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Soy... un hombre

Sobre mi... I am married to Lesley, have a wonderfull daughter, son and grandson.

Vivo en... Yorkshire

Me gusta... I play guitar and love music, i play golf and love winning

Trabajo de... Chartered professional building, energy and housing surveyor

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Best wishes, Brian


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20 Aug 2017 16:09:

But not available to non UK residents and they too have stringent restrictions (as the cover is provided by insurance companies)  so only able-bodied, customers under a certain age can take up the offer.  And restrictions too for existing medical conditions.

Been there, done that  ......

I'm sorry, i thought the thread was concerned with EHIC questions and extended stay insurance when considered from UK residents.

If it is then consider your bank account options, you may find your covered over a full period of your stay, and if you have answered all your insurance questions correctly and honestly you could find your covered, worth looking into I said.

If your not a UK resident or have particular medical conditions, I reckon you should try asking questions outside this particular thread?

Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

20 Aug 2017 11:32:

Many bank accounts in the UK offer a high level of travel insurance as part of their packages, which includes long haul destinations.

look into your bank accounts (nat  west advantage gold for instance).  Some of these may be useful for consideration. 

Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

18 Aug 2017 18:00:

Probably only through their personal insurance.  Or perhaps through enquiries of the consulate?

Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

17 Aug 2017 21:05:

Not tried that yet but heard it's good 🤗

I wonder if some guest could cook it on the car engine on the way ha


17 Aug 2017 09:26:

I reckon Starbucks and costa will overcharge and rip you off in any country, that's an unfair comparison. 

But the general advice of leave the chain coffee houses alone is good advice.  

Most English pub food has come on leaps and bounds in 20 years, leaving the old berni inns etc miles behind.  English restaraunts serve Michelin star quality food in greater numbers than other European countries now.   You can also get some two meals for £9 which are good standard if you want them, or you can visit the local tapas, Italian, Thai, Indian, Australian breakfast houses.   Basically you can pay what you want to afford and receive the food you desire  

our last BBQ we had 20 people and had burgers, sausages, bought and prepared leg of lamb Moroccan pulled style, had kebabs on skewers and ended up with too much food!  All local butcher best quality, all wonderfully cooked (by us) and all for £60.  

Oh and we had sunshine all day ha.  It's a truly wonderful country when you make the most of what it offers.  I'm sure people of both nations feel blessed in many ways eh. 


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This message was last edited by briando55 on 17/08/2017.


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