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07 Jun 2018 3:44 PM:

Yes John very correctly put.  

Thread: Localidad

05 Jun 2018 12:10 PM:

Sorry if it offended you Micky, I still think it has an accurate background to the comment.   Think it was a little strong?

the chap has a history of some really out of order pm's to me and others over time.   I could have been stronger in comments.   

Anyway my rationale and a little humour is put in the response a couple of posts back and could maybe get a comment from someone?

Thread: Localidad

05 Jun 2018 11:56 AM:

That’s fine iobin.   

Your description of the execution of acts was perfectly understandable but the debate was if a place of signing a document was relevant and I accept you misunderstood the question.  

Had someone said it can be used as a further check measure to identify a signature, a little like a secret password question to ask a person later, it may have made more sense.  But simply to put where you sign a form and try to justify it in a lawful context?    Pretty stupid, which is my point from the start. 

It wouldn’t have got nearly as complex if John had not introduced some lawyer comment to try and substantiate the reason!

i have to say towards the end of this post it reminded me of the old puzzle of aircraft travel......

If a Spanish passenger jet is flying Chinese and Dutch nationals over the French alps and it crashes on the border of France and Italy, where do you bury the survivors?

answers on a post card and don’t forget to put where you were when you signed it

Thread: Localidad

04 Jun 2018 9:36 PM:


In the examples you make, and let’s take the first one of marriage of different nationals.   

My posts have stated that the place at which a form is submitted for action is the law in force, your comment that a dissolution of such contract is also in that very same place (of execution):   In either case I’m not sure how you have answered the question of why a person should place the information of where a form is signed, is relevant, Latin name or not. 

Your second example of contract law or civil law about damage of goods on board a ship.  If a form is filled in to claim for any damage it still wouldnt matter about the place it was signed, it may be signed in the territorial waters of north Korea a, it would still be irrelevant  

Im still unconvinced on that matter so will stick to my guns and say it’s a stupid request.  

John, your last cut and paste post attempt.    There are leaders and followers in this world, you are definitely a follower, with no real sense of reason to challenge anything that may seem stupid.  Perhaps comes from a life’s work of obedience?

Mickey,  how does a box ticking exercise, in this case placing information about where a form is signed (which may or may not be truthful) establish any form of legal information that can be verified or relied on in any future challenge?

if it’s not an accurate statement then surely it’s a stupid request whichever way you look at it. 

This message was last edited by briando55 on 04/06/2018.

This message was last edited by briando55 on 05/06/2018.
Thread: Localidad

04 Jun 2018 11:00 AM:

Now here we have a genuine attempt to support an action that I am looking on as stupid, and a reference to where we can look up some guidance, and a Latin phrase to make this more palatable.   

Could you then make a case for why and where it’s going to be relevant to do it, and how it can be relied on?    

I may even begin to be persuaded it’s less than stupid, and help out the ignorant who are trying to help?

Thread: Localidad


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