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13 Sep 2017 19:53:

First of all make sure that the batteries are fresh

If there is a problem with the lock chances are a manual master key will not solve the problem

If you need it openned because there is something inside you need then a locksmith with a disk cutter will easily open it, for a price, but the safe will be dead

If nothing inside cheaper to take it out and throw it away and start again

Thread: Locked Spanish safe

24 Jul 2017 22:04:

Maria I am not sure if this may vary by development but I have been invloved in 3 communities, Corvera, La Tercia and Mirmar and on all occassions the banks have registered their intrests in the property even voted at the AGM's on the basis that they were paying community

I know that often they don't pay until they sell the properties

I believe that the adminstrators or the AGM voting lits or minutes is a good place to start wjhich people seem to ingnore the obvious

Thread: empty property

24 Jul 2017 20:05:

easy get a copy of you community AGM votes and minutes, the owners will be shown on those

Alsoo ask you administrators

Thread: empty property

05 Jul 2017 09:34:

I am not sure where you are in Spain and if you are on an development but the answer is yes, they are normally a Police Local officer who is specifically allocated to thos role working with the Expat communities

Start by calling into the Police Local

Thread: Is there the equivalent of a Crime Prevention Officer in Spain

04 Jul 2017 08:54:

IKEA are misleading you, I had a similar situation with another client in Murcia, they used the card for a UK purchase as they lost their property purchase in Spain

Thread: IKEA Malaga - anyone buying want a bargain?


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