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24 Feb 2017 11:33:


If anyone requires the services of a valuation then approach RICS and ask.  

If someone buys an apartment for 40000 euros, that becomes the value on that day, because it's what someone asked and someone paid.   Estate agents will love that because they can use it to sell others as a valuation from their own books  

by using comparable evidence from other properties the true picture should emerge, if done through red book conditions and npby a suitably qualified person   

Im sorry to say that people just buying in the way you mention will distort the market in the way that suits a litter of pups! And more and more estate agents wanting to jump on the bandwagon   But of a vicious spiral eh?  

There is no Mr RICS - it's the royal institution of chartered surveyors.   They will have the professional knowledge in Spain  



24 Feb 2017 08:56:


The comparable evidence starts with properties as close as possible to the subject property and works away from it.  The properties are as similar as possible and have the same local facilities and desirability as possible.   The accuracy is weighted by these attributes.

if the land registry in Spain is not set up to provide information of the sale transactions then the information from estate agents must be limited to properties (as described above) that have been sold in 'unfettered' transactions.  Relying on estate agents estimates is not acceptable in valuations.

RICS are a world wide organisation with registered valuers in all member countries, anyone reading this post must look up the professional status of its members and how they access accurate information, they are qualified and insured for their services (including in Spain). 

If you leave the housing market to estate agents you are accepting the fees they earn are the driver for the value.


23 Feb 2017 17:04:

Dont think about not paying the mortgage Jack, that will bite you back and leave you in trouble.

Banks don't give a monkeys and the law is slow and communication is pretty poor.  I often wonder if Spaniards have to put up with such rubbish!  EU for ever eh (not)

Thread: jackbean

23 Feb 2017 15:45:

Some inputs here are close to the mark.

True a property is worth what a buyer offers, but it also depends on what the seller accepts, so its a two way transaction.

If it's not a sale (ie for a divorce or inheritance etc) the value is taken from comparable evidence of near properties, recently sold in an open market, of similar size and specification.


21 Feb 2017 15:18:

Ha ha

the computer had a 'did you mean' help thing in word

In windows 7 on word when I put my name in as Brian Dodd it used to come back as 'did you mean brain dead'

i have to say I did agree sometimes.  

Ok ok so it's nothing to do with brexit.  Sorry to the purists.  

Thread: BREXIT


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