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16 Jul 2019 18:27:

We’re thinking of renting an apartment here from Jan-March 2020. Does anyone know this area and what it is like in the winter? Thanks.

Thread: Urbanization Cabo Romano, La Manga Del Mar Menor

16 Jul 2019 18:21:

Very sorry to hear this sad news, I enjoyed Norman’s contributions very much. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Thread: Norman Sands

16 Feb 2018 21:03:

Thanks for the replies. I had heard 3m was the limit and that seems to be the concensus, it gives me something to go on as I  can't visit the Town Hall  right now as I'm not in Spain. 

Thread: Boundaries

16 Feb 2018 14:29:

Are there any rules regarding how close to a boundary wall someone can build (eg a swimming pool)  or does each region have their own regs? Thanks.

Thread: Boundaries

11 Jul 2016 00:20:

My personal experience was medically I was cared for using EHIC and for that I am grateful. The hospital was awful, the table for use over the bed had dried stale food stuck in the hinges, the nurses with one exception were surly and quite rough, no-one spoke English and no translator service was offered, it was noisy all day and night, they left the room door open so everyone from visitors to staff passed by on very busy corridor. I was in hospital for 10 days and didn't have my hair brushed once, I was too weak to do it myself. It was grim. At one point a young man was put in the bed next to me in a two bed room I felt very stressed about this being post op but thankfully he was moved after a couple of hours. I would not like to repeat the experience.

The big difference is the funding of the NHS as it is residency based whereas in other countries of the EU it is contributory based, big difference.


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Thread: Health/doctor services in spain for uk residents


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