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11 Aug 2011 10:45 PM:

Flip flops for driving are a definite "NO, NO" - and the rest as BRI says.  I remember reading about people, who were driving in flip-flops being stopped and fined.  Not sure just anyone knew that they were driving in flip flops - must be a good infra-red system!!

Thread: shoes for driving in spain??

11 Aug 2011 10:41 PM:

When I was thinking of living in Spain, full time, the first thing that I did was to learn Spanish - otherwise you don't really get to know what is going on around you!  This has certainly come in handy when travelling to some parts of Spain off the tourist trail.  When Spanish people come to England do they expect the English to speak in to them in Spanish???????

Thread: All Spanish Should Learn To Speak Fluent English

10 Aug 2011 11:45 PM:

I was always advised to rent on a long term basis - on the pretext that anyone long term would look after the house better than anyone who rented short term/holiday let; and that it may be less money per month, but in the long term it was financially better.


After three years of letting this way - and thousands of pounds worth of bills - and having to deal with letting agents who returned the deposit to the tenants without checking the house/inventory I threw the towel in!!   I have stopped letting.  The house is for my sole use now - no rent money.... but more importantly no hassle!!

Thread: Tenants not paying rent

10 Aug 2011 11:37 PM:

Over 1,000 people have been arrested so far!  I just hope that there are enough jail places!  The people who lit fires should be charged with attempted murder - and not just theft - as many lives were put in danger.  The courts are working through the night until the back-logs disappear and there have been raids to seize looted items.  The first man to go through the court system was a teaching assistant at a primary school - obviously a good role model! 

Thread: Have you seen the UK news

10 Aug 2011 8:04 PM:


Well said!!!

Thread: Have you seen the UK news


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