully fine!  Our builders did have a bank guarantee in place, but have been very good, finishing the property on time.

Afer sales staff at Parador have helped us all along the way, ironing out any little wrinkles for us - can't praise them enough!

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13 Mar 2010 15:05 by LocationsinSpain Star rating in San Juan de los Terr.... 16 posts Send private message

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For all those folk of there who have lost money through Parador Properties.

Looks like there is a company called Chelsea House Property  Ltd

Haybarn House, 118 South Street, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2EU

Telephone 0044 (0)  1306 884567

I believe this is a company owned and run by Jack Hamilton    !!!!!!!!!


Living and Work in San Juan de los Terreros.

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13 Mar 2010 15:32 by LocationsinSpain Star rating in San Juan de los Terr.... 16 posts Send private message

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It gets even better!  Seems they are tied up with Prestwick Investments Co Uk

Guess who is the Registrant:       *****  Nick Hamilton ******

Address given on the website as Haybarn House, 118 South Street, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2EU.  Same telephone number.

Company Registration No. 6575394  with a different address - MARLOWE HOUSE 109 STATION ROAD, SIDCUP, KENT DA15 7ET

Searches show this is a DORMANT COMPANY but the message on the website says

01/01/2010 - HAPPY NEW YEAR !  

Prestwick Investments wish all their clients and associates a very happy and prosperous 2010




Living and Work in San Juan de los Terreros.

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13 Sep 2011 13:42 by Rambi Star rating in Tenerife, Canary Isl.... 82 posts Send private message

This is of interest to those who have lost their deposits with Huma.

There is a group action being taken against them on a no win no fee arrangement. The leaders of this group have been very successful with other small group actions against developers, banks etc.. There has to be a limited number in the group. The absence of bank guarantees is not a problem. If you would like to learn more please PM me.

This is not a scam or another waste of time and money. You will see from my previous postings that I am fighting to get our money back for everyone.

With no win no fee what have you got to lose?




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