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01 Nov 2020 6:59 PM:

Thanks Kavanagh. I have had a look and found some of what I wanted, it talks about exemptions for over 65's and also if the proceeds are being reinvested in a main home but it doesn't mention that you have to have been resident in Spain for 3 years to qualify for these exemptions or whether the house being sold has to be in Spain. These are my main questions as I have been told by one 'tax' expert that the house sold has to have been a main home in Spain and the seller has to have been tax resident in Spain for 3 years. I will try and actually contact them unfortunately my experiences in France and Spain show the answer depends on which official is answering you, it can vary.


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Thread: CGT on selling main home

01 Nov 2020 4:51 PM:

I have received and am reading much conflicting advice so if anyone is a tax expert or knows of one I can contact please let me know.

We are looking to become Spanish resident towards the end of 2020, probably in December,the process has been started. Our current main home is in France and it's not certain the sale can complete before the end of the year. If it completes after 31/12/20 when we will hopefully be resident in Spain will we have to pay CGT on the sale if the proceeds are going to be reinvested in a main home in Spain? We are both of 65 and have lived in our French home over 3 years. 

Please only comment if you definitely know or can direct me to someone who does as I am confused enough already. I know what I "think" but I may be wrong and it could be a costly mistake either way if I get it wrong.




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Thread: CGT on selling main home

24 Sep 2019 11:31 AM:

Seeking recommendations for an English speaking surveyor to do a walk though/snag list on a house that is due to be signed for very shortly in the Murcia region. Gracias.


Thread: Pre house purchase Walk Through

16 Jul 2019 6:27 PM:

We’re thinking of renting an apartment here from Jan-March 2020. Does anyone know this area and what it is like in the winter? Thanks.

Thread: Urbanization Cabo Romano, La Manga Del Mar Menor

16 Jul 2019 6:21 PM:

Very sorry to hear this sad news, I enjoyed Norman’s contributions very much. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Thread: Norman Sands


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