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25 Apr 2017 08:17:

Following those comments Ads.

It is clear from the way the vote result has been delivered, both in UK and France, that the people who feel most disaffected by the 'establishment ' are the very people perhaps referred to here as the 'people in the sticks'   

I understand the commune vote of the French is getting on for 4 to 1 in MLP favour and certainly in the UK the former industrial heartlands are the ones most expressive in the desire for change.   

So to try and express the EU as a 'bank grab' culture to determine who wins, or try and take moral ground over the holding of power, is to ignore the whole picture and continue to disaffect ordinary people?  

The UK are doing some soul searching in the debates now, it's becoming a realisation that vocational and academic paths should be equally respected, it's pretty good stuff, and no riots to boot!

Is there a realisation from the stick people that the world should not belong to politics or to bankers or to capital owning individuals or corporations    The basic discussions between member states and how they interact, even with a member who prefers to leave, comes down to the same view of civilisation.   Respect, discuss, find common ground, live together and don't impose a false will on citizens.  

Look at the colour of the French map and see the areas that are blue and are red in voting terms.  Then tell me there is no division and unrest in that country.    

I think the UK is addressing its divisions and issues right now, I hope our friends across Europe can also look to their people for discussions    


Thread: UK General Election

24 Apr 2017 21:46:

Ads.   Thanks for the input.

The striking things I took from the article you linkied to were that the three member states had a lot to lose by the UK leaving the EU and how it affected them in both revenue and jobs.

The timelag for the negotiations to begin and the uncertainty of the period to 2019 seems to be a genuine concern.  The three members wish for a smooth divorce and a respectful mutual outcome is something all the member states should listen to (yes including us).

It seems a genuine article reporting actual events Ads,

A lot to megotiate over fishing rights with the north sea areas though

Thread: UK General Election

24 Apr 2017 20:19:

Infinitely superior Micky.  

Wow that's a powerful statement, it's about as truthful from a city banker as PPI was. 

Infinitely.   Dwell on that for a second and wonder if perhaps there is some kind of exaggeration going on. 


Thread: UK General Election

24 Apr 2017 19:24:

Are the people in the sticks the ones who work in agriculture?   

Maybe there is a need to look long and hard at the subsidy of these stick people across a European picture.  

I do agree we need to rebuild our mfg base, that will take huge investment and I would love to see us take up a challenge for that.   

Hey we can even loan ourselves our own money, from our own banking sector and set our own home tariffs.   Now there's a start!!!

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Thread: UK General Election

24 Apr 2017 18:02:

Of course it's about gaining.  There's nothing cynical in that observation at all Micky. 

Yes the seeking of power is a political motivation, nothing wrong with that observation there either.   

Theres a full transcript from Ads there, which was worth reminding of, and does look to 'stack up' as a real reason to consider a fresh election.  

I don't hear any of the current parties calling it a cynical u turn now though, they have all seen that it's the right thing to do.  No, it's definitely a good development and very, very democratic.   

Thread: UK General Election


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