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23 Mar 2017 09:59:

If Barniers statement is clear enough, I don't see a reference to 'signing off' in the post put on here Micky?  

By signing off, do you mean voting for?   

I do see a reference in the statement to ’we must settle accounts'.  This gives rise to my comments concerning the bunch of cowboys approach the EU has to accounts themselves, by not producing any.  

The UK have never dodged commitment, we pay more to the UN than other nations (except USA), we give greater amounts in foreign aid, we have a history of fairness and 'doing the right thing'.

i don't really see that reading between lines and using it to promote an argument is valid though?  

Thread: BREXIT

23 Mar 2017 08:34:

Well guys, if I was leaving the board of a company or overseeing the leaving of any other board member, I would require a set of accounts signed off by an independent chartered accountant before I agreed to make or receive payments towards any ongoing projects or commitments.  That would be the only fair method of finalising any agreements.

Anyone hearing of this being discussed??  In fact does anyone  know when the last set of accounts were signed off?  Bunch of cowboys eh  

Also PP, I know you like to make big statements. It the one about the UK and tolerance is so way off the mark you may need to hang your head in shame.   The UK is the most tolerant society in the world, now how's that for a statement.

after the events of yesterday, if anyone is wanting to break up the resolve and tolerance of the UK, they have to realise they will not win and never will, the intolerant among us are the ones who should leave the UK NOW.


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Thread: BREXIT

21 Mar 2017 21:04:

Then the contract failed because the seller didn't provide what's on the contract.   The contract is only what's contained in the document, nothing else matters.  

If the sale is not the contract description, the contract is broken.  

Cant understand why you don't take the very first option and make a formal complaint.  Build up from there.  

Thread: Property Purchase has gone wrong!

21 Mar 2017 20:45:

Lisa.   When do you think the contract failed. 

Thread: Property Purchase has gone wrong!

21 Mar 2017 20:03:

Not sure that holds water tho Tadd.  If an agent advised to place a deposit and then it turns out your buying a property that's not right for purchase, you have to pull out. 

Then you get back the deposit or sue the agent. 


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Thread: Property Purchase has gone wrong!


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