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06 Feb 2014 11:02 AM:

I have a skyHD box and pay full subscription through UK, last night channel selection was very slow or even delayed, this morning no BBC 2.

I have a 1.9mtr dish in Mazarron and only two nights ago checked the signal strength indicators and both input signals were about 50% stronger than normal but this morning I have no signal at all on No2 input.

Any ideas?

Thread: .GONE

23 Aug 2013 3:27 PM:

Never heard such bigotted tosh in all my life.... go to Greece for your next hilday and spare us all your pomposity please.


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Thread: Disapponted visit to Spain

24 Jul 2013 2:11 PM:

Eileen G you stated...

Having been a president I know that refusing ‘a percentage gift’ on services and goods provided can be difficult too !
I have been for 4 years and continue to be the President and Administrator of a large urbanisation with revenue of some €440k and can categorically state that a percentage gift has NEVER been offered and were it ever to occur the offering company would never do business again on our urbanisation whilst I was President.
I think your message might give a very misleading suggestion that all Presidents are continually offered bribes when this is clearly not the case.

Thread: Community Fees help please

03 Jul 2013 9:28 AM:

Ferrovial have nothing to do with the pricing of Toll Roads Mike, they built many if not all of them but they are operated by totally different companies.

That said the principal of what you said re pricing and marketing is correct, Spanish businesses (in the main) have not a clue !!



27 Jun 2013 1:27 PM:

At the risk of attracting the wrath of many who seem to think that claiming benefits is a right,  it should be remembered that the benefits system or the welfare system as it should rightly be called was formed and has developed with the intention of providing a safety net for the unfortunate who cannot provide for themselves.

Sadly the welfare system has become not a safety net but a pot of money that grows ever more a burdon on a shrinking working population to be claimed by individuals, many of whom, are not in the unfortunate class and many who have not the will to imptove their own lot.

For me ALL benefits should and must be means tested, not just against the means of those who claim but also the ability and willingness of those that claim to help themselves through work or other expedient ways to ensure they can afford the basic necessities of a reasonable life, food, heating, a home in which to live and the ability to move around the area in which they live.

Unfortunately welfare benefits are distributed too widely and to many who seriously don't need them to be able to afford a reasonable lifestyle, the WFA is a classic case as was child allowance..... that unfortunately is the result of (usually) socialist goverments who would rather decide for you how to spend YOUR cash and the nanny state is born. The welfare system has to be scaled back and once again be available amply for those who really need it and not for all who have contributed, if that is done properly then pensions can be raised and the NHS can be boosted.

Now I shall duck !!



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Thread: Winter Fuel Allowance


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