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08 Apr 2017 12:42 PM by ciaron Star rating. 20 posts Send private message

Hi all, we are selling our apt in Kristina Hills in Duquesa. The estate agent we use for letting and for selling gave us a quote for 1000euro to have the apt painted and cleaned. The apt is a 2 bed and about 1400 sq. Is that the going rate in for an apt that size and in that area?

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08 Apr 2017 1:47 PM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5240 posts Send private message

Get some more quotes and then you can judge.


When I did work like that some 25 years ago, I charged around 250 euros which was considered reasonable. Allowing for inflation,  1,000 € does not seem to me too over-the-top for an average job.

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09 Apr 2017 7:46 AM by acer Star rating. 1492 posts Send private message

The price sounds very reasonable if it includes materials.  I would take the view that if the work needs doing and the Estate Agent has given you a good service etc in the past I would go for it.

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09 Apr 2017 9:38 AM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5240 posts Send private message

Ciarin  And, assuming the work will be legally carried out, there will be around 170 euros IVA included in the 1,000 unless you have been quoted that as an extra,

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09 Apr 2017 9:57 AM by briando55 Star rating in Yorkshire. 2001 posts Send private message

Try and have a look at some work the agent has done on other properties, if your selling the property the appearance of it to buyers is key importance.  

The cost sounds reasonable for the service from my experience (although some years ago now!).  Providing it's  a good professional service that meets your requirements.  


Best wishes, Brian


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09 Apr 2017 2:24 PM by baz1946 Star rating. 2300 posts Send private message

Hi Ciaron.

It looks pretty obvious that the agent who rents out your property is getting his cut out of the painting, does it really matter who does the job so long as it's done well and looks good, most painters only get work if they are good, cash in hand or otherwise, do you care if your selling, check around other painters for costs and I bet you can get a better deal then your estate agents one. If your not in the property full time who's to say the agent and his mates paint it and pocket your cash.

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09 Apr 2017 3:14 PM by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1754 posts Send private message

There are plety of decorators who advertsie in the free local press at least you will save the agents cut

Get other quotes which are only a phone call away.

BAsed on work I have had done I would say average labour rates are the region of 100€ per day

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09 Apr 2017 7:51 PM by Weescottie Star rating. 37 posts Send private message

10 euros on average an hour in Frigiliana.?   Maybe I got a bargain??

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09 Apr 2017 9:00 PM by ciaron Star rating. 20 posts Send private message

Hi all, thanks for all the advice.Because we live in Ireland,  we have to rely on the agent to get a painter in. Or, does anyone want to buy an apt which needs decorating?wink

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