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01 May 2010 00:00 by densue Star rating. 164 posts Send private message

hi everyone sorry to burden you all with this but i have got to get the word name is dennis and i live on sierra golf near balsicas.i used steve thoomy from amber pools to do all my work.he promised he would get my pool licence when it came through i paid him to do it. all told i paid him over 38,000 euros..a friend of mine asked me if i could get him a quote for a pool.i asked steve to do it and he said if he got the work he would give me commission .all i asked him for was to replace the doors in my underbuild that he put on as they did not match the original ones.steve said my friend signed a contract for the work to be done and he had stsrted the ball rolling by giving it to the architect friend did not use steve from amber pools but used someone else.i recieved my pool licence payment form from the town hall at murcia and told steve he said he would see to it.i then recieved a e-mail from steve stateing he would not pay for my licence as my friend owed him money .i tried to appeal to his better nature but he just said due to my friend owing him money he would not pay for mine even though i had paid him to do it.after a week or so my friend came out to sierra golf and took what steve said was a signed contract to his solicitor who informed him it was not a contract even the architect has said steve never gave him any work for this man..steve has been back to sierra golf and tried to intimidate me by saying someone would come in the early hours of the morning to see to me..all i ask is for him to stick to his side of the contract and pay what he now owes me .he now says as he has changed the name of his company he no longer is responsable for my or anyone elses licences...i have also been told this is not the first time he has changed the name of the short he is crooked and when he creams of the most of the cash he can and is due to get peoples licences he changes the name of the company so he does not have to.....i am one of a few at the moment on sierra golf with this problem but as the licences filter through i know i will not be the last................dennis

anyone coming to sierra golf long and short term rentals at good prices

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01 May 2010 22:06 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

Go to the police station & make a denuncia for the money you paid for the licence. I'd also make a denuncia for the threats he has made. Once they are on the case he'll have problems especially if he's not legal. If you can find out the name of his supposed new company or s.l. make the denuncia on both . Even better , make the denuncia on him personally , Trading as ****** pools. If you can get together with others who are in the same boat, you can either make individual ones or a joint one.

Just for info, you , or anyone else, should always be in possession of the licence before the work starts, & you should always see his nie, soc.sec. docs; iva no; & docs. showing that he's legally able to work, & all this information should be on any estimate  that you are given.


Todos somos Lorca.

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01 May 2010 22:40 by densue Star rating. 164 posts Send private message

hi guslopez i have tried to go to the police but all they say is the contract i have is not legal and should see a lawyer.for a individual its a expence thats why i have to wait until others are in the same boat ..i dont think it will take long as they appear to be filtering through..its difficult when you first arrive in spain to live and yhis man was constantly in our face wanting work he does appear to be genuine and says all the right things but its not until something goes wrong that he decides he will no longer play the moment i have spoken to a solicitor who has explained things to me and given me a good way forwards so hopefully the authorities will soon catch up with steve thoomy and amber pools................dennis

anyone coming to sierra golf long and short term rentals at good prices

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03 May 2011 12:28 by amberpools Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

once again dennis is trying to cause trouble for me, which is normal for him. i am in spain as i have been for the last 9 years and am not going anywhere.if anyone has a problem with me they can call me on my mobile 672222537.

isnt it funny how dennis is completely on his own with his views, that is why no one agrees with him.i now have 4 shops and not 1 unhappy customer apart from dennis, that is not bad out of over 1000 customers

as of 4 may 2011 i will be starting legal action against mr d frear unless he does not remove his comments some of which are untrue.

my solicitor has advised me that dennis is not allowed to make these comments without proof and after a court case has been heard to determine who is at fault,he also assures me that there is no way that i will lose the case.his exact words are that i will be able to sue for compensation.

so dennis the ball is now in your court,but let me warn you if you do not remove these comments i will sue you for every penny i can,it is now up to you, you have 24hrs

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03 May 2011 16:55 by Fighter2 Star rating. 237 posts Send private message


If you are genuinely being taken apart by this guy Dennis why not explain yourself here, why not tell us which of his accusations are true and which are not,  you did say and I quote ...

'as of 4 may 2011 i will be starting legal action against mr d frear unless he does not remove his comments some of which are untrue.'

Well tell us which are not true, we will then know which are true...seems fair don't you think?

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03 May 2011 17:13 by inspectahomespain Star rating in Orihuela Costa, Spai.... 2417 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

Steve I am more than a little confused here

These comments were made in MAY 2010, a year ago so why now, after a year of these comments sittiing here, and presumably not effecting your business are you choosing to post and only bring the comments back to everybodys attention

If there is a Court case going on regarding the actual original query then the Court will decide howvever again you post is confusing because you talk about taking him to court because some of the comments are not true

Perhaps you would have been better leaving this alone and I believe that you are confused over the dates of the posting


This message was last edited by inspectahomespain on 03/05/2011.

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23 May 2011 13:14 by densue Star rating. 164 posts Send private message

hi steve perhaps you would like to sort this problem out if so why not give me a call or pm me to arrange a meeting to sort it .i have allways said until its sorted i would give as much bad publicity as possable for you to put others of useing your company...also i have been informed that you are telling people on sierra golf that i am trying to take some of your buisness on here well all i can say to that is you must have a guilty consience ..............dennis

anyone coming to sierra golf long and short term rentals at good prices

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