Canadian fluent in Spanish and English. Want to move to Spain. Will I have trouble with work?

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29 Mar 2017 3:48 AM by rcarranza Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi. I'm very sorry if this has been asked a million times, but I figured I'd post the question detailing my particular circumstance anyways. Hopefully thats okay.


So I want to move to Spain. I love the culture, the weather, everything about it! I've visited and ideally I want to move to Spain, but if I'm able to only work for a while in Spain that is okay too.

All this being said...


Will I have trouble? I'm a Web Developer and after looking at job listings it seems work is out there, but how willing may a company be to take me if I am relocating? I've also thought about teaching English as my Spanish is fluent as well. I feel like this could be a bonus for me.

I also have experience in the hospitality industry. Bartended for 4 years. 

Any suggestions for relocating and finding a job? Or will I have to move and figure it out as I go?

Any advice is appreciated. 

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29 Mar 2017 11:07 AM by eos_ian Star rating in Valencia. 501 posts Send private message

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There are jobs available if you have the qualifications and the experience. Here they are very up on qualifications. The more the merrier and the competition nowadays is fierce when it come to qualifications. There are degree students with masters degrees and God knows what else serving hamburgers and answering the phone. But that said, it is turning around. The chances of you getting a job without being here to do a one-to-one interview are pretty slim unless you are already doing remote work with a Spanish based company. That may be an idea, to try and get some work with a Spanish company remotely before moving. I know several people who do this and it works quite well. If not, teaching English is also a way to gain extra work quite quickly if you come at the right time of year (Sept- Dic). There is demand, but again you will need some sort of teaching qualifiaction; CELTA, TESOL,TEFL if you want to find work quickly that is. Cities which have a university always have a constant demand for English lessons as it is required to pass the degree. So choose carefully where you want to live.

To find a job in your line of work will be a question of patience but it is certainly a line of work that is in high demand. But also a popular profession right now... so...quite  a lot of competition...

hope this helps and welcome to EOS.




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29 Mar 2017 11:34 AM by GB45 Star rating in Wiltshire and holida.... 130 posts Send private message

I think that the simple answer is yes, you will have a problem finding work. As a Canadian citizen you must find an employer before you relocate. You cannot just come as a tourist, find work and then get a visa whilst still in Spain. You  need to apply in Canada. Of course, you could come for up to 90 days, find work and then go back to Canada with the contract and apply for a work visa.That is the legal option.

As Ian points out any work is difficult to find in Spain and from my knowledge Spanish companies do prefer to employ Spaniards first.

Good luck with you search.

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29 Mar 2017 3:09 PM by ads Star rating. 4108 posts Send private message

Just a few websites that came up when googling "opportunities for web designers in spain ".

Also might be worth looking at Gibraltar as an option?

Just a few thoughts!





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04 Apr 2017 3:57 AM by rcarranza Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Thanks guys appreciate the info.

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